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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Hiram Eugene Gibbs --to-- John Franklin Gibson (Jr.)
John H. Gibson --to-- Bridget Giddings
Dan Jeremiah Giddings --to-- Irving Leonard Gifford
Isabelle Maria Gifford --to-- John Gilbert
John Gilbert --to-- Ella Melvina Gile
Frank Herbert Gile (Jr.) --to-- Virginia Gillespie
Gillet --to-- Amelia Gilman
Bessie Gilman --to-- George W. Gilmore
Gilman Gilmore --to-- Kate Orvis Girdler
Lewis Girdler --to-- Everett R. Glaze
Fred Arthur Glaze --to-- Sarah W. Gleason
Eben Knight Gleason or Glezen --to-- Lewis Glover
Mabel Malona Glover --to-- Clarence Ryan Goddard
Clarissa Goddard --to-- Harry G. Goddard
Hazel May Goddard --to-- Nahum Goddard
Nahum Danford Goddard --to-- Edmond Summers Godfrey
Edward L. Godfrey --to-- Stacey Marie Golden
Barbara Jean Golder --to-- Good
Good --to-- Sarah Goodell
William S. Goodell --to-- John Goodhue
John Goodhue --to-- Christopher R. Goodman
D. S. Goodman --to-- Esther Goodspeed
George Talbot Goodspeed --to-- Lee Gordon
Leonard T. Gordon --to-- Glenn Gorham
Hannah Gorham --to-- Edward Gorton
Edwin Gorton --to-- Polly Gorton
Raymond Gorton --to-- Laura Marion Goss
Lavinia Goss --to-- Bertha Ardelle Gould
Bessie M. Gould --to-- Nathan Gould
Nathan Gould --to-- Nathaniel Gove
Nathaniel Gove --to-- Sara Joann Graalum
Anthony Graber --to-- Jay Cecil Graham
John Graham --to-- Miranda Granger
Orson Granger --to-- George Henry Grant
George Leister Grant --to-- Ronald Bradford Grant
Roxanne Grant --to-- John Graves
Kent Jones Graves --to-- George Nightingale Gray
Golda Marie Gray --to-- Richard M. Grayson
William M. Windsor Grayson --to-- Clyde Green
Converse Green --to-- Joanna Green
Joel Green --to-- Ruth Capron Green
Sally Green --to-- Anna W. Greene
Anne Greene --to-- Daniel Greene
Daniel Greene --to-- Gorton Greene
Harriet Greene --to-- Joseph Greene
Joseph Greene --to-- Nancy Greene
Nathan Greene --to-- Samuel Greene (Jr.)
Samuel Greene --to-- Waite Lippitt Greene
Warner James Greene --to-- John Cameron Greenleaf
Lewis Stone Greenleaf --to-- Maxine Greer
Naomi Greer --to-- Gary Ray Grice
Priscilla Ann Grice --to-- Sarah White Griffin
Saundra Griffin --to-- Belva Griggs
John Lee Griggs --to-- Frank Edwin Griswold
Hazel Rae Griswold --to-- Willow Noele Groskreutz
Allen Ray Gross --to-- Maxwell Wayne Grove
Michael Grove --to-- LaVae Louise Gruette
Louis Gruette --to-- Allen W. Guild
Amasa Guild --to-- Chester Gulvin
Dorothy Irene Gulvin --to-- Asa Gunnison
Asenath Gunnison --to-- George Gunnison
George Gunnison --to-- Marion Gunnison
Martha Gunnison --to-- William Gunnison
William Gunnison --to-- Elijah Andre Guyette
Jay Stephen Guyette --to-- Les Hacloman
Maryann Hacston --to-- Regina Hadley
Samuel Hadley --to-- Florence Hagenbuch
Abigail Eliza Hager --to-- Ira F. Haines
Jacob Clark Haines --to-- Emma Hale
Emma Jane Hale --to-- Robert Hale
Robert Hale --to-- Asel Hall
Avis Ames Hall --to-- Evelyn Gertrude Hall
Everett Leon Hall --to-- Lance Hall
Lenora Hall --to-- Robert Howd Hall
Robert Morehouse Hall --to-- Marshall Alanson Hallett

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