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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Anne Sayles --to-- Eliza Ann Sayles
Eliza Ann "Elsie" Sayles --to-- Irving D. Sayles
Isabel Sayles --to-- Martha Sayles
Martha Sayles --to-- Rebecca Sayles
Rensselaer Sayles --to-- James Everett Saylor
Jerry David Saylor --to-- Cora M. Schanbacher
Duane Lee Schanbacher --to-- Sally Schilthuis
Catherine Louise Schiltz --to-- Steven Gerald Schoenecker
Hunter Alexander Schoenfuss --to-- John Schreck
Joseph Schreck --to-- Krystie Schultz
Leonard Schultz --to-- Scofield
Abigail "Aby" Scofield --to-- Brian Joshua Scott
C. F. Scott --to-- Henry F. Scott
Herbert Francis Scott --to-- Luella Scott
Lydia Scott --to-- Sarah Scott
Sarah "Sally" Scott --to-- Margaret Scranton
Myron W. Scranton --to-- Louisa DeWolf Seaman
Margaret Jane Seaman --to-- Richard Searle (Jr.)
Sarah Searle --to-- Stephen Seavey
Thomas Seavey --to-- Hazel Catherine Seelye
Alberta Seeman --to-- John Selleck (Capt.)
Kiersten Natasha Selleck --to-- Daniel Steven Setzler
David Richard Setzler --to-- Mary Seymour
Mary Elizabeth Seymour --to-- Katherine E. Shafer
Lena Inez Shafer --to-- Sonia Haft Shafirkin
Prudence Shafter --to-- James Cannon Sharp
James V. Sharp --to-- Philinda W. Shattuck
Roger Whipple Shattuck --to-- James Shaw (Dr.)
James Shaw --to-- Patricia Darlene Shawgo
Kathleen Shawhan --to-- Abigail Sheldon
Abigail Sheldon --to-- Hattie Gorham Sheldon
Hazel M. Sheldon --to-- Olive Sheldon
Olive Angenette Sheldon --to-- Catherine Shelmire
Ann Shelton --to-- Aaron Shepardson
Damaris Shepardson --to-- Alice Sherman
Amy Sherman --to-- Hannah Sherman
Harriet S. Sherman --to-- Perry S. Sherman
Phebe Sherman --to-- Hugh Lucius Sherwood
Lucius Jay Sherwood --to-- Shipley
Shipman --to-- Shonyraine
Faye Ada Shook --to-- William John Shoup
Ruth Shourds --to-- Glenn C. Shurtleff
Gwendolyn Shurtleff --to-- Lyman Augustus Sibley
Maria Sibley --to-- Alice Beaumont Sill
Donald Edward Sill --to-- Brandon Simmermon
Derek Simmermon --to-- Mazie Almira Simmons
Mettie Simmons --to-- Sean Simoneau
Emily Simoneaux --to-- Mabel Mae Simpson
Margaret "Margee" Simpson --to-- Sandra Darlene Sinclair
Thomas Sinclair --to-- Lydia Sisson
Peleg Sisson --to-- Travis M. Skelton
Travis Mark Skelton --to-- Maria Skinner
Mary Skinner --to-- Benthe Dam Skov
Birthe Skov --to-- Everett E. Slater
George Slater --to-- Wesley Edward Slawson
Wesley Francis Slawson --to-- Ziba Olney Slocum
Esther Slocumb --to-- Harriet Smedley
Ida May Smedley --to-- Abby Ann Smith
Abby Frances Smith --to-- Alean Smith
Aletha Elizabeth Smith --to-- Amey Smith
Amey Smith --to-- Artemas Smith (Jr.)
Artemas or Artemus Smith --to-- Carl Dewey Smith
Carl S. Smith --to-- Chauncey Smith
Cheryl Lynn Smith --to-- Daniel Smith (Captain)
Daniel Smith --to-- Donna Marie Smith
Dora Smith --to-- Elisha Smith
Elisha Smith --to-- Elsworth A. Smith
Elvira Smith --to-- Ezekiel H. Smith
Fanny Smith --to-- George Graham Smith
George Graham Smith --to-- Harriet Smith
Harriet A. Smith --to-- Hope Ardelia Smith
Horace Smith --to-- James Anthony Smith
James Clarke Smith --to-- Jesse M. Smith

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