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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Louise Leonard --to-- Rebecca Sue Lerette
Rowan J. Lerette --to-- Marietta Lester
Marietta Lester --to-- Melisa Kelly Lewczyk
Ronald Leroy Lewczyk --to-- Conor Lewis
Cynthia Congdon Lewis --to-- John Lewis
John Lewis --to-- Sarah C. or Sally C. Lewis
Sarah Ellen Lewis --to-- Esther Libby
Eunice Libby --to-- Frances Katherine Libke
James Alan Libke --to-- Gregory Marion Ligon
Waddy Thompson Ligon --to-- Julia Lincoln
Julia Aurelia Lincoln --to-- William Lindemann
Linden --to-- Susan Elizabeth Lindsey
Thomas Lindsey --to-- Abraham Lippitt (Jr.)
Addison J. Lippitt --to-- Charles Lippitt (Jr.)
Charles Lippitt --to-- Francis B. Lippitt
Francis James Lippitt --to-- John Edward Lippitt (Jr.)
John Edward Lippitt --to-- Mary Lippitt
Mary Alexander Lippitt --to-- Polly Lippitt
Randolph Lippitt --to-- William Lippitt
William Fontaine Lippitt --to-- Emery P. Littlefield
Eva May Littlefield --to-- Carrie Livingston
Dorothy Christine Livingston --to-- Derrik Lee Lobert
Joshua Kai Lobert --to-- Spencer Ashley Lockrow
Virginia Lee Lockrow --to-- Stephen Lockwood
Stephen Arnold Lockwood --to-- Lyle Lombard
Bomina "Bo" Lonardelli --to-- John Longfellow
William Longfellow --to-- Rosemary Jane Longworth
William James Longworth --to-- Teresa F. Lorance
Trevor Douglas Lorance --to-- Charles Loring
David or Daniel W. Loring --to-- William Loucks
William Elbin Loucks --to-- Ethel F. Lovejoy
Charlotte Lovelace --to-- Eliphalet Lovett
Emeline Lovett --to-- Norma Dolores Lovewell
Zachus Lovewell --to-- Mary Lowden
Charles Lowder --to-- Michael F. Lowney
Clara Lowry --to-- Thomas Ludlow
Thomas William Ludlow --to-- Lunn
Almeda Lunt --to-- Burton Kingsbury Luther
Calvin Luther --to-- Dale Robert Lutz
Kathy Lutz --to-- Michael Lynch
Moses Thatcher Lynch --to-- Franklin Olney Lyon
Gardner or Gardiner Lyon --to-- Ledonia Lyons
Lorence Lyons --to-- Margaret Ann MacCrae
Brandon MacDonald --to-- Malcolm MacLeod
Steward MacLeod --to-- Antoinette Rhoda Mace
Benjamin Brown Mace --to-- Edwin Gordon Mackie
Ian David Gordon Mackie --to-- Susan Gould Maddock
Betty Lou Maddux --to-- John Anton Mahler
John Valentine Mahler --to-- Vera Main (twin)
Virginia Main (twin) --to-- Adelard Malenfant
Richard E. Malenfant --to-- Frances Maltby
George Maltby --to-- Lydia Manchester
Maria Manchester --to-- Lorin Robert Mangum
Sarah Lorette Mangum --to-- George P. Mann
George Waldo Mann --to-- Ruth Elizabeth Mann
Samuel R. Mann --to-- Monica Eve Manning
Nathan Daniel Manning --to-- Daniel J. Manton
Edward Manton --to-- Bertha Mapleson
Alice Marion Maplestone --to-- Francis Ferdinand Marbury
Francis Ferdinand Marbury --to-- Robert Margettes
Amy Jane Margetts --to-- Arthur Adonijah Cosner Marquis
Brooke Lorraine Marquis --to-- Barachias Marsh
Charles Marsh --to-- Edgar Y. Marshall
Edward Eugene Marshall --to-- Anja Martens
Jacob Martens --to-- Frank Dean Martin
Frederick A. Martin --to-- Mollie Martin
Morris Martin --to-- Rachel Mase
Richard Mase --to-- Ethel Ursula Mason
Eugene Farley Mason --to-- Lewis Mason
Lillian Wright Mason --to-- Rhoda Mason
Richard Gordon Mason --to-- Caroline Susan Masters
Donald Malcolm Masters --to-- Andrew J. Mathewson
Ann E. Mathewson --to-- Ethel E. Mathewson
Florence E. Mathewson --to-- Mary Jane Mathewson
Mary Searle Mathewson --to-- Thomas Mathewson (Jr.)

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