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149416 individuals, 55917 families from file 20141019.ged (19 Oct 2014)

Eliza Kimball --to-- Joseph Kimball
Joseph Kimball --to-- Sarah Kimball
Sarah Kimball --to-- Jim Kinabrew
John David Kinabrew --to-- Charles Rollin King
Charles Wesley King --to-- James Aldrich King
James Lawrence King --to-- Phebe King
Phebe King --to-- Eliphalet Kingman
Ellen Kingman --to-- Mabel Traver Kingsbury
Mary Kingsbury --to-- Albert Kinney
Albert Andrew Kinney --to-- Ralph Kinney
Rebecca Elizabeth Kinney --to-- Olive Perkins Kinsman
Patricia Kinsman --to-- Ralph Horton Kirk
Rollo Smith Kirk --to-- George Kisner H.
John G. Kissane --to-- George Kittredge
Helen Kittredge --to-- Catherine Kline
Chester Monroe Kline --to-- Stella Knapp
Terry Jane Knapp --to-- Ebenezer Knight (Deacon)
Eliza Knight --to-- Orrin Leroy Knight
Phebe Ann Knight --to-- Aaron P. Knowles
Bertha Ellen Knowles --to-- Asa Knowlton
Asabel Knowlton --to-- John Knowlton (Sr.)
John Knowlton (Jr.) --to-- Stephen Knowlton
Sylvanus Knowlton --to-- Marcus Andrew Koch
Melanie Koch --to-- David Paul Kopacz
Frank Edward Kopacz (Jr.) --to-- Karen L. Kratina
Suzin Kratina --to-- Karen Kay Krone
Kevin Krone --to-- Michelle Kulkulka
Magdalena Kulz --to-- James Frederick LaFlamme
James M. LaFlamme (Sr.) --to-- John R. Lacey
Lawrence Arden Lacey --to-- Joseph E. Laduke
Maude Laduke --to-- Emily Lakin
Eunice Lakin --to-- Prudence Lamb
Rebecca Lamb --to-- Catharine Evelyn Lamphere
David Lamphere --to-- William Lamson
Mary Lanbotham --to-- Ann Lane
Anna Lane --to-- Joseph Lane
Justus Lane --to-- William Lane
William W. Lane --to-- Susanna Langford
Thomas Langford --to-- Caroline Fitch Lansing
Catharine Lansing --to-- Eliza Lapham
Enos Lapham --to-- Scott Lapham
Sidney Lapham --to-- Cranston Greene Larned
Daniel Larned --to-- Jonathan Larrabee
Joseph Larrabee --to-- Andrew Larson
Arron John Larson --to-- Peder Lassen
Latham --to-- Mary Latham
Mary Ann Latham --to-- Solomon Lathrop
Ted Lathrop --to-- Walter Samuel Lauridsen
Elizabeth Alice Laurie --to-- Douglas Charles Law
Douglas Eugene Law --to-- Mary Frances Law
Maude Helen Law --to-- Marietta E. "Mittie" Lawhorn
Sarah Edith "Edie" Lawhorn --to-- Franklin A. Lawrence
Frederick Lawrence --to-- William H. Lawrence (Jr.)
William Henry Lawrence --to-- Jamie Todd Lazarick
Jeffrey Craig Lazarick --to-- Mary Emily Leach
Mary Pack Leach --to-- Mark Leavitt
Mary Leavitt --to-- Antoinette C. Lee
Austin Lee --to-- Marcelia or Marcella Lee
Maria Louisa Lee --to-- Milton Frank Leeds
Myrtle Leeds --to-- Mary Whipple Legg
Rachael Legg --to-- Keith Daniel Leighty
Dorothy Edith Leinhart --to-- Phineas Leland
Phineas Leland --to-- Winifred Lenker
John Lennard --to-- John P. Leonard
Josephine Leonard --to-- John Vital Lerette
Juanita Lerette --to-- Marietta Lester
Marietta Ermina Lester --to-- Rita Marie Lewandowski
Melisa Kelly Lewczyk --to-- Cynthia Congdon Lewis
David Lewis --to-- John B. Lewis
John Edward Lewis --to-- Seth W. Lewis
Susan Brown Lewis --to-- Eunice Libby

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