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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

William Olney Jenks --to-- Elisabeth Jennings
Eliza Jennings --to-- Richard Lee Jennings
Robert Jennings --to-- Jacob Jensen
Jens Jensen --to-- Alice Sophia Jerauld
Amelia J. "Millie" Jerauld --to-- Susan A. Jerauld
Susanna Jerauld --to-- Joseph Jewett
Joseph Jewett --to-- Eunice Whipple Jillson
Eva Josephine Jillson --to-- Reuben Jillson
Rhoda Jillson --to-- Ryker Johns
Johnson --to-- Arabella Page Johnson
Arile M. Johnson --to-- Daryl Wayne Johnson
David Johnson --to-- Elvira Johnson
Emeline Johnson --to-- Harry Albert Johnson
Harry Ellis Johnson --to-- John Johnson
John Johnson --to-- Louisa Johnson
Louisa Fuller Johnson --to-- Monica Lynn Johnson
Moses Johnson --to-- Roy Prescott Johnson
Ruby Johnson --to-- Von LeRoy Johnson
W. Johnson --to-- Jennifer Johnston
John Johnston --to-- Timothy Owen Jolly
Daisy May Joloff --to-- Chester A. Jones
Chris Jones --to-- Florence Jones
Floyd Jones --to-- John Jones
John Jones --to-- Mary Elizabeth Jones
Mary Frances Jones --to-- Ronald Arthur Jones
Ross Jones --to-- William Jones
William Jones --to-- Mary Jordan
Melvine Eugene Jordan --to-- Benjamin Joslin
Carrie Joslin --to-- William Joslin
Grace B. Joslyn --to-- Fannie Judd
Frederick Judd --to-- David L. Justice
Laura Ann Justice --to-- Layla Kanoh
Brian Scott Kaphing --to-- Charles Henry Kaye
Kazan --to-- Anna Keating
Annie Keavy --to-- Jessie Keene
John Keene --to-- Emma Cary Keith
Flavel Bailey Keith --to-- George Pierce Kellam
James Albert Kellam --to-- John M. Kelley
John S. Kelley (Dr.) --to-- Lee Sooy Kellogg
Lida Ann Kellogg --to-- Ida R. Kelly
James Kelly --to-- Rupert Lee Kelsey
Samuel O. Kelsey --to-- Mary Dean Kendall
Mary E. Kendall --to-- Haley Kennedy
James Kennedy --to-- Joshua Kennison
Mable Kennison --to-- Kenyon
"Cleve" Kenyon --to-- Knight Belnap Kerr
Larry Joseph Kerr --to-- Charles F. Ketchum
Cynthia Ketchum --to-- Hannah Kibbe
Orpha Kibbe --to-- Elizabeth Kilham
Elizabeth Kilham --to-- Phebe Kilton
Robert Kilton --to-- Emma Jane Kimball
Enoch Kimball --to-- Margaret Kimball
Marion Young Kimball --to-- Taysa Maria Kimball
Thankful Kimball --to-- Albert Ward King
Algin John King --to-- Freddie C. King
Gedney King --to-- Mary Anna King
Mary Borden King --to-- Benjamin Kingman
Benjamin Kingman --to-- Mary Kingsbury
Melinda Kingsbury --to-- Arthur Hurlburt Kinney
Bertha May Kinney --to-- William Benjamin Kinney
William Randall Kinney --to-- Hendrik Kip
Margaret Kip --to-- Andrew Clytus Kirkpatrick
David Kirkpatrick --to-- Zina Beth Kittell
Jerome Kitterman --to-- Lyle V. Kleinjan
Peter Loring Kleinjan --to-- Mary Adelia Knapp
Mary Ann Knapp --to-- Dianah Knight
Donald Knight --to-- Raymond Knight
Rebecca Knight --to-- Francis J. Knowles
Frank Knowles --to-- Comfort Knowlton
Daisy Bell Knowlton --to-- Mary Knowlton

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