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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

William Smith --to-- Robert P. Sneeston
Ruth Louise Sneeston --to-- Dominicus Carter Snow
Don Carlos Snow --to-- Ross Ernest Snudden
Annie Snuring --to-- Roy Francis Snyder
Samuel Francis Snyder --to-- George R. Somes
Gertrude Whipple Somes --to-- Penny Lynn Soucy
S. A. Souder --to-- Norman Mason Southwick
Orange Harley Southwick --to-- Bradstreet Spafford
Charles Spafford --to-- Harold Charles or Charles H. Sparks
Irene Sparks --to-- John P. Spaulding
Joseph Spaulding --to-- Holly Dawn Spear
James Spear --to-- Catherine Spencer
Catherine Curtis Spencer --to-- John Spencer
John Allen Spencer --to-- Susannah Spencer
Susannah Spencer --to-- Joseph Sperry
Kayci Elizabeth Sperry --to-- Roland Adelbert Spitzer
Larry Spitznogle --to-- Whipple Spooner
Whipple Spooner --to-- Asahel G. Sprague
Aurelia Sprague --to-- Florence M. Sprague
Florence M. Sprague --to-- Joshua Sprague
Josiah Sprague --to-- Phebe Sprague
Phebe Sprague --to-- Urania Sprague
Vera Nutting Sprague --to-- Milo Springsteel
Nancy Elizabeth Springsteel --to-- St. Pierre
St. Pierre --to-- Mercy Rice Stafford
N. C. Stafford --to-- Bertha Stamm
Andrew John Stammer --to-- Watson Stansfield
Stanton --to-- Sarah Ann Stanton
Sophia Stanton --to-- George W. Staples
George William Staples --to-- Sabra Staples
Samuel Staples --to-- Catherine Starke
Starkes --to-- Mary Starr
Mary Starr --to-- Annie Stearns
Annie Janetta Stearns --to-- Gerald Alexander "Gerry" Stearns
Gerry Stearns --to-- Nathaniel Stearns
Nathaniel Stearns --to-- Maria Almeda Stebbins
Marietta Stebbins --to-- Heather Padget Steele
Hunter Blain Steele --to-- Anthony Steere
Anthony Steere --to-- Elizabeth L. Steere
Elizabeth Louisa Steere --to-- Hortense Elizabeth Steere
Howard Steere --to-- Martha Steere
Martha Steere --to-- Robert L. Steere
Rosamond Steere --to-- Varnum Smith Steere
Viola W. Steere --to-- Charles Frederic Steinagel
Charles Frederic Steinagel (Jr.) --to-- Grace Stephensen
Hunter Triver Stephensen --to-- Natalie Blackmar Sternberg
Pearl Sternberg --to-- Charles Dexter Stevens
Chrystal Stevens --to-- Josh James Stevens
Josiah Stevens (Major) --to-- Seth Clark Stevens
Simon Stevens --to-- Abigail Caroline Stewart
Abigail Elizabeth Stewart --to-- Margaret Stewart
Margaret Horn Stewart --to-- Valentine G Stickel (twin)
Walter H. Stickel --to-- Mary Alice "May" Stillwell
Pearl Lucille Stillwell --to-- Elise Danielle Stockl
Gladys Irene Stockman --to-- J. R. Stodgill
Stogdill --to-- Stone
Stone --to-- Abel Augustus Stone
Abel Gilbert Stone --to-- Addison Howard Stone
Addison Milton Stone --to-- Alice A. Stone
Alice Adams Stone --to-- Amos "Squire" Stone
Amos Burnham Stone --to-- Annette Stone
Annette Stone --to-- Asenath Stone
Asenath Stone --to-- Benjamin N. Stone
Benjamin N. Stone --to-- Burton Marks Stone
Byron Amos Stone --to-- Cephas Stone
Cephas Erastus Stone --to-- Charles H. Stone
Charles H. Stone --to-- Chester Smith Stone
Chester Tilton Stone (M.D.) --to-- Cynthia Stone
Cynthia Eliza Stone --to-- David "Davy" Stone
David Appleton Stone --to-- Ebenezer Stone
Ebenezer Bragg Stone --to-- Edwin H. Stone
Edwin Herbert Stone --to-- Elizabeth Stone
Elizabeth Stone --to-- Ellen Louisa Stone
Ellen Louise Stone --to-- Emme Stone
Emogene Catherine Stone --to-- Eunice Stone

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