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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Jesse Royer Smith --to-- John N. Smith
John N. Smith --to-- Keturah Smith
Kevin Karl Smith --to-- Lora Mae Smith
Lori Lou Smith --to-- Marcia Smith
Marcia Lippitt Smith --to-- Mary Smith
Mary Smith --to-- Mary Jane Smith
Mary Jane Smith --to-- Mowry Smith
Mowry Smith (Jr.) --to-- Noah Smith
Noah Smith --to-- Phebe Smith
Phebe Smith --to-- Rhoda J. Smith
Rhoda Matilda Smith --to-- Ruth B. Smith
Ruth Charter Smith --to-- Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith --to-- Simeon Smith
Simeon Smith --to-- Sylvia Smith
Sylvia M. Smith --to-- Warren Leonard Smith
Warren Leonard Smith (Jr.) --to-- William Thornton Smith
William Tompson Smith --to-- Jemima Snell
John Barnes Snell --to-- Frances Sarah Snow
Frances Wanton Snow --to-- Anna Snyder
Arnold Eric Snyder --to-- Rollin Otis Snyder
Roy Snyder --to-- Sarah Somerby
Alfred Somers --to-- Birken Keith-jamis Sornberger
Jordon Shay Sornberger --to-- Harriet M. Southwick
Israel Mowry Southwick --to-- Cecil Edward Sowash
Albert Morrod Sowby --to-- Jackson Robert Spann
Jacqueline Elizabeth Spann --to-- Betty Jean Spaulding
Charles Forest Spaulding --to-- Nathaniel Arnold Spaulding
Nathaniel Raymond Spaulding --to-- Timothy Blaine Spears
Wesley Spears --to-- Edwin Howard Spencer
Eleanor Spencer --to-- Lucian William Spencer
Lucy Lummis Spencer --to-- William Spencer
William Spencer (Jr.) --to-- Lydia Roxina Sperry
Martha Sperry --to-- Amaziah P. Spitzer
Roland Adelbert Spitzer --to-- Shearjashub Spooner
Simon Spooner --to-- Anne Sprague
Annetta Sprague --to-- Elizabeth Sprague
Elizabeth Sprague --to-- Joanna Sprague
John Sprague --to-- Mehitable Sprague
Mehitable Sprague --to-- Samuel Sprague
Samuel Sprague --to-- Spriggle
Charles Randolph Spriggs --to-- Shirley Spurlock-Nowak
Alice Spurr --to-- Anna Stafford
Anna Stafford --to-- Susannah Stafford
Thelma Stafford --to-- Emma H. Standish
Euphrosyne Standish --to-- Augustus Stanton
Aveline Stanton --to-- Sophia Stanton
Stacey Ann Stanton --to-- George Staples (Jr.)
George Arnold Staples --to-- Peter Harvey Staples
Phebe Staples --to-- Jedediah Stark
Jennifer Christine Stark --to-- Elsie Elizabeth Starr
Ephraim Starr --to-- James Steadman
John B. Steadman --to-- Debra Elaine "Debbie" Stearns
Donald Franklin Stearns --to-- John Stearns
John Stearns --to-- Selinda Stearns
Sewall Stearns --to-- Mary Janet Stedman
Nathaniel Stedman --to-- Mallene Steele
Margaret Anne Steele --to-- Asa Steere
Asa Steere --to-- Ellen Frances Steere
Ellen L. Steere --to-- Horace Walker Steere
Horatio N. Steere --to-- Lydia E. Steere
Margerie or Margaret Steere --to-- Rachel Steere
Ralph Frederick Steere --to-- Stephen Steere
Stephen Steere --to-- Stegeman
Eddie Stegen --to-- Diderick Stephansen
Elne Stephansen --to-- Martin Jerome Stephenson
Mary Ann Stephenson --to-- Shatara Stetson
Susan Stetson --to-- Eva Libbie Stevens
Experience Stevens --to-- Lucy Stevens
Lucy C. Stevens --to-- William Stevens
William F. Stevens --to-- Brian Stewart
Carrie E. Stewart --to-- Marilyn Ruth Stewart
Marion Kilton Stewart --to-- Ralph D. Stickel
Valentine G Stickel (twin) --to-- George Washington Stillwell

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