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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Mayme Rae Gordon --to-- Ralph Gorham
Sarah Gorham --to-- Hannah Gorton
Hannah H. Gorton --to-- Thomas Ray Gorton
Waite Gorton --to-- William Goss
William Goss --to-- Hannah Gould
Hannah Gould --to-- George Goulding
George Washington Goulding --to-- Mary Goyne
Addie Ma Goza --to-- Doris Irene Graham
Dwight Graham --to-- Elias Granger
Elijah Granger --to-- Edwin Potter Grant
Edwin S. Grant --to-- Omar Grant
Orianna Grant --to-- Isabel Graves
James Graves --to-- George Gray
George Frederick Gray --to-- Aaron Greathouse
Esther Doratea Greathouse --to-- Deanna Green
Delancy A. Green --to-- Joseph Green (Jr.)
Joseph Green --to-- Theodore Milton Green
Thomas Green --to-- Benjamin Greene
Benjamin Greene --to-- Elisha Greene
Elisha Greene --to-- James Greene
James Albert Greene --to-- Marguerite Lizzie Greene
Maria Greene --to-- Phoebe Greene
Polly Greene --to-- Tabitha Greene
Talbot Pitman Greene --to-- John Greenen
Burton Edgar Greenfield --to-- Joseph Greenwood
Levi Greenwood --to-- Elizabeth Grell
Alice Elizabeth Grelling --to-- Kathryn or Catharine Griffin
Marjorie M. Griffin --to-- Ann Grigaliunas
Ammon Anderson Grigg --to-- Mary Gristy
Stephen Gristy --to-- Olive Hannah "Ollie" Groom
Rebecca Groombridge --to-- John Henry Grove (Captain)
Mattie M. Grove --to-- Brian Gruhlke
Emma Elizabeth Gruhn --to-- Gustave Guild
Hattie Guild --to-- William Dale Gumbert
Elizabeth Hutter Gundaker --to-- Carrie B. Gunnison
Carrie Faulkner Gunnison --to-- Hattie M. Gunnison
Hugh Gunnison --to-- Nancy Gunnison
Nancy Gunnison --to-- Polly Gurney
Sophia Gurney --to-- Kimberly Kay Haas
Haase --to-- Edward F. Hadley
Edward Henry Hadley --to-- William Franklin Hagan
William Van Hagan --to-- Harriet A. Haigh
Catherine Cook Haight --to-- Charles S. Hale
Charles W. Hale --to-- Mary Hale
Mary Elizabeth Hale --to-- Alta Lucile Hall
Amanda Almira Hall --to-- Emily Hall
Emily Moseley Hall --to-- Katharine Hall
Kenneth M. Hall --to-- Robert Morehouse Hall
Rogers Aldrich Hall --to-- Guytella Halliday
Joan I. Halliday --to-- Hazel Lucille Halvorson
Jessica Halvorson --to-- Bette Hamilton
Carrie A. Hamilton --to-- Ruth Eunice Hamilton
Sarah Hamilton --to-- Alison Anne Hammond
Allen M. Hammond --to-- Hope Ann Hammond
Irene B. Hammond --to-- Reuben Hammond
Reuben Hammond --to-- Molly E. Hampton
Nancy Hampton --to-- Moses Handy
Nelson Handy --to-- Monika Hannemann
Paul R. Hannemann --to-- Doyle Leland Hansen
Elaine Hansen --to-- Mark Kimball Hansen
Marlan Rex Hansen --to-- Harmony Chrysteena-Faith Hanson
Helen Louise Hanson --to-- Regan "Doc" Harbaugh
Thora Harbaugh --to-- Stephen Harding
Stephen Harding --to-- Mary E. Hardy
Mary J. Hardy --to-- Stella Marguerite Delma Harkness
Truman Harkness --to-- Stephen Harmon
Walter Sperry Harmon --to-- Esther Lee Harrah
Herbert Ula Harrah --to-- Willis B. Harriman
Harrington --to-- George E. Harrington
George W. Harrington --to-- Otis G. Harrington
Paul Harrington --to-- Amey Harris
Amey J. Harris --to-- Charles Henry Harris
Charles Henry Harris --to-- Elizabeth Harris

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