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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Monica Kay Reid --to-- Remington
Abby Remington --to-- Mary Remington
Mary Remington --to-- Nancy Ann Rennells
Albert Renner --to-- Alison Reynolds
Amie Reynolds --to-- Milton Cook Reynolds
Nancy Reynolds --to-- Charles W. Rhodes
Charles William Rhodes --to-- Margaret T. Rhodes
Maria A. Rhodes --to-- John Sims Rhyne
John Sims Rhyne --to-- Charles Rice
Charles H. Rice --to-- Franklin Rice
Freelove Rice --to-- Jonah Rice
Jonas Rice --to-- Naomi Rice
Nathan Rice --to-- Thomas Rice
Thomas Rice --to-- Lewis Rich
Lewis G. Rich --to-- George Owen Richards
Glenn Cleone Richards --to-- Zebina Melvin Richards
Hannah Richards or Bickford --to-- George Washington Richardson
Gideon Richardson --to-- Mary Ellen Richardson
Mary Helen Richardson --to-- Cindy Jean Richins
Colola Beth Richins --to-- Mary Jane Richmond
Mary Jeanette Richmond --to-- Deloris Lea Riddle
Dolphia Riddle --to-- Helen Ridgway
Job Ridgway --to-- John Riley
John Willard Riley --to-- Bobbie Risinger
Emilie Risinger --to-- Frances Louise Rix
George Rix --to-- Henry Roan
Austine Roane --to-- Sally Robbins
Sarah Robbins --to-- Gertrude Roberts
Grace Roberts --to-- Terrence Patrick Roberts
Thomas Roberts --to-- Sylvester Knight Marshall Robertson
Sylvester Knight Marshall Robertson --to-- Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson --to-- Linda Kaye Robinson
Lorena Hortense Robinson --to-- William M. Robinson
William P. Robinson --to-- Rockwell
Anna Rockwell --to-- Anne Rodman
Anne Rodman --to-- Abel Roebuck
Ann Roebuck --to-- Chloe Rogers
Christopher Green Rogers --to-- Joab B. Rogers
Jody Rogers --to-- Patricia Ann Rogers
Phebe Adelia Rogers --to-- Roger Rolen
Roy L. Roleson --to-- Christina Ann Ronk
Per H. Ronning --to-- Harry Bryant Root
Henry W. Root --to-- Arthur Rose
Arthur Rose --to-- Thankful Rose
Valorie Ann Rose --to-- John E. Ross
Julia Ann Ross --to-- Arnold Round
Chester Phillips Round --to-- Mary Ann Rouse
Reuben Rouse --to-- Jenette "Nettie" Rowland
Jesse William Rowland --to-- Martin Rozmanith
Jacqueline Ruban --to-- Mary Ruggles
Sarah Harriette Ruggles --to-- Lydia Runnels
Mary Runnels --to-- David Allen Russell (Reverend)
David Carl Russell --to-- Mary Russell
Mary Russell --to-- Eliza Margaret Rutledge
Gary Lynn Rutledge --to-- Margrethe Christine Røboe
Kristian Pedersen Røeboe --to-- Frank Sabin
Fred Sabin --to-- Jane Saddoris
Sadler --to-- Ruth Sadler
Sally Ann Sadler --to-- Eliza Jane Sager
Francis S. Sager --to-- Daniel Mowry Salisbury
David Salisbury --to-- Joseph Salisbury
Joseph Salisbury --to-- Smith Hamilton Salisbury
Stephan Salisbury --to-- Myrtle E. Sammons
Richard S. Sammons --to-- Lydia Sanborn
Lydia Sanborn --to-- Frances Antoinette Sanders
Frances Celinda Sanders --to-- Bernice Sands
Dora Elsie Sands --to-- Eliza Sargent
Eliza H. Sargent --to-- Elizabeth Saunders
G. J. J. J. Saunders --to-- Abigail Sawtell
Eli Sawtell --to-- Philena S. Sawyer

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