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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Lydia Marguerite Hewes --to-- Ithamar Clark Hibbard
Ithamer Hibbard --to-- Eunice Hickock
Helen Hickock --to-- Rhoda or Rhoba Hicks
Richard Hicks --to-- Hubert J. Higgins
J. A. Higgins (Dr.) --to-- William Hildreth
Zachary Hildreth --to-- Daniel Hill (Jr.)
Daniel Hill (3rd) --to-- Job Hill
Job Hill --to-- Maryella Hill
Melva Shornetta Hill --to-- Tristan Hill
Vernon David Hill --to-- Robert Winchester Hills
Sandra Jean Hills --to-- Miriam Joynce Hindley
Vivian Hindley --to-- Reeva Irene Hinyan
Veena Stone Hinyan --to-- Howard Lapsley Hitchcock
James Roosevelt Hitchcock (Colonel) --to-- Alluvia Marion Hoagg
Beulah Josephine Hoagland --to-- Clarence Hobbs
Edith Matilda Hobbs --to-- Frank A. Hodge
Steven Alton Hodge --to-- Stefan Hoesel-Uhlig
Dorothy Hoey --to-- Isadora Hofstetter
Agnes Ellen Hogan --to-- Charles F. Holbrook
Charles H. Holbrook --to-- Nathaniel Holbrook
Nathaniel Holbrook --to-- Katherine Holcombe
Leah M. Holcombe --to-- Mary Unita Holdaway
Micheal Brian Holdaway --to-- Charles Holden (Jr.)
Charles Holden (3rd or 4th) --to-- Martha W. Holden
Mary Holden --to-- Bessie Holding
Annie Holdridge --to-- Gertrude F. Holland
Hattie Lillian Holland --to-- Gloria Hollins
Myra Hollinshead --to-- Helen Moulton Holman (twin)
Ira Blanchard Holman --to-- Edward Abbot Holmes
Edward L. Holmes --to-- Marcus Morton Holmes
Marina Louise Holmes --to-- Dinah Holt
Edith Holt --to-- Timothy Holton
Tracy Nichole Holton --to-- Linda Hoog
Caroline Amelia Hooke --to-- William S. Hoover
Electra Hoovert --to-- Elsie Hopkins
Emeline Hopkins --to-- Katherine Hopkins
Lillian Grace Hopkins --to-- Stephen Hopkins (Governor)
Stephen Hopkins --to-- Martha Hornbeck
Bruce Craig Hornberger --to-- David Horton
David Horton --to-- Josiah Hoskinson
Martha Hoskinson --to-- Mary Hough
Stewart Hough --to-- Jillian House
Joseph House --to-- Helen Cornelia Litchfield Hovey
Helen M. Hovey --to-- Ezekiel How or Howe (Colonel)
Lyman How or Howe --to-- Charles Howard
Charles Johnson Howard --to-- Gardner Howard
Gardner or Gardiner Howard (Rev.) --to-- Jesse Wood Howard
Jill Howard --to-- Martha Marsh Howard
Martin Howard --to-- Rowena Howard
Ruby Viola Howard --to-- Abigail "Nabby" Howe
Adeline Howe --to-- Ruth Emily Howe
Sampson Howe --to-- Helen Robertson "Nellie" Howie
James Howie --to-- Annie Howse
Harriet Howser --to-- Louisa Cupp Hoyt
Lucina L. Hoyt --to-- Ezra James Hubbard
Florence Hubbard --to-- Rosalee Huber
Sandra Huber --to-- Joshua G. Hudson
Lydia Hudson --to-- Mary Elizabeth Huffman
Michael Leroy Huffman --to-- Martha Margaret Hughes
Mary Hughes --to-- Alexander David Hulin
Amelia Elizabeth Hulin --to-- Catherine Elizabeth Humes
Elsie J. Humes --to-- Irving Durfee Humphrey
Jennie Ella Humphrey --to-- Anna Hunt
Anthony C. Hunt --to-- George Albert Hunt
George Albert Hunt --to-- Mary Ann Hunt
Mary Elizabeth Hunt --to-- Chace Hunter
Charles Winfield Hunter --to-- Robert Watkinson Huntington (Colonel)
Samuel Howard Huntington --to-- Hurlburt
Chloe Hurlburt --to-- Eliphalet Huse
Eliza Huse --to-- George S. Huston
Lesley J. Huston --to-- Samuel Hutchins
Samuel Hutchins --to-- Julie Ethel Hutchinson
Leslie J. Hutchinson --to-- Charles Henry Hyatt (Sr.)
Earl J. Hyatt --to-- Angela Hope Hylton
Sharon Ann Hyndrich --to-- Charles A. Ingalls

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