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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Charles O. Morgan --to-- Keith Morgan
Kelly Morgan (Jr.) --to-- Donna Jean Morr
Jane Morrell --to-- Charles Isaac Morris
Clara Morris --to-- Thomas Morris
Thomas Morris --to-- Virginia Morrison
W. Dwight Morrison --to-- Ebenezer Morse
Edward Morse --to-- Levi Morse
Louisa Morse --to-- Walter H. Morse
Wendy Marie Morse --to-- Zacchaeus Morton
Clara J. Mortram --to-- Daniel Mosher
Darleen Mosher --to-- Sarah Elizabeth "Sis" Mosier
Lori Mosio --to-- Matthew Mott
Merril C. Mott --to-- James P. Mourer
Emmett Mousley --to-- Alice C. Mowry
Alice E. Mowry --to-- Arthur W. Mowry
Asa Mowry --to-- Daniel Mowry (Jr.)
Daniel Mowry (3rd) --to-- Eleather Marcella Mowry
Eleazer Mowry --to-- Eunice Mowry
Eva Mowry --to-- Hannah Mowry
Hannah Delia Mowry --to-- James Taylor Mowry
Jane Anthony Mowry --to-- Julia A. Mowry
Julia Eliza Mowry --to-- Manton Burrell Mowry
Maranda Mowry --to-- Melissa Mowry
Melonia Mowry --to-- Percy Manton Mowry
Phebe Mowry --to-- Ruth Emeline Mowry
Ruth Wheeler Mowry --to-- Stella S. Mowry
Stephen Mowry --to-- Warren B. Mowry
Warren Eddie Mowry --to-- Zachary Timothy Moyes
Jeanne Ellen Moynihan --to-- Charles Mulkins
Clarence Mulkins --to-- Elinor Mulshoe
Joan Multon --to-- Alexander Munro
Henry Munro --to-- Ann Murdock
Bradley James Murdock --to-- Dana Renee Murphy
Darrell Luther Murphy --to-- Florence Murray
George Murray --to-- Henry Mutch
John Mutch --to-- Lee Myers
Leonard Myers --to-- Shaun Nansel
Martha Nantel --to-- Sarah Clapp Nash
Simeon Nash --to-- Clifford E. Neal
Dorothy Louise Neal --to-- Elizabeth Neer
Neff --to-- Claire Nelson
Clarence Edward Nelson --to-- Norma Lou Nelson
Peter Norman Nelson --to-- Verna Irene Neth
Walter Louis Neth --to-- Matilda Neville
Nancy Jane Neville --to-- Margaret Newby
Newcomb --to-- Jacob Newell
Jacob Newell --to-- Rachel Newhall
Sarah Stearns Newhall --to-- Alonzo Newton (Reverend)
Amy A. Newton --to-- Ruth Newton
Sally Newton --to-- Benjamin L. Nichols
Berdina Nichols --to-- Grace Nichols
Hannah Nichols --to-- Mercy Nichols
Merritt H. Nichols --to-- Eva Nickels
Enos Nickerson --to-- Karen Nielsen
Karen Nielsen --to-- Hannah Niles
Henry Niles --to-- John L. Niven
Robert Niven --to-- Nolin
Steven Nolin --to-- Benjamin Norris
Blaine L. Norris --to-- Fannie Lucinda Northrup
Fanny Northrup --to-- Harmen Norton
Harriet Vesta Norton --to-- William Norton
William Norton --to-- Naomi Noyes
Nellie Noyes --to-- Hannah H. Nutting
Harry Nutting --to-- Ethel Frances Nye
Ethel May Nye --to-- Heather O'Brien
Jeff O'Brien --to-- Brian O'Hara
John O'Hara --to-- Emeline Oakes
Freeman E. Oakes --to-- William H. Oatley
Amelia Oatts --to-- Della Offerle
Margaret Offin --to-- Ralph Eli Olds
Ransom Eli Olds --to-- Nancy Myrick Oliver (Mrs.)
Stephen Oliver --to-- Olney
Abbalena Olney --to-- Albert S. Olney
Albert Smith Olney --to-- Andre Olney
Andrew Olney --to-- Asa Olney

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