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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Betty Mae Jennings --to-- Kimberly Leigh Jennings
Larry Arthur Jennings --to-- Peter Jenny
Ernest Burton Jense --to-- Preben Jensen
Quincy Maughan Jensen --to-- Harvey Jerauld
Harvey C. Jerauld --to-- Clarence Alfred Jessell
Florence Elsie Jessell --to-- Adeliza Jillson
Albert A. Jillson --to-- Lawson Jillson
Levin Jillson --to-- Waitstill "Waitey" Jillson
Waity Jillson --to-- Johnson
Aaron Johnson (Jr.) --to-- Benjamin Johnson (Jr.)
Benjamin Johnson --to-- Dolores Irene Johnson
Donald Johnson (twin) --to-- Emma M. Johnson
Emma T. Johnson --to-- Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson --to-- John Johnson
John Johnson --to-- Louisa Johnson
Louisa Fuller Johnson --to-- Minerva Johnson
Miriam Johnson --to-- Robert Lee Johnson
Ronald Johnson (twin) --to-- Timothy C. Johnson
Timothy Pickering Johnson --to-- Gregory Stuart Johnston
Harold Johnston --to-- Fred or Thomas L. Jollie
Henry Jollie --to-- C. R. Jones
Cael Jones --to-- Elizabeth P. Jones
Elizabeth Ten Broeck Jones --to-- James Jones
James B. Jones --to-- Lucinda Jones
Lydia Jones --to-- Oliver B. Jones
Orin Porter Jones --to-- Tammie Lea Jones
Ted Jones --to-- Cooper James Jordan
Cornelius Jordan --to-- Christian Jorgensen
Christian Jorgensen --to-- Israel Joslin
Israel Larned or Israel Leonard Joslin --to-- Helen Joy
Helen Frances Joy --to-- Arthur Frederick Judson
Bertie L. Judson --to-- Delia Kady
Frieda Emily Anna Kaeding --to-- Joseph Karl
Constance Louise Karliner --to-- Helen L. Keach
Herbert N. Keach --to-- Horace A. Keech
James Ezra Keech --to-- Zebulon Keene
Brian Dennis Alan Keener --to-- Hannah Keith
Harmony Packard Keith --to-- Abner Keller
Abraham Keller --to-- Joseph C. Kelley
Karlene Rae Kelley --to-- Jonathan Kellogg
Lee Sooy Kellogg --to-- Hannah Saunders Kelly
Henry Clinton Kelly --to-- Maxine E. Kelsey
Oliver E. Kelsey --to-- Jerry K. Kendall
John M. Kendall --to-- Charles Alfred Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy --to-- Joseph B. Kenney
Juanita Ruth Kenney --to-- Clarinda Kentner (twin)
Coonrad Kentner --to-- Jess Kerby
Ted Kerby --to-- Joseph Kessler
Karl Keyes Kessler --to-- Martha Bush Keyes
Mary Keyes --to-- Rosanna Kieran
Rachel Kierstede --to-- George Lewis Kilmer
Harriet Ann Kilmer --to-- Asa Kimball
Asa Kimball (Jr.) --to-- Jarvis or Gervis Kimball
Jemima Kimball --to-- Olive Kimball
Oliver Dennett Kimball --to-- Benjamin Ross Kimmel
Emily Catherine Kimmel --to-- Catherine Maria Waterman King
Charles King --to-- James King (Jr.)
James King --to-- Phebe French King
Ray King --to-- Hattie Fairbanks Kingman
Isaac Kingman --to-- Willis Albert Kingsbury (Jr.)
Ziba Kingsbury --to-- Dorothy Elizabeth Kinney
Edith Kinney --to-- Abby Kinnicut
Amy Kinnicutt --to-- Noah Kiplinger
Elizabeth Kipp --to-- Andrew Clytus Kirkpatrick
David Kirkpatrick --to-- Stacie Marie Kittell
Tracy Danielle Kittell --to-- Steven Arthur Klein
Valerie Jean Klein --to-- George Y. Knapp
Hannah Morrill Knapp --to-- Arthur Rhodes Knight
Betsey Knight --to-- Mary I. Knight
Matthew Donald Knight --to-- Richard Andrew Knote
Richard Charles Knote --to-- Ann Eliza Knowlton
Anne Knowlton --to-- John Knowlton (Sr.)
John Knowlton (Jr.) --to-- William Knowlton

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