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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Israel Smith (Captain) --to-- Jennie Smith
Jennie Smith --to-- John Smith (3rd)
John Smith --to-- Julia L. Smith
Julia M. Smith --to-- Lilavene Smith
Lillian Whiting Smith --to-- Lydia Reed Smith
Lyle Smith --to-- Marvin Everett Smith
Mary Smith --to-- Mary Elizabeth Smith
Mary Ellen Smith --to-- Moses Smith
Moses Farnum Smith --to-- Noah Smith
Noah Smith --to-- Phebe Smith
Phebe E. Smith --to-- Richard Smith
Richard Smith --to-- Ryker Smith
S. Bowen Smith --to-- Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith --to-- Solomon Smith
Solomon Smith (Captain) --to-- Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith --to-- William Smith
William Smith (Jr.) --to-- Zilpha Smith
Olive Smith or Hicks --to-- Jonathan Allen Snider
Thomas Frederick Sniffin --to-- Levi Mason Snow
Lippitt Cory Snow --to-- Helen Gertrude Snyder
Hugh Marshall Snyder --to-- Marilyn Jean Sohl
Wilhelmina Sohn --to-- Mohan Singh Soor
Barbara Sooter --to-- Nellie Southam
Samuel Adams Souther --to-- Celia F. Southworth
Charles Torrey Southworth --to-- Henry C. Spalding
Josephine Spalding --to-- Brandon Sparrow
Brynne Elayne Sparrow --to-- Lucy Spaulding
Lucy Corlet Spaulding --to-- Philice Spear
Sarah Hobart Spear --to-- Christopher Spencer
Claire Spencer --to-- John Haven "Jack" Spencer
Jonathan Niles Spencer --to-- Thomas L. S. Spencer
Thomas Lyon Spencer --to-- Lewis Sperry
Lucina Sperry --to-- Amaziah P. Spitzer
Roland Adelbert Spitzer --to-- Susanna Spooner
Sylvester Spooner --to-- Anthony Sprague (Jr.)
Anthony Sprague --to-- Ephraim Sprague
Ervin Sprague --to-- John Lovell Sprague
John Lovell Sprague (Jr.) --to-- Nathaniel Anthony Sprague
Nehemiah Sprague --to-- Sarah Elizabeth Sprague
Sarah Whipple Sprague --to-- Mary Louise Spring
Samuel Read Spring --to-- Arvella Squires
Beatrice Squires --to-- Henry Rice Stafford
Humphrey Stafford (Duke of Buckingham) --to-- Albert Staley
Beverly Staley --to-- Chloe Stanley
Claude J. Stanley --to-- John Stanton
John Stanton --to-- Claranell D. Staples
Cotee Staples --to-- Luella Gertrude Staples
Lyman Staples --to-- Lydia Starbuck
Mary Starbuck --to-- Earnest Crosby Starley
Eva M. Starley --to-- Marion Silver Staten
Sarah E. Stathems --to-- Cecil Freeman Stearns
Chandler White Stearns --to-- Isaac Stearns
Isaac Stearns (twin) --to-- Roy Stearns
Ruth Stearns --to-- Freeland Frank Stecker
Elizabeth Stedman --to-- Lawrence Wayne Steele
Leann Mane Steele --to-- Arthur L. Steere
Asa Steere --to-- Ellsworth A. Steere
Elmer Cecil Steere --to-- Howard E. Steere
Howard Whipple Steere --to-- Martha Steere
Martha Steere --to-- Riodelia L. Steere
Robert Steere --to-- Thomas R. Steere
Thomas Whipple Steere --to-- Linda Jo Ann Steimle
Marcia Steimle --to-- Henry Stephens
Ida Myrtle Stephens --to-- Rosalie Gail Sterbinsky
Stephen Ronald Sterbinsky --to-- Ann E. Stevens
Anna Stevens --to-- Harlan Stevens
Harriet M. Stevens --to-- Osa V. Stevens
Patty Stevens --to-- Ricky Curtis Stevenson
Robin Kaye Stevenson --to-- Grace G. Stewart
Horatio Stewart --to-- Tammy Stewart

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