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Index of Persons

155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

William Potter --to-- Rhea Lucille Powell
Robert James Powell --to-- Elizabeth Ann Powers
Ermon Cameron Powers --to-- Michael J. Powers
Michael Lewis Powers --to-- Clarine Helen Pratt
Cyrus S. Pratt --to-- Lillie F. Pratt
Lucy Pratt --to-- Mary Pray
Mary Etta Pray --to-- Mary Prescott
Mary Prescott --to-- Samuel Preston
Sarah B. Preston --to-- Tom Price
Vonda Jane Price --to-- Joseph Prince
Joseph Prince --to-- George Hawkins Prosser
Glenda Louise Prosser --to-- Jean Prouty
Jeffrey Dow Prouty --to-- Samantha Edna Pruitt
Sarah Pruitt --to-- Joseph M. Purdy
Lucius Purdy (Reverend) --to-- Alfred Putnam
Alfred S. Putnam --to-- Hiram Lycurgas Putnam
Isabel Maud Putnam --to-- Seth Putnam
Seth Putnam (Jr.) --to-- Joseph Quilter
Kathrine Quilter --to-- Susan Quinney
Thomas Quinney --to-- Cora F. Raines
David Raines --to-- Riley Ramsdail
Smith Ramsdail --to-- John Ramsey
John Ramsey --to-- Katie Alice Rand
Leon W. Rand --to-- Arthur Randall
Arvella Randall --to-- Emma Randall
Emma F. Randall --to-- Job Randall
Job Randall --to-- Mary Helen Randall
Mary O. Randall --to-- Smith Randall
Smith Randall (Jr.) --to-- Moses Liddell Randolph
Olive Randolph --to-- Charles A. Rapello
Edna Rapello --to-- Peder Rasmussen
Peder Rasmussen --to-- Margaret Rathbone
Mary Rathbone --to-- Carson Nathanial Ratliff
Donald James Ratliff --to-- Addison Leslie Ray
Adin Wesley Ray --to-- James A. Ray
James Whipple Ray --to-- Connie Raye
June Raymar --to-- Abigail Razee
Albert Olney Razee --to-- Patience Razee
Rachel Razee --to-- Charles E. Read
Charlotte Read --to-- Dennis Reckward
Hayden Reckward --to-- Erleen Redle
Grace Redley --to-- Doris Ellen Reed
Dreama Reed --to-- Mary Reed
Mary Ann Reed --to-- Thomas David Rees
Troll Rees --to-- Reid
Reid --to-- Callie Rosse Reinhart
Eric James Reinhart --to-- Hannah Remington
Harriet Elizabeth Remington --to-- Thomas Remington
Thomas Remington --to-- June Renzelman
Thomas Repp --to-- E. Reynolds
Edward B. Reynolds --to-- Salisbury Reynolds
Sarah Amanda Reynolds --to-- Christopher Rhodes
Christopher Rhodes --to-- Malachi Rhodes (3rd)
Malachi Rhodes --to-- William Rhodes
William C. Rhodes --to-- Bethiah Rice
Betty Rice --to-- Elizabeth Holden Rice
Ellen or Eleanor Rice --to-- James Rice
James Rice --to-- Mary Rice
Mary Rice --to-- Polly Rice
Polly A. or Mary Rice --to-- William Rice
William Rice --to-- Theodore William Rich
Timothy Howard Rich --to-- Iola Ruth Richards
J. C. Richards --to-- Richardson
Richardson --to-- Francis Henry Richardson
Gaby Guy Richardson --to-- Lydia Ann Richardson
Madeline Richardson --to-- Thomas Richardson
Thomas Richardson --to-- Harriet "Hattie" Richmond
Harriet Binney Richmond --to-- Mary E. Ricketson
Ruth Ricketson --to-- Maudie Riddle
Shirley Lynette Riddle --to-- Henry William Rietmann
Jason Anthony Rietmann --to-- Philip Albert Rinfret
Alma Elizabeth Ring --to-- twin Risinger
twin Risinger --to-- Howard Austin Rix
Jessie Deborah Rix --to-- Tempie Roach or Rosch
Henry Roan --to-- Rebecca Robbins

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