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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Elizabeth Lillian Anna "Lily" Phillips --to-- James Lee Phillips
James Lee Phillips --to-- Mary Ann Phillips
Mary Ann Adams Phillips --to-- Theodore Winthrop Phillips
Theodore Winthrop Phillips --to-- Shonnette Picardo
Sierra Marie Picardo --to-- Adaline C. "Addie" Pickett
Albert Pickett --to-- Lafayette Pidge
Laura Pidge --to-- David Pierce
Deborah Pierce --to-- John Pierce
John Pierce --to-- Scott Phillip Pierce
Silence Pierce --to-- Eunice Pike
Ezra Pike (Sr.) --to-- Daniel J. Pillsbury
Delia Agnes Pillsbury --to-- John C. Pillsbury
John Hale Pillsbury --to-- Rachel Pillsbury
Roland Pillsbury --to-- George Charles Pine
Grace Pine --to-- Matthew Lawrence Pinter
Alice "Allie" Lenora Piper --to-- Annie Pitts
Arnold Leroy Pitts --to-- David King Place
Debbie Place --to-- Winfred A. Place
Zilpha Jennette Place --to-- Louisa M. Plowman
Robert L. Plowman --to-- Edna Kathleen "Kay" Poile
Eleanor Dorothy "Dolly" Poile --to-- Elizabeth Brigham Pollay
George Pollay --to-- Kenneth David Ponder
Chauncey C. Ponte --to-- Lydia Pope
Lydia Myers Pope (Mrs.) --to-- Jerusha Porter
John Porter --to-- Jotham Post
Jotham William Post (M.D.) --to-- Charles C. Potter
Charles Harris Potter --to-- Harold Warren Potter
Harriet Potter --to-- Marion Elizabeth Potter
Marjorie Potter --to-- Susannah Potter
Theodore H. Potter --to-- Leonard Bruce Powell
Lewis B. Powell --to-- Duane J. Powers
Edward Alfred Powers --to-- Mary E. Powers
Michael Harold Powers --to-- Clarine Helen Pratt
Cyrus S. Pratt --to-- Lucy Pratt
Lucy H. Pratt --to-- Otheniel S. Pray
Patience Pray --to-- Estelle Presnell
Lilla S. Pressey --to-- John Preu
Jon Lester Preu --to-- Loretta Priebe
Patricia Priebe --to-- Kenneth D. Probasco
Ida Eliza Probert --to-- Rufus Kies Prosser
Silas Welcome Prosser --to-- Valerie Adeline Prouty
Jenny Proux --to-- Helena Pullen
John Tyson Pullen --to-- Randy Pusch
Steve Pusch --to-- Elizabeth Putnam
Elizabeth Putnam --to-- Priscilla Putnam
Priscilla Putnam --to-- Earl Quick
Earnest Quick --to-- John Quinney
Maria Quinney --to-- Nellie E. Rai
John Raidt --to-- Ralph Cheshire Ramsay
W. F. Ramsay --to-- John Ramsey
John Ramsey --to-- Maud Rand
Morillo Alcandar Rand --to-- Benjamin Randall
Benjamin Randall --to-- Franklin P. Randall
Fred Allen Randall --to-- Joseph Randall
Joseph Randall --to-- Olney Whipple Randall
Patience M. Randall --to-- William Randall (Jr.)
William Randall --to-- Sarah Jane Rannells
Mary A. Rannels --to-- David Rasmussen
Donna Lou "Patti" Rasmussen --to-- Elizabeth Rathbone
Elizabeth Rathbone --to-- Edith M. Rathbun
Edward Rathbun --to-- Florence E. Rawson
Grindal Rawson --to-- Flora May Ray
Frank Edward Ray --to-- Simon Ray (Jr.)
Simon Whipple Ray --to-- Hannah Raynor
Joshua Raynor --to-- Oliver Razee
Olney Razee --to-- Benjamin Read
Charles E. Read --to-- Abigail Record
Loring H. Records --to-- Kent Redman
Marita "Martha" Redman --to-- Edwin Reed
Edwin Aaron Reed --to-- Phebe Reed
Philantha Reed --to-- Rachel Ann Reese
Ray Reese --to-- Logan Beau Reid
Mary Reid --to-- Walter G. Reitzel

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