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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Paul Stralnic --to-- Ryan Straub
Wayne Straub --to-- Emerette L. Streeter
Eric Streeter --to-- Martha A. Streeter
Martha A. Streeter --to-- James Lucious Strickland
Lizetta W. "Etta" Strickland --to-- Stanley Strong
Beatrice Aurella Strope --to-- Cassie Jean Stubbs
Donald Connet Stubbs --to-- Helen Sturgis
Joseph Sturgis --to-- Brian Edward Suisse
Daniel Suisse --to-- Melissa Sumner
Moses L. Sumner --to-- Inge Dam Svendsen
Jacob Svendsen --to-- Swan
Ada M. Swan --to-- Maria Bowen Swann
Mary Mercer Swann --to-- Arthur L. Sweet
Ashael or Asel Sweet --to-- Henry Eldridge Sweet
Henry Smith Sweet --to-- Philip A. Sweet
Philip M. Sweet --to-- James Lewis Sweetland
John Sweetland (Jr.) --to-- James Swift
James Owen Swift --to-- Mathew Deryle Sykes
Robert H. Sykes --to-- Elwyn Lowell Taber (Jr.)
Gary Michael Taber --to-- Chloe Taft
Clayton Herbert Taft --to-- Mary Ann Taft
Mary Ann Taft --to-- Elizabeth Taggart
James Taggart --to-- William Frederick "Bill" Tallmadge
Adelaide Louise Tallman --to-- John Tanner (Captain)
John Alan Tanner --to-- Elwin A. Tarbell
Floyd Tarbell --to-- Taylor
Taylor --to-- Edward G. Taylor
Edwin Wilbur Taylor --to-- Iva Taylor
James Taylor --to-- Mehitable Taylor
Melissa A. Taylor --to-- Verna Grace Taylor
Violet Taylor --to-- Anne Tefft
Betsey Tefft --to-- Ecco Effie Tenney
Edwin P. Tenney --to-- Shayna Angel-Sky Terry
Solomon Terry --to-- Lutie Thatcher
Margaret Susan Thatcher --to-- Elisha Thayer
Eliza Thayer --to-- Laurena Thayer
Leonard Thayer --to-- Silence Thayer
Simeon Thayer --to-- Delbert Thoma
Florence M. Thoma --to-- Clark Thomas
Clifford Bridge Thomas --to-- Jennie E. Thomas
Jerry LaVon Thomas --to-- Sherwood Thomas
Silvanus Thomas (Jr.) --to-- Dorothy Estelle Thompson
Edgar Butler Thompson (twin) --to-- Jim Thompson
Joan Thompson --to-- Sarah Jane Thompson
Sarah Rodman Thompson --to-- Tori Lynn Thorburn
Diane Thorgeson --to-- Arthur William Thornton (Jr.)
Beatrice Rebecca Thornton --to-- Hattie Thornton
Henrietta Thornton --to-- Richard Thornton
Richard Thornton --to-- Alfred Throne
Harvie Throne --to-- Hannah Thurber
Hannah Thurber --to-- Agnes or Ann Thurston
Albert I. Thurston --to-- Avis Tibbetts
Benjamin Tibbetts --to-- Robin Joy Tiedemann
Russell Dale Tiedemann --to-- Henry Tilden (Jr.)
Henry Congdon Tilden --to-- Henrietta Tillinghast
Henry Tillinghast --to-- Zadoc Tilton
Mathew Timberman --to-- Mary A. F. Tingley
Mary Ann Tingley --to-- Ruby Alberta Adelia Tisdale
Alma C. Tison --to-- Frank Tobie
William Tobie --to-- Nava Toepfer
Togel --to-- Phebe Tonmore
Helen Tonn --to-- Vera Grace Torney
Mary Theresa Torr --to-- Krisann Marie Tousley
Lauren Matthew Tousley --to-- Beulah Mae Tower
Bradley Chapman Tower --to-- Edmonds A. Tower
Edna Pearl Tower --to-- Freelove Tower
Galusha A. or Galucia Tower --to-- James Harvey Tower
James Henry Tower (IV) --to-- Leslie Ralph Tower
Levi Tower --to-- Mary Ellen Tower
Mary Ellen Tower --to-- Ralph Roy Tower

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