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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Thomas Campbell Gordon --to-- Della Gorsline
Gorton --to-- Mary Gorton
Mary Gorton --to-- John Goss
John Goss --to-- Charles Edgar Gould
Charles Edwin Gould --to-- Sally Gould
Samuel Gould --to-- Lilian Candace Gowdy
Lorin Gowdy --to-- Archibald C. Graham
August Graham --to-- Grandy
Mary Theresa Grange --to-- Ebenezer Grant
Edna May Grant --to-- Phillip Grant
Polly Grant --to-- Lydia Graves
Mark Gordon Graves --to-- Jane Gray
Jane Aiken Gray --to-- Green
Green --to-- Frederick Charles Green
Frederick Lee Green --to-- Mary Green
Mary Green --to-- Albert C. Greene (General)
Albert Crawford Greene --to-- Christopher Greene
Christopher Columbus Greene --to-- Harriet Greene
Harriet Augusta "Hattie" Greene --to-- Justin Sawyer Greene
Kate R. Greene --to-- Phebe Greene
Phebe Greene --to-- Stephen Arnold Greene
Stephen Mathewson Greene --to-- James Greenen
John Greenen --to-- Roland Greenwood
Ruth Greenwood --to-- Frank Gresley
Lewis Franklin Gresley --to-- Sally Griffin
Samuel O. Griffin --to-- Francisco Grijalva Mongé
Clarissa Grill --to-- Noah Griswold
Palmer Charles Griswold --to-- Lemuel Grosvenor (General)
Lucy Grosvenor --to-- Hannah Grow
Joseph Grow --to-- Guard
Anne Gudbersen --to-- Elma Guillory
Ortere Guillory --to-- Aquila Gunnison
Aquilla D. Gunnison --to-- George W. Gunnison
Hallie C. Gunnison --to-- Mary Lincoln Gunnison
May Evelyn Gunnison --to-- Sophia Gurney
Zachariah Gurney (Captain) --to-- Jimmie Donald Haberman
Thersea Habisreittinger --to-- Isaac Perley Hadley
Israel Hadley --to-- Allen Blake Hagen
Austin Alexander Hagen --to-- Janet Haines
Judith Ann Haines --to-- Hannah Hale
Hannah Hale --to-- George Noel Hales
Leon Hales --to-- Deborah Hall
Dennis Hall --to-- John Hall
John Hall --to-- Patcy Ann Hall
Pearl A. Hall --to-- Gary Marshall Hallett
Harriet L. Hallett --to-- Bertha Halvorsen
Barbara Ann Halvorson --to-- Carrie A. Hamilton
Celia Marie Hamilton --to-- Viola Hamilton
Vivian Hamilton --to-- Charles Hammond
Charles Harvey Hammond --to-- Jonas Hammond
Jonathan Hammond --to-- Susan Hammond
Susan H. Hammond --to-- Floyd Hancock
Ginger Ann Hancock --to-- John Haniak
Christa Hanisch --to-- Ashlin Hansen
Augustus Hansen --to-- Kirstine Hansen
Kirstine Hansen --to-- Charles Henry Hanson
Cindy Hanson --to-- Joseph A. Haraden
Alexander J. Harageones --to-- Mercy Harding
Mercy Harding --to-- Mary Hardy
Mary D. "Polly" Hardy --to-- Eda Harkoff
Ivan Sephonich Harkoff --to-- Lavern Allen Harms
Luwis John Fred Harms --to-- Jonathan Harreden
Albert Elmer Harrell --to-- Alice Foster Harrington
Alma Harrington --to-- James H. Harrington
James M. Harrington --to-- William H. Harrington
William S. Harrington --to-- Asahel Harris
Asha Harris --to-- Dianna Harris
Dinah Harris --to-- Frederick Augustus W. Harris
Frederick Henry Harris --to-- Job Harris
Job Harris --to-- Martha Harris
Martha Harris --to-- Phebe Harris
Phebe Harris --to-- Thomas Harris
Thomas Harris --to-- Lydia Harrison
Lynette Harrison --to-- George Brownell Hart
George Brownell Hart --to-- Derick Sibley Hartshorn (III)

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