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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Bethia Leavitt --to-- Ledpit
Elizabeth Cass Ledyard --to-- Lydia Lee
Lydia Cushing Lee --to-- Norman Leeds
Nancy Leek --to-- Barbara Kay Lehmann
David Arthur Lehmann --to-- Benjamin Leland
Betty Leland --to-- Caroline Lemon
Eliza L. Lemon --to-- Elizabeth Leonard
Elizabeth Leonard --to-- Edith Mae Lepean
Bina Lepper --to-- Dorothy Lester
Edith May Lester --to-- Pearl Lever
Dennis Levering --to-- Clara Emily Lewis
Clark Lewis --to-- Joseph Warren Lewis
Joshua D. Lewis --to-- Welthea Abigail Lewis
Wendell Lewis --to-- Mary Libby
Mary Libby --to-- Steven Liebold
Tammy Liebold --to-- Don Edgar Lincoln
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lincoln --to-- Herbert W. Lindberg
Nathan William Lindberg --to-- Mary Lindsey
Osa Lindsey --to-- Alberta R. Lippitt
Alexander Farnum Lippitt --to-- Christine Alma Lippitt
Christopher Lippitt --to-- Harriet B. Lippitt
Helen Howard Lippitt --to-- Louis D. Lippitt
Louis D. Lippitt (Jr.) --to-- Nancy Lippitt
Nancy West Lippitt --to-- Warren Lippitt
Warren Lippitt --to-- Emery P. Littlefield
Eva May Littlefield --to-- Cheryl Darlene Lizer
Enrique Alejandro Llenas --to-- Hamilton Locke
Hamilton Locke --to-- Ezra William Lockwood
Flossie Lockwood --to-- Martha Logan
Winnetta Logan --to-- Sarah Long
Shirley Ann Long --to-- Sara Beth Longsdorf
Scott Robert Longsdorf --to-- Anna Celinda Lord
Blanch Elizabeth Lord --to-- Sarah E. Loring
Simeon Loring --to-- Loundes
Mae Loungeville --to-- Matilda Ann Loveridge
Rachel Sarah Loveridge --to-- Rosella A. Lovett
Ruth Lovett --to-- Mary Frances Low
Olive M. Low --to-- Robert Traill Spence Lowell
Susan Lowell --to-- Mary Ludlow (twin)
Thomas Ludlow --to-- Edward Lunt
Harold Moffett Lunt --to-- Harry H. Luther
Harry Hopkins Luther --to-- Arthur H. Lyman
Betsy Lyman --to-- Andrew Lyon
Angelina Lyon --to-- Hilliard Nicolas Lyons
James Lyons --to-- Tom Carl Mabie
Byron Mabrey --to-- Steward MacLeod
William MacLeod --to-- Melissa Mace
Melvina Louisa Mace --to-- Deliverance Macomber
Edward P. Macomber --to-- Jacob Hansen Madvig
Karoline Petrea Madvig --to-- Barton Main
Bethiah Main --to-- Mary Malavery
Esther Malay --to-- Kurt Malotke
Kurt Charles Malotke --to-- Lydia Manchester
Maria Manchester --to-- Virginia Taylor Manley
Mann --to-- Joel Mann
John Mann --to-- Charles Warren Manning
Christopher Scott Manning --to-- Mercy Mansfield
Moses Mansfield --to-- John Manville
Brian Lee Manwaring --to-- Grace Sophia Marburger
Helen H. Marburger --to-- Charles P. Margetts
Dora Estelle Margetts --to-- Charles Loyd Marrs
Delores Mae Marrs --to-- Josiah Marsh
Lamanda M. Marsh --to-- Moses Marshall
Myrtle Marshall --to-- Charles N. Martin
Clara A. Martin --to-- Mariah Martin
Mariette Martin --to-- Phebe Marvin
Thomas Marvin --to-- Evangeline Myrtle Mason
Everett Stanley Mason --to-- Lydia Mason
Lydia Allen Mason --to-- Schuyler Mason
Shirley Ann Mason --to-- Phyllis Mather
Samuel Mather (2nd) --to-- David Mathewson
Dearborn Mathewson --to-- Marcy Mathewson
Maria Fenner Mathewson --to-- Sylvanus Mathewson
Tabitha Mathewson --to-- James Matteson
James Norris Matteson --to-- John Matthews

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