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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Mary E. Kemp --to-- Theodore Reed Kendall
Wallace Amasa Kendall --to-- John Kennedy
John Kennedy --to-- Jacob Kennison
Joshua Kennison --to-- John George Kentner (Jr., twin)
Joseph S. Kentner --to-- Martin William Kern
Orlo Kern --to-- Kathryn Wilma Kessler
Kevin Kessler --to-- Mariette Keyes
Martha Bush Keyes --to-- Alice Kiely
Dolores Kiener --to-- Sarah L. Killsa
Abbie Elsie Kilmer --to-- Adam Michael Kimball
Albert Kimball --to-- Gertrude May Kimball
Hadassah Kimball --to-- Mary Kimball
Mary Kimball --to-- Thankful Kimball
Thankful Kimball --to-- Ada King
Ada Francis King --to-- Elizabeth Lydia King
Ella Jane King --to-- Leonard Stone King
Leroy Charles King --to-- Susan Anna King
Susan Maria King --to-- Amy Stone Kingsbury
Benjamin Kingsbury --to-- Janel Denise Kingsley
John Kingsley --to-- Harriet Amelia "Hattie" Kinney
Harriet Maria Kinney --to-- Helen Kinser
Linda Ann Kinser --to-- Ruth Kirby
Thelma Bernice Kirby --to-- Jacob Hurd Kirkpatrick
Jane Kirkpatrick --to-- Tracy Danielle Kittell
Trevor Daryl Kittell --to-- Samantha Klein
Sena Klein --to-- Donald James Knapp
Elizabeth Knapp --to-- Abigail Knight
Abigail Knight --to-- Kristen May Knight
Laban Knight --to-- Estus Knights (Jr.)
Anne Fortune Knipe --to-- Theresa Knowles
Walter Knowles --to-- Everett W. Knowlton
Ezekiel Knowlton --to-- Olivia Knowlton
Olivia Knowlton --to-- Amund Knutson
Bertha May Knutson --to-- Charles Kohler
Dale Forest Kohler --to-- Sally Kotavy
Annie Kotschevar --to-- Frank Yale Kreimendahl
Kathryn M. Kreitz --to-- August William Kruse
Gottlieb Martin Kruse --to-- Nancy Kay Harbor Kvien
Clara Kvissel --to-- Augusta Elizabeth LaPlace
Henry LaPlace --to-- Caleb Ladd
Calista Ladd --to-- Abram Laing
Catherine Laing --to-- Betsy Lamb
Bill Lamb --to-- John Lambert
Katherine Lambert --to-- Laura Mae Lampman
Frank Lamport --to-- Joseph Arthur Lancaster
Mary Josephine Lancaster --to-- Clarissa Lane
David Lane --to-- Martha Lane
Mary Lane --to-- Kylee Jay Lang
Madelin Lang --to-- James Langley
James C. Langley --to-- George Arthur Lanting
James Lanting --to-- Lydia Lapham
Lydia Lapham --to-- Esther Laraway
Irene L. Laraway --to-- Wellington Larned
William Larned --to-- Inge Margrethe Larsen
Jeneille Larsen --to-- Gwendolyn Alice Larson
Ida Frances Larson --to-- Benoni Mowry Latham
Celinda S. Latham --to-- Susan Latham
Thomas Latham --to-- Donna Lynn Lattman
Gregory William Lattman --to-- Mary Jane Laverty
Robert Laverty --to-- Jacob Theodore Law
James Law --to-- Samuel Law
Sarah Law --to-- Benjamin Lawrence
Bernice Lawrence --to-- Maria Lawrence
Maria M. Lawrence --to-- Frank D. Lawton
George Franklin Lawton --to-- Galfridus LeHeyr
Galfridus LeHeyr --to-- Henry Learned
Henry Learned (Dr.) --to-- twin Leavitt
twin Leavitt --to-- Elizabeth Ruth Lee
Emilie Duval Lee --to-- Ola Lee
Oliver Lee --to-- Alvah Leete
Andrew Leete --to-- Diane Louise Lehmann
Gerald Anthony Lehmann --to-- Abner Leland
Alonzo Leland --to-- Solange M. "Sally" Lemieux
William Lemk --to-- Abigail Leonard
Appolis Leonard --to-- Lorna Leonard

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