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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

James Randall Gordon --to-- Glenn Gorham
Hannah Gorham --to-- Elizabeth Gorton
Elizabeth Gorton --to-- Samuel Gorton
Samuell Gorton --to-- Sarah Goss
Sarah "Sally" Goss --to-- George Gould
George Gould --to-- George Goulding
George Goulding --to-- Avril Goza
Charles Goza --to-- Ellie Mariah "Ella" Graham
Emeline Graham --to-- Francis Granger
Frank M. Granger --to-- Ervin Grant
Flora A. Grant --to-- Roxanne Grant
Roy Grant --to-- Mary A. Graves
Mary Adella Graves --to-- Jeff Gray
Jennie Louise Gray --to-- Addison W. Green
Adelia Green --to-- Frederick Lee Green
George A. Green --to-- Martha Green
Martha Green --to-- Ada R. Greene
Adeline Frances Greene --to-- Charles Greene
Charles Aborn Greene --to-- Freelove Greene
Gary F. Greene --to-- Jonathan Greene
Jonathan B. Greene --to-- Oliver Greene
Orrin Greene --to-- Sarah Greene
Sarah Greene --to-- William Greene
William Angell Greene --to-- Margaret Greenup
Aaron Greenwood --to-- Jesse Gregory
John Milo Gregory --to-- Henry Irving Griffin
Howard Ralph Griffin --to-- Mabel Minerva Griffith
Marian Griffith --to-- William Taylor Grinnell
Delores Grinstead --to-- Kathryn Grommish
Caroline Gron --to-- Hayden Enoch Grove
Jackson McCulloch Grove --to-- Brian Gruhlke
Emma Elizabeth Gruhn --to-- Irene Guild
Jason Guild --to-- Lloyd Gunderson
Lois Gunderson --to-- Charles William Gunnison
Charlotte Gunnison --to-- James Lyman Gunnison
James Winslow Gunnison --to-- Robert Gunnison
Robert Gunnison --to-- Kazuma Reed Guthrie
Marie Guthrie --to-- George Russell Hackett
Isaiah N. Hackett --to-- Nicholas Brown Hadley
Olive Alberta Hadley --to-- Florence Hagenbuch
Abigail Eliza Hager --to-- Leander M. Haines
Lelia L. Haines --to-- Hannah Hale
Hannah Hale --to-- Bertha Hales
George Noel Hales --to-- Daniel Roland Hall
Darrin Hall --to-- James Gunn Hall
James Joshua Hall --to-- Murrill J. Hall
Myrtle Ruth Hall --to-- William Thomas Hall
Willis Hall --to-- Bertha Susan Halterman
Edward Halton --to-- Hamilton
Hamilton --to-- Lydia Hamilton
Lyman G. Hamilton --to-- Hammond
Hammond --to-- Hattie Katherine Hammond
Henry Hammond --to-- Oliver G. Hammond
Pardon Hammond --to-- Molly E. Hampton
Nancy Hampton --to-- Pardon Handy
Prudence Handy --to-- William Perley Hanners
Mary Ann Hannon --to-- Finn Hansen
Frida Marie Lauransine Hansen --to-- Niels Hansen
Niels Hansen --to-- Josiah Malcolm Hanson
Julia Hanson --to-- Louisa P. Hardenberg
Clair Frank Hardenbergh --to-- Barbara Jean Hardy
Bonnibelle Nadine Hardy --to-- William Hardy
William D. Hardy --to-- Eleanor Harman
Elizabeth Harman --to-- Zetta Ellen Harn
William Harnack --to-- Clara Elizabeth Harriman
Clara Gertrude Harriman --to-- Charles E. Harrington
Charles Newman Harrington --to-- Josiah Bennett Harrington
Jubal Harrington --to-- Abbie Harris
Abby Harris --to-- Benjamin C. Harris
Benjamin C. Harris --to-- Dinah Harris

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