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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Robert Robbins --to-- Emily Roberts
Emily Mae Roberts --to-- Robert Roberts
Robert T. Roberts --to-- Joan Shidler Robertson
Joe Ben Robertson --to-- Bryant Robinson
Caldwell Colt Robinson (Lieutenant) --to-- Henry Robinson
Henry L. Robinson --to-- Nathan T. Robinson
Nathaniel Robinson --to-- Jo Ellen Robison
John Robison --to-- Elisha Rockwood
Elisha Rockwood --to-- Paul John or Joseph Rodrigue
Rita Mae M. Rodrigue --to-- Christine Elizabeth Roeder
Eugene Francis Roeder --to-- Charles Rogers
Charles Rogers --to-- Ida Prescott Rogers
Ione Rogers --to-- Mildred Rogers
Milton Rogers --to-- Michael David Drew "Dave" Rogge
Richard Charles "Rick" Rogge --to-- Martha Rollins
Mary A. Rollins --to-- Mary Rooney
Anna Jean Roop --to-- Charles Raymond Roper
Duane Roper --to-- Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose --to-- Blanch Rosen
Morris Rosenbaum --to-- Lydia Ross
Madeline Ross --to-- Rou
Clarence Dana Rouillard --to-- Eleanor A. Rouse
Gladys Rouse --to-- Stephen Danforth Rowell
Willard Rowell --to-- Ethel Reiko Royagi
Austin Garland Royal --to-- Cindy Rudisell
Cecil Welsford Rudolph --to-- Helen Rumsey
James Rumsey --to-- Harriette Rusie
Scott Ruskauff --to-- Gladys Elaine Russell
Harriet Russell --to-- Samuel Stone Russell
Sarah Russell --to-- Zilpha Ruttenburg
Gladys Rutter --to-- William Saathoff
Nancy Sabastian --to-- Elizabeth R. Sabin
Ella Sophia Sabin --to-- Everett Robert Saddler
John Saddler --to-- Lydia Joyce Sadler
Maria Lynn Sadler --to-- Nathaniel Safford
Nathaniel Tracy Safford --to-- Anna Salisbury
Anna T. Salisbury --to-- Evalyn Salisbury
Evelyn Salisbury --to-- Moses Brown Salisbury
Nancy Salisbury --to-- William D. Salisbury
William Henry Salisbury --to-- Hephzibah Sampson
Joanna Sampson --to-- Matthew Sanborn
Miriam Sanborn --to-- Frances Antoinette Sanders
Frances Celinda Sanders --to-- William E. Sanderson
John Sandford --to-- Mary Sargeant
Abigail L. Sargent --to-- Anne Frances Saunders
Asahel Saunders --to-- Laura Angeline Savage
Louie Savage --to-- Joel Sawyer (Jr.)
Joel Sawyer --to-- Sayles
Sayles --to-- Charles A. Sayles
Charles H. Sayles --to-- Esther Sayles
Esther Sayles --to-- John E. Sayles
John Earle Sayles --to-- Mary Sayles
Mary Adelaide or Abby Adelaide Sayles --to-- Sabin Lorenzo Sayles
Sabin Lorenzo Sayles --to-- Herbert Frank Saywers
Juanita Maria Saywers --to-- Jacob C. Schanbacher (Jr.)
Judson C. Schanbacher --to-- Rosanna Schimenz
Denis Schinck --to-- Steven Gerald Schoenecker
Hunter Alexander Schoenfuss --to-- Augusta Schramm
Carole Ann Schramm --to-- Jason Schultz
Jeremyas Schultz --to-- Gustave G. Schwenn
Omar Schwenn --to-- Ann Scott
Anna G. Scott --to-- Floyd Scott
Freelove Scott --to-- Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott --to-- Phebe Jane Scott
Philip Capron Scott --to-- William Edward Scott
William Penn Scott --to-- Deborah Seabury
Elmer Frank Seabury --to-- William Seamans
Young Seamans --to-- Lela Marie Sears
Lydia A. Sears --to-- Sally or Sarah Hollenbeck Secor
David Secrist --to-- Leo Seidel
Rhonda Lynne Seidel --to-- Herbert H. Sellers
Nathan Sellers --to-- Leonard Sidney Severance
Lucinda Severance --to-- Hannah Allen Seymoure
Louise Matie Shabareck --to-- Leslie Shafer
Lewis H. Shafer --to-- Vernum Wilkinson Shaffer

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