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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Martha Jones --to-- Reid Wendell Jones
Richard Jones --to-- Wesley Ray Jones
Whipple "Whip" Van Ness Jones (Lieutenant Colonel) --to-- Lorine Jordan
Lydia A. Jordan --to-- Angell Joslin
Angenette M. Joslin --to-- William Joslin
Grace B. Joslyn --to-- Frederick William Judd (Jr.)
Hibard Norman Judd --to-- Dale Jutson
Elinor Birgitte Petrea Juul --to-- Harvey Ernest Kapphahn
Nellie Elizabeth Kaps --to-- Cynthia Keach
Daniel Smith Keach --to-- James Ezra Keech
Mary Keech --to-- Dana Keeney
Emeline Keeney --to-- Jason Keith
Jemima Keith --to-- Emma H. Keller
Flora Keller --to-- Thomas Kelley
Timothy Edward Kelley --to-- Willis James Kellogg
Kelly --to-- Sylvia Kelly
Thomas Kelly --to-- Kempton
Charlotte Kempton --to-- Charlotte E. Kenerson
Frank P. Kenerson --to-- Timothy E. Kennedy
William Kennedy --to-- Lucretia M. Kent
Lydia Kent --to-- John Irwin Ker (Jr.)
Marlene Ker --to-- Helen Louise Kessler
Henry S. Kessler --to-- Martha Bush Keyes
Mary Keyes --to-- Charles Allan Kiesling (Sr.)
Charles Selby Kiesling --to-- Sylvia Lavina Kilmer
Vera Belle Kilmer --to-- Dean Kimball
Dean Kimball --to-- Joseph Kimball
Joseph Kimball --to-- Sarah H. Kimball
Silas Kimball --to-- King
King --to-- Esther M. King
Ethel King --to-- Mary King
Mary "Polly" King --to-- Alphens Kingman
Ambrose Kingman --to-- Mary Kingsbury
Melinda Kingsbury --to-- Bertha May Kinney
Calvin Kinney --to-- Sarah Margaret Kinney
Sarah Mehitable "Hetty" Kinney --to-- Joseph Kinyon
Laura A. Kinyon --to-- Beatrice Anna Kirkman
Dorothy Kirkman --to-- Tracy Danielle Kittell
Trevor Daryl Kittell --to-- Lyle V. Kleinjan
Peter Loring Kleinjan --to-- Mehitable Knapp
Myron Harry Knapp --to-- Dorothy Lister Knight
Earl Knight --to-- Ruth D. Knight
Samuel Knight --to-- John H. Knowles
John R. Knowles --to-- Edward Knowlton
Eleanor Knowlton --to-- Nathan Knowlton
Olive Knowlton --to-- Charles Andrew Knutton (Jr.)
Charles Andrews Knutton --to-- Jeremy John Kolakowski
Kevin Francis Kolakowski --to-- Xela Kramer
Fred Otto Krannig (Jr.) --to-- Carolyn Krone
Christopher Krone --to-- Peter James Kurapka (VIII)
Peter James Kurapka (X) --to-- Bernard Alfred LaPean
Janice Mae LaPean --to-- Achsah Ladd
Adeline Ladd --to-- Fannie Laipe
Hester Ann Catherine Lair --to-- Elizabeth Lamb
Elizabeth Lamb --to-- Gary John Lamm
Gregory Dennis Lamm --to-- Mary Lamson
Robert W. Lamson --to-- Alfred Church Lane
Alice Lane --to-- Luke Lane
Lulu Lane --to-- Kylee Jay Lang
Madelin Lang --to-- Elmire Marina Langlois
Thomas Huxley Langlois --to-- Aretus Lapham
Arioch Lapham --to-- Roger F. Lapham
Ruth Lapham --to-- Eliza "Betsey" Larned
Elizabeth Larned --to-- Anders Marius Larsen
Anker Lois Larsen --to-- Clara Larson
David Able Larson --to-- Daniel Webster Latham
Daniel Webster Latham --to-- Ann Maria Lathrop
Anna Lathrop --to-- Mary Elizabeth "Eliza" Laurain
Annie Laurence --to-- Diana Law
Donna Law --to-- Nancy Law
Nelson Aldrich Law --to-- Al Lawrence
Alfred W. Lawrence --to-- Lyman L. Lawrence
Mabel Edith Lawrence --to-- Leighton Holmes Lawton
Lucy Maria Lawton --to-- Earl George Leach
Earl George Leach --to-- Benjamin Leavitt (Jr.)

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