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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

William Knowlton --to-- Merideth Susan Koch
Nichole Renee Koch --to-- David Paul Kopacz
Frank Edward Kopacz (Sr.) --to-- Victoria Kratina
Virginia Kratina --to-- Arline Mary Kronke
Charles Stuntz Krueger --to-- Virginia Idelle Kurapka
Wilma D. Kurth --to-- Janice Mae LaPean
Jean Marie LaPean --to-- Newell Lackey
Rose Lacroix --to-- Harry William Lahr
Joseph Martini Lahr --to-- Bathsheba Lamb
Betsey Lamb --to-- Malovine "Peggy" Lambert
Martin Clawson Lambert --to-- Lydia Lampson
Ruth E. Lampson --to-- William R. Lancaster
Lance --to-- George E. Lane
George W. Lane --to-- Pattie Lane
Rebecca Lane --to-- Scott Streeter Lange
Teresa Ann Lange --to-- Court Dean Lani
Donald Frank Lani --to-- Cyrene Lapham
David Lapham --to-- Sarah Lapham
Sarah Whitaker Lapham --to-- Eliza Larned
Eliza "Betsey" Larned --to-- Stephen Larrabee
Thomas Larrabee --to-- Arthur Larson
Arthur Lamon Larson --to-- Latham
Abigail Latham --to-- Robert Farrell Latham
Robert Martin Latham --to-- William Lattimore
Cynthia Lattin --to-- Richard Hurlow Lavelle
Shane Richard Lavelle --to-- Jacob Theodore Law
James Law --to-- Sharon Law
Stella Anine Law --to-- Charles Lawrence
Charles Lawrence --to-- Olive Lawrence
Oman Lawrence --to-- Stacy Lawton
Susannah Lawton --to-- Emily Atwood Leach
Eunice Leach --to-- Benjamin Leavitt
Benjamin Leavitt (Jr.) --to-- Linda Ledford
Marion Ledford --to-- John B. Lee
Joseph Lee --to-- William Lee
William Hollinshed Lee --to-- Henry Leander Legate
John Legate --to-- William Leighton (Jr.)
Danetta Marie "Tina" Leighty --to-- Phineas Leland
Prudence Leland --to-- Glen Lloyd Lenocker
Nicholas Lloyd Stickney Lenocker --to-- John Leonard
John Leonard --to-- John Vital Lerette
Juanita Lerette --to-- Leon Lester
Lloyd Lester --to-- Melisa Kelly Lewczyk
Ronald Leroy Lewczyk --to-- David W. Lewis
Deborah Lewis --to-- Joseph Warren Lewis
Joshua D. Lewis --to-- Viola Rae Lewis
Vivian Naomi Lewis --to-- John Libby
John Libby --to-- Esther "Martha" Liebold
Felix Liebold (Jr.) --to-- Abe (Met-Lus) Lincoln
Abigail Lincoln --to-- Richmond Jackson Lincoln
Robert Lincoln --to-- George Richard Lindsay
Horace H. Lindsay --to-- Alicia Linscott
Emeline Rosetta Linthicum --to-- Augustus Lippitt
Augustus D. Lippitt --to-- Edward Spaulding Lippitt
Edwin B. Lippitt --to-- Jennie G. Lippitt
Jeremiah Lippitt --to-- Marie Lippitt
Marie Louise Lippitt --to-- Norris Standish Lippitt
Otis Russell Lippitt --to-- Welthian Lippitt
Welthian Lippitt --to-- Anne Littlefield
Charles A. Littlefield (Reverend) --to-- Florence Livingston
George Livingston --to-- Lily Ann Lobert
Sheila Ann Lobert --to-- Albert Harry Lockwood
Alice C. Lockwood --to-- Carolyn Ann Loeser
Judith Elise Loeser --to-- Fannie Long
Gary William Long --to-- Sarah Ann Longley
William Longley --to-- Martha Loomis
Mary Loomis --to-- Herbert Lord
Jane Maria Lord --to-- Cornelius Redford Lothrop
Cornelius White Lothrop --to-- Bryan Allen Love
Carolyn Jewel Love --to-- J. W. Lovern
Mary E. Lovern --to-- Samuel Lovett
Sanford C. Lovett --to-- Olive M. Low
Penelope Low --to-- John Lowell (Reverend)

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