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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Madeline Harriet Schoemer --to-- Mary Schoville
Della Schow --to-- Jason Schultz
Jeremyas Schultz --to-- Margaret Schwemmeline
Margarethe Schwemmer --to-- Barbara Scott
Bela Scott --to-- Henry Edwards Scott
Henry F. Scott --to-- Margaret "Marney" Scott
Margaret Alice Scott --to-- Susan Marie Scott
Susanna Scott --to-- Philetus Scudder
Ruth Ann Scudder --to-- Marietta Seamans
Marlon Darrell Seamans --to-- Marian Shaw Sears
Marjorie Sears --to-- Eliza Ann Seeley
Elizabeth Seeley --to-- Mary Sekach
Philip Sekula --to-- Lynn Seppa
Myron E. Sepper --to-- Caleb Perkins Seymour
Catherine Seymour --to-- Harry Alden Shafer
Hazel Mary Shafer --to-- Philip Shaffer
Rachel Shaffer --to-- James Cannon Sharp
James V. Sharp --to-- William S. Shattuck
Eva Roena Shaugard --to-- Joseph Shaw
Joseph De Wolf Shaw --to-- James William Shearer
Rita Irene Shearer --to-- Benjamin Sheldon
Benjamin E. Sheldon --to-- Laura Sheldon
Lester Whipple Sheldon --to-- Sylvina or Levina Sheldon
Thomas Barney Sheldon --to-- James Shepard
Jennie Lind Shepard --to-- Renette Shere
Richard Shere --to-- Eveline M. Sherman
Evelyn Frances Sherman --to-- Moses Sherman
Moses Sherman --to-- Frank William Sherwood
Gordon Sherwood --to-- Shipman
Carolyn Josephine Shipman --to-- Doris June Shore
Martha A. Shorer --to-- Rachel Fredericka Shreyer
Fred Shrimpton --to-- Charles Shute
Isaac Clark Shute --to-- John Perry Siddall
Leona Eloise Siddall --to-- Rebecca "Beki" Whipple Silverstein
James Silverthorne --to-- Harrison Frank Simmons
Helen Clerissa Simmons --to-- Bert Simms
Christina Beth Simms --to-- Diane Simpson
Dundas Simpson --to-- Nathan Sims
Nellie Clair Sims --to-- Kayden Sission
Mitchel Sission --to-- Terry Arden Skelton
Timothy P. Skelton --to-- Mary Skinner
Mildred Louise Skinner --to-- Lene Skov
Lise Skov --to-- John Slater
John Slater --to-- Richard Alden Sleight
Roger William Alexander Sleight --to-- Stephen Sly (Jr.)
George W. Sly or Sty --to-- David Keith Smilie
Keith David Smilie (II) --to-- Abigail or Nabby Smith
Abner Smith --to-- Allen Thayer Smith
Allison Clarke Smith (Deacon) --to-- Anna Smith
Anna Smith --to-- Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith --to-- Charles Philip Smith
Charles Pinkney Smith --to-- Cynthia Smith
Cynthia Smith --to-- Diana Rene Smith
Dillwin Smith --to-- Elias Smith
Elias Smith --to-- Elvira Smith
Emeline Smith --to-- Florence Smith
Florence Smith --to-- Georgia I. Smith
Georgia L. Smith --to-- Hazel or Hazael Smith
Helen Smith --to-- Ira Smith
Ira Smith --to-- Janet Ann Dooley Smith
Janet M. Smith --to-- John Smith
John Smith --to-- Judith Smith
Julia Smith --to-- Levi Smith
Levina Smith --to-- Lydia G. Sheffield Smith
Lydia L. Smith --to-- Marvin Everett Smith
Mary Smith --to-- Mary Etta Smith
Mary Francis Smith --to-- Mowry Smith
Mowry Smith (Jr.) --to-- Olive Smith
Olive Smith --to-- Phoebe I. Smith
Pitts Smith (Captain) --to-- Richard Kim "Rick" Smith
Richard Leroy "Dick" Smith --to-- Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith --to-- Sarah Elizabeth Smith
Sarah Fanny Smith --to-- Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith --to-- Victor Smith
Victoria Shannon "Vicky" Smith --to-- William Smith

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