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Index of Persons

156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Donald Harris --to-- Frederick Henry Harris
George Harris --to-- Joanna Harris
Joanna Scott Harris --to-- Marion B. Harris
Marion Burgess Harris --to-- Otis Harris
Parnell Harris --to-- Stephen Harris
Stephen Harris --to-- Ellen Josephine Harrison
Francis Albert Harrison --to-- Charles Hart
Charles David Hart --to-- Albert Hartley
Cynthia Jo Hartley --to-- Leona Ellen Hartzell
Gladys Elizabeth Harvard --to-- Richard Harvie
Leo W. Harwager --to-- Amy Ann Haskell
Anne Haskell --to-- Willard Haskell
William Haskell --to-- Joseph Hastings
Judith Hastings --to-- Lillian Kristine Hatch
Marcia Hatch --to-- Martha Hathaway
Mary Hathaway --to-- Albertina Haven
Amelia Haven --to-- Imogene Haven
Inez A. Haven --to-- Willard Haven
William Haven --to-- Joseph Walter Hawes
Mary Kelly Hawes --to-- Benjamin Hawkins
Benoni Hawkins --to-- Jabez Hawkins
James Hawkins (twin) --to-- Rachel Hawkins
Richard Hawkins --to-- Diana M. Haws
Eliza Haws --to-- Susie R. Hayden
William Henry Hayden --to-- Hadessah Hayford
Caroline Haymaker --to-- Matthew Shane Hays
Merton Ensor Hays --to-- Sarah Haywood
Hazard --to-- Lucinda Hazen
Lydia Hazen --to-- John Stanton Heald
Jonathan Heald --to-- George Heaps
Heard --to-- Merne Ivan Heath
Nancy Lynn Heath --to-- Allen Scott Heddle
Allen William Heddle --to-- Heimbaugh
Merril Heimendinger --to-- Valinda Sue Heitmeier
Vergel Leroy Heitmeier --to-- Benjamin Hemenway
Benjamin Stone Hemenway --to-- Deborah Jane Henderson
Donald Henderson --to-- Dustin Rick Hendrix
Heather Hendrix --to-- Lucy Henry
Luella Henry --to-- Denise Michele Henson
Docia Gladys Henson --to-- Mary Jane Henson
Mary Lou Henson --to-- Brent Herbert
Carrie Denise Herbert --to-- Rudolph Herman
Sandra Elaine Herman --to-- Ada Lily Ellen Herrick
Adella Herrick --to-- William Wallace Herrick
Clair Rar Herriman --to-- Gilbert F. Heublein
Gilbert W. Heublein --to-- Gloria Heyward
Randy Heyward --to-- Edna Lucille Hickman
Elizabeth Ellen Hickman --to-- Oliver Hicks
Oma Lee Hicks --to-- Jessie Higgins
Jonathan Lynn Higgins --to-- Mary Hilkert
Hill --to-- Elijah Hill
Eliza Abbey Hill --to-- Julia Hill
Julia Maria Hill --to-- Ricky Hill
Robert Clark Hill --to-- Jonas Byron Hillman
Lacey Jean Hillman --to-- Keziah Hinckley
Mary Hinckley --to-- Helen C. Hinman
Joseph Hinman --to-- Dwight Cabot Hitchcock
Emma Eliza Hitchcock --to-- William Lee Hoag
Hattie Hoage --to-- Frances May Hobbs
Fred Hobbs --to-- Charity Hodges
Charles Hodges --to-- Donna Robin Hoffman
Ellen Marie Hoffman --to-- Stephanie Hogrefe
Hogue --to-- Ichabod Holbrook
John Holbrook (Captain) --to-- Fleming Holcomb
Gladys Holcomb --to-- Jennifer Jean Holdaway
Jenny Lynn Holdaway --to-- Anthony Holden
Asa Holden (Captain) --to-- Lydia Holden
Lydia Holden --to-- E. Odella Holdridge
Elizabeth Holdridge --to-- Martha A. Holland
Nathaniel Holland --to-- Mary Hollister

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