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Index of Persons

156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Ravonda K. Sawyer --to-- Anna Whipple Sayles
Anne Sayles --to-- Elizabeth Sayles
Elizabeth Sayles --to-- Israel Sayles
James Sayles --to-- Mary Sayles
Mary Sayles --to-- Royal Sayles
Sabin Lorenzo Sayles --to-- Scales
Bertha M. Scales --to-- Karl Scheibner
Charles Scheiner --to-- Gregory William DuBois Schlosser
Todd Robert Schlosser --to-- Charles Edward Scholer
Elsie Scholer --to-- Pauline Schreyer
Brian Schriever --to-- William John Schultz
Zebulon Schultz --to-- Etta G. Scofield
Florence Scofield --to-- Charles Henry Scott
Charlotte Scott --to-- James Scott
James Scott --to-- Mary Scott
Mary Scott --to-- Thomas W. Scott
Tonia Ann Scott --to-- Kimmarie Scully
Lester Scully --to-- Susan Seamans
Susanna Seamans --to-- Marjorie Sears
Mary Sears --to-- Bert Seeley
Charles Seeley --to-- Caroline Seissbrich
Gottlieb Seissbrich --to-- Sarah Senne
John Peter Senning --to-- Halle Grace Seydel
Jacqueline Ann Seydel --to-- Earl Charles Shafer
Edgar A. Shafer --to-- James Arnold Shaffer
Jerald Monroe Shaffer --to-- David Shaply
David Shaply --to-- Enos L. Shattuck
Hannah A. Shattuck --to-- Frances Shaw
Fred Shaw --to-- William Shaw
William Alfred Shaw --to-- Lydia Sheffield
Ruth Sheffield --to-- H. O. Sheldon (Reverend)
Hannah Sheldon --to-- Nicholas Sheldon (3rd)
Olive Sheldon --to-- Clara A. Shelton
Frances Ann Shelton --to-- Ruth Shepardson
Sarah Sheperd --to-- Bathsheba Sherman
Bessie Sherman --to-- Howard B. Sherman
Irene Murial Augusta Sherman --to-- Stella Louise Sherman
Steven Sherman --to-- Alice Madelon Shidler
John Willard Shidler --to-- Charity Shippee
David Shippee --to-- Henry Short
Henry Short --to-- M. L. Shuart
Marshall George Shuart --to-- DeForest Jeremiah Sias
DeForest Jeremiah Sias --to-- Mary Jane Sidener
Nicholas Sidener --to-- Henchman Silvester
Sandra Silvester --to-- Harrison Frank Simmons
Helen Clerissa Simmons --to-- William Samuel Simmons (II)
William Woodridge Simmons --to-- Charlotte H. Simpson
Clayton Simpson --to-- Julia Sims
Margaret Sims --to-- Nathaniel Christian Siple
Pamela Ann Siple --to-- Mark Todd Skelton
Mary A. Skelton --to-- Horace B. Skinner
Hyrum Skinner --to-- Russ Daken Skouson
Russell Evan Skouson --to-- Almaria Slater
Annie F. Slater --to-- Samuel Slawson
Smith Slawson --to-- Sarah Slocum
Sarah Ann Slocum --to-- Harriet Smedley
Ida May Smedley --to-- Abigail Smith
Abigail Smith --to-- Alice Smith
Alice Smith --to-- Amey Ann Smith
Amey Ann Smith --to-- Asenath Smith
Asha Smith --to-- Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith --to-- Clara M. Smith
Clarence Smith --to-- Danny Lee Smith
Darcy Lee Smith --to-- E. Louise Smith
Earl H. Smith --to-- Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith --to-- Ephraim Smith
Ephraim Smith --to-- Fred G. Smith
Fred Lincoln Smith --to-- Grandville Smith
Granville Haven Smith --to-- Henry F. Smith
Henry Formen Smith --to-- Israel Smith

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