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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Jennette Relyea --to-- Maria E. Remington
Marion Louise Remington --to-- Deborah Sue Renken
Catherine Elizabeth Rennaker --to-- Edgar R. Reyford
Russell Reyford --to-- Katie Reynolds
Kenneth Reynolds --to-- Rhodes
Rhodes --to-- James Rhodes
James Rhodes --to-- Sarah "Sally" Rhodes
Sarah Smith Rhodes --to-- Barney Rice
Benjamin Rice (Reverend) --to-- Elizabeth Rice
Elizabeth Rice --to-- Isaac Rice
Jabez Rice --to-- Martin Rice
Mary Rice --to-- Priscilla Rice
Rachel Rice --to-- William Rice
William Rice (Jr.) --to-- Emma Jane Richard
Harriet Malinda "Het" Richard --to-- LeEtta Richards
Lemuel Richards --to-- Anne Richardson
Annie Covill Richardson --to-- Henry Richardson
Horace Seaver Richardson --to-- Neil William Richardson
Noelle Marie Richardson --to-- Abbie L. Richmond
Abby D. Richmond --to-- Phebe A. Richmond
Philip Richmond --to-- Elizabeth Riddle
Ettie J. Riddle --to-- Thomas Shannon Ridgway
Ridley --to-- John Riley
John Riley --to-- Lawrence Converse Rising
Margaret Rising --to-- Elizabeth Rix
Emma Rix --to-- Robert Dickson Roach
Shelinnia Kay Roach --to-- Mark Allen Robbins
Martha Robbins --to-- Elizabeth Roberts
Ella A. Roberts --to-- Ruth Odessa Roberts
Samual Alexander Roberts --to-- Leland R. Robertson
Lloyd S. Robertson --to-- Claudius Robinson
Cornelia Robinson --to-- Jeremiah Robinson
Joan Robinson --to-- Russell Robinson
Ruth Joan Robinson --to-- Edna Robnett
Gertrude Robnett --to-- Jesse Louise Rodebaugh
Frances Anthony Rodeghier --to-- Dale Allen Roe
Daniel Dean Roe --to-- Josephine A. Roffee
Laura Edith Roffee --to-- Fanny Rogers
Fanny G. Rogers --to-- Luanna Rogers
Lucy Rogers --to-- Susanna Rogers
Susannah Rogers --to-- Aisley Shona Rollins
Aris Rollins --to-- Anna Laura "Ann" Roome
Arthur Eugene or Charles Roome --to-- Savannah Manning Root
Silas Root --to-- David Bong Gi Rose
Diane Elaine Rose --to-- Holmes Rosekrans (Dr.)
Blanch Rosen --to-- Margaret Ann Ross
Maria Ross --to-- Luraneh C. Round
Mary Round --to-- Reuben Rouse
Rodney Charles Rouse --to-- Henry D. Rowland
James F. Rowland --to-- Ruth Royer (Mrs.)
Royster --to-- Betsey Ruggles
Dennis May Ruggles --to-- Julia Albertina Runge
Raymond Karl Runge --to-- Brooke Russell
Celia Asenath Russell --to-- Katherine Russell
Kathryn Russell --to-- Teddie Jo Rust
Terry Lee Rust --to-- Arthur Larned Ryerson
Arthur Larned Ryerson (Jr.) --to-- Ann V. Sabin
Augustus Sabin --to-- Daniel M. Sackett
David Filer Sackett --to-- Kenneth Paul Sadler
Kerry Reagan Sadler --to-- Joseph Safford
Joseph Safford --to-- Amanda Salisbury
Amanda B. Salisbury --to-- Eudora May Salisbury
Eugene F. Salisbury --to-- Napoleon B. Salisbury
Narcissa Lavinia Salisbury --to-- James Salley
Roger Salloom --to-- John Sams (Reverend)
Mary Sams --to-- Andrew Sanchez
David Kenneth Sanchez --to-- Marshall Danforth Sanders
Marshall Danforth Sanders (Jr.) --to-- Calvin Sanford
Caroline Frances Sanford --to-- Mehitable Sargent
Moses Sargent --to-- John Henry Saunders
Joshua Saunders --to-- Ephraim Sawtell
Hezekiah Sawtell --to-- Ruth Sawyer
Samuel Sawyer --to-- Anna Whipple Sayles

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