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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Shaffert --to-- Florence Cannon Sharp
Fred Sharp --to-- James Knott Shattuck
Lillian Emily Shattuck --to-- Ezra Shaw
Frances Shaw --to-- Rufus Shaw
Sally H. Shaw --to-- Pluma F. Shedd
Willard Henry Shedd --to-- Daniel Sheldon
David Sheldon --to-- Mark A. Sheldon
Mark Thomas Sheldon --to-- Susannah Sheldon
Sylvina or Levina Sheldon --to-- Elwood B. Shepard (Jr.)
Elwood Bert Shepard --to-- Dorothy Sheppard
Elmo Sheppard --to-- Chester Sherman
Christina Sherman --to-- James Henry Sherman
James Lewis Watts Sherman --to-- Syria Sherman (Captain)
Tanner Sherman --to-- Ezekiel Sheward
Sarah Sheward --to-- Julia T. Shipman
Larinda M. Shipman --to-- Neil E. Shope
Rita Shope --to-- William John Shoup
Ruth Shourds --to-- Clarence J. Shurtleff
Elvira Shurtleff --to-- Henry Whipple Sibley
Julia Maria Sibley --to-- Joseph Allen Sikes
Joseph Allen Sikes (Jr.) --to-- John Charles Simanski
Kathy Lee Simanski --to-- Lennie Eleanor Simmons
Lester Paris Simmons --to-- Alan Simon
Alice Simon --to-- Cliff Andrew Simpson
Columbine L. Simpson --to-- Jane Sims
Jeremiah "Jerry" Sims --to-- Mary Elizabeth Sinnamon
Mary Sinnett --to-- Dennis James "D.J." Skelton (Jr.)
Devon Dawn Skelton --to-- Daisy Skinner
Daniel Lynn Skinner --to-- Charles Don Whipple Skouson
Dorothy Skouson --to-- Annie Slack
Benjamin Slack --to-- Samuel Slater
Samuel Slater --to-- Roger William Alexander Sleight
Zachary Alexander Sleight --to-- Mercy Sly
Sarah Sly --to-- Sheri Smiddy
Terra Smiddy --to-- Abigail Smith
Abigail Smith --to-- Alden B. Smith
Alean Smith --to-- Amasa Smith
Amasa Smith --to-- Arca Smith
Ariah L. or Eric Smith --to-- Betsey Smith
Betsey Irons Smith --to-- Charles S. Smith
Charles Sayles Smith --to-- Corinna Angeline Smith
Courtney Smith --to-- Debra B. Smith
Delilah Smith --to-- Edward Smith
Edward Smith --to-- Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith --to-- Eseck Smith
Esek Smith --to-- Franklin Smith
Franklin Augustus Smith --to-- Glenn Dale Smith
Gloanna Smith --to-- Helen Jackson Smith
Helen Lucy Smith --to-- Hunter Smith
Hyrum Allen Smith --to-- James H. Smith
James H. Smith --to-- Joanna Wilkinson Smith
Job Smith --to-- John Wenzel Smith
John Wilder Smith --to-- Kevin Karl Smith
Kevin Patrick Smith --to-- Lois Chesterfield Smith
Lora Mae Smith --to-- Mahala Smith
Mahala Smith --to-- Mary Smith
Mary Smith --to-- Mary D. Smith
Mary E. Smith --to-- Millie Smith
Minerva Smith --to-- Nellie Jo Smith
Nellie Viola Smith --to-- Persis Smith
Persis Smith --to-- Ray T Smith
Raymond Wetherbee Smith --to-- Ronald B. Smith
Rory Smith --to-- Samuel Newell Smith (Jr.)
Samuel T. Smith --to-- Sarah Fanny Smith
Sarah Jane Smith --to-- Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith --to-- Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith --to-- William Smith
William Smith (Jr.) --to-- Zenas Smith
Zephely Smith --to-- Sarah Eliza Snell
Susannah Snell --to-- Hattie L. Snow
Henry Snow --to-- Aurea Snyder
Barry Lee Snyder --to-- Rollin Otis Snyder
Roy Snyder --to-- Ebenezer Somerby
Elizabeth Somerby --to-- Guy Erwin Sorenson
Heber Charles Sorenson --to-- Eliza Ann Southwick

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