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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Mary Knowlton --to-- Jensine Karoline Knudsen
Jørgen Dam Knudsen --to-- Elisabeth Katrine Kofoed
Peder Hansen Kofoed --to-- Ray John Kowallis
Vicki Rae Kowallis --to-- Hans Kriel
Hermanus Kriel --to-- John Henry Kuhl
John Henry Kuhl --to-- Ralph La Rose
Tony La Rose --to-- Susanna Labaree
Clara Labrant --to-- Sarah Edwards Ladd
Smith Ladd --to-- Samuel Albert Lake
Sarah Lucinda Lake --to-- Rufus Lamb
Samuel Lamb --to-- Sarah Bishop Lamphere
Sarah Lillian Lamphere --to-- James Mervin Lancaster
James Preston Lancaster --to-- Deborah Lane
Diantha Lane --to-- Mary Wellington Lane
Matthew Lane --to-- Arthur Eugene Lange (III)
Cynthia Joan Lange --to-- Chase Whipple Lani
Cole Donald Lani --to-- David Lapham
David Lapham --to-- Simon Sayles Lapham
Simon Sayles Lapham (Jr.) --to-- George Larned
Henry Larned --to-- Augustus Larsen
Bailey John Larsen --to-- Clara Larson
David Able Larson --to-- Benoni Mowry Latham
Celinda S. Latham --to-- Lisa Jane Lathem
Carolyn Lona Lathers --to-- Christine Marie Laughlin
Colleen Laughlin --to-- Carl J. Law
Cecil Raymond Law --to-- Marilyn Law
Martha Law --to-- Elenor Lawhun
John Lawhun --to-- Harriet Lawrence
Harriet B. Lawrence --to-- Michael Joseph Lawson
Nathan Alan Lawson --to-- Robert Connerton Le Sueur (Sr.)
Clyde LeBarron --to-- Benoni Learned
Elizabeth Learned --to-- Alice Leavons
Joseph Leavons or Leavens --to-- George H. Lee
Georgia Elmina Lee --to-- Robert Edward Lee
Robert Marvin Lee --to-- Warren Reuben Leete
James Ralph Leetham --to-- Martha Jeanne Leigh (Dr.)
Mary Alice Leigh --to-- Lydia Leland
Lydia Sherman Leland --to-- Winifred Lenker
John Lennard --to-- James Stewart Leonard
James Wheaton Leonard --to-- Jessica Lauren Lerette
John Vital Lerette --to-- Lloyd Lester
Lucetta S. Lester --to-- Charles Walter Lewellen
Jacob Lewellen --to-- Edgar Lewis
Edgar Hopson Lewis --to-- Lester L. Lewis
Louisa E. Lewis --to-- William Scott Lewis
Dominick or Dommicke Lewis or Louis --to-- Mary Ingersoll Libby
Matthew Libby --to-- Thomas Liebold
Wayne Liebold --to-- Don Edgar Lincoln
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lincoln --to-- Mary E. Lind
Anna J. Lindberg --to-- Henry Lindsey
Ira Mason Lindsey --to-- Abraham Lippitt (Jr.)
Addison J. Lippitt --to-- Charles Warren Lippitt (Sr., Governor)
Charles Warren Lippitt (Jr.) --to-- George Ernest Lippitt
George Gooding Lippitt --to-- Jude C. Lippitt
Julia Lippitt --to-- Melba M. Lippitt
Melinda Rice Lippitt --to-- Tabitha Greene Lippitt
Thomas Lippitt --to-- Ada May Little
Ashley Lynn Little --to-- Hannah Livermore
John Livermore --to-- Oliver Loberg
Wanda Jean Loberg --to-- Randall Karl Lockrow
Rose Janet Lockrow --to-- Stephen Arnold Lockwood (Jr.)
Thomas Lockwood --to-- Charles Edgar Long
Claude D. Long --to-- Polly Longley
Rebecca Serena Longley --to-- Martha Loomis
Mary Loomis --to-- Joanna S. Lord
Josephine A. Lord --to-- Harriet Harling Lothrop
Julia Mary Lothrop --to-- George Sullivan Love
Helen Truena Love --to-- Amey or Amy or Almy Lovett
Ann Lovett --to-- Charles E. Lovewell
Charles Leonard Lovewell --to-- William Henry Low (Jr.)

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