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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

James Howard Reinhart --to-- John Remington
John Remington --to-- Nancy Renbarger
John Hunt Rencher --to-- Robert Rexford
Ryspah Rexford --to-- Laura Reynolds
Louise Reynolds --to-- Alice Caroline Rhodes
Amelia Cook Rhodes --to-- Julia Rhodes
Juliette Rhodes --to-- William Perry Rhodes
Zachariah Rhodes --to-- Cecil B. Rice
Charles Rice (Jr.) --to-- Frances "Fanny" Rice
Frank Emmet Rice --to-- Jonas Rice
Jonas Rice --to-- Nathan Rice
Nathaniel Rice --to-- Thomas Rice
Thomas Rice --to-- Roger Christopher Rich
Ruth Rich --to-- Jess E. Richards
John Henry Richards --to-- Amos Richardson
Angela Dawn Richardson --to-- Huldah Richardson
James M. Richardson --to-- Ralph Lavern Richardson
Renee Richardson --to-- Charles Talbot Richmond (Jr.)
Chloe Richmond --to-- William Talbot Richmond
William Thomas Richmond --to-- Manuel Riddle
Mary Riddle --to-- Becky Rigby
Catherine E. Rigby --to-- Rosa Edilma Rios Cortes
Augusta Ripley --to-- Hendrick Ritman
John Ritson --to-- Margaret Rixstine
Daniel Rixtine (Sr.) --to-- Gilbert Francis Robbins
H. H. Robbins --to-- David Roberts
David Roberts --to-- Rex H. Roberts
Rial Lafayette Roberts --to-- Leland R. Robertson
Lloyd S. Robertson --to-- Dean Tyler Robinson
Deborah Robinson --to-- John Edward Robinson
John James Robinson --to-- Wendy Loraine Robinson
Whipple Robinson --to-- Harry Rockefeller
Harry Andrew Rockefeller --to-- Richard Charles Rodgers
Stephanie Renee Rodgers --to-- William Henry Roe
Almira Roe or Rowe --to-- Christopher Green Rogers
Clara Elsie Rogers --to-- John Rogers (Reverend)
John Rogers (Reverend) --to-- Rebekah Rogers
Rena Beth Rogers --to-- Hannah Rolfe
Solomon Rolfe --to-- Martha Elaine Rooker
Janet Rooks --to-- Silas Root
Thomas Root --to-- Elizabeth Rose
Ella Mae Rose --to-- Emily Anne Marie Rosene
Hilding Rosene --to-- Wilima Euphemia Ross
William Ross --to-- Jane E. Rounds
John Rounds --to-- Martha Rowe
Mary Rowe --to-- Leslie Elliott Rowse
William Rowse --to-- Lucy Isadore Rude
Mary Ella Rude --to-- Mark Rumsey
Sarah Rumsey --to-- Russell
Russell --to-- John W. Russell
Jonathan Russell --to-- Mary Amanda Rust
Patricia Diane Rust --to-- Eleanor Ryerson
Ellen Ashfordbye (Nell) Ryerson --to-- Clinton Mark Sabin
Cynthia Geneva Sabin --to-- Craig Allen Saddler
Edward Saddler --to-- Michael Lynn Sadler
Miranda Sadler --to-- Grace Eleanor Sage
John Sage --to-- Cornelius Salisbury
Cromwell T. Salisbury --to-- Jonathan Salisbury
Jonathan Salisbury --to-- Stephan Salisbury
Susan E. Salisbury --to-- Ellen Kristine Sample
Jessie Gertrude Sample --to-- Matthew Sanborn
Miriam Sanborn --to-- Jennifer Sanders
Jessie T. Sanders --to-- Addison Sanford
Annah Sanford --to-- Mehitable Sargent
Moses Sargent --to-- Kathryn Ann Saunders
Lee Saunders --to-- Sawyer
Adelle Sawyer --to-- Mary Jane Saxton
Sara Starr Saxton --to-- Carrie Newell Sayles
Catharine or Catherine Sayles --to-- Ethel Sayles
Ethel E. Sayles --to-- Juliette Elizabeth Sayles
Laura Josephine Sayles --to-- Mowry Sayles
Mowry Sayles --to-- Waite Sayles
Walter Ernest Sayles --to-- Franklin Leon or Leon Franklin Schaffer
George Leslie Schaffer --to-- Christopher Schild
Clinton Jordan Schild --to-- Margaret S. Schobert

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