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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Sarah Fenner --to-- Emmila Fenton
Fred Fenton --to-- Marvin Russell Ferguson
Mary Ferguson --to-- Hazel Ferrell
William L. Ferrett --to-- William Fiander
Deborah Fiato --to-- Flora J. Field
Frank T. Field --to-- Nellie Field
Ossian N. Field --to-- Margaret Fiennes
Thomas Fiennes (Sir) --to-- Henry C. Finlay
Ella Finlayson --to-- James Fish
Jean Fish --to-- Douglas Bert Fisher
Eben Fisher --to-- John Fisher
John C. Fisher --to-- Susan Kae Fisher
Susan Stone Fisher --to-- Daniel Fiske
Daniel Fiske (Jr.) --to-- Mary Stone Fiske
Myrtle Estelle Fiske --to-- Hannah Fitch
Hannah Maria Fitch --to-- Elizabeth Fitt
Stephen Fitt --to-- Joseph Doyle Fitzgibbon
Kenneth Wayne Fitzgibbon (Sr.) --to-- Almon J. Flake
Bailee Flake --to-- Emily Flanders
George M. Flanders --to-- Malcolm Fleming
Margaret Fleming --to-- Joseph Fletcher
Joseph G. Fletcher --to-- Avis Adel Flint
Barbara Gail Flint --to-- Jessie Flint
Jessie Alice Flint --to-- William Henderson Flint (Jr.)
William Kenny Flint --to-- Mary Fobes
Ruel Fobes --to-- Anna Follett
Anna Frances M. Follett --to-- George Andrew Follett
George Dexter Follett --to-- Maria R. Follett
Mary Follett --to-- Ann Eugene Hunt Folsom
Benjamin Folsom --to-- Mary Ellen Forbes
Olive Forbes --to-- Harriet Gilmore Ford
Harriet Gilmore Ford --to-- Robert Formaini
Robert Lewis Formaini (Sr.) --to-- Cory Foskett
Doug Foskett --to-- Caroline Clark Foster
Caroline M. Foster --to-- Job Foster
John Foster (Jr.) --to-- Tabitha Foster
Theodore Foster --to-- Maria Fowler
Mary Fowler --to-- John Fox
John Fox (Reverend) --to-- Christopher Aaron Francheville
Collette Danielle Francheville --to-- Joshua Alen Franke
Magan Marie Franke --to-- Onolee Franklin
Raymond Franklin --to-- Walter Louis Frasier
William Von Frasier --to-- Alice Gertrude Freeman
Amarantha R. Freeman --to-- Margaret Freeman
Margaret Freeman --to-- Betsy Freff
Ema Frehner --to-- Martha French
Martha A. French --to-- Grace Laurena Freymiller
Jonathan Edward Freymiller --to-- Dawn Frisby
Marne Jean Frische --to-- Eric Larry Frost
Everett Frost --to-- Talon Jay Fruit
Alpheus Frum --to-- Gloria Delores Fuhriman
Horace Edgar Fuhriman --to-- Ellen Fuller
Emelia Fuller --to-- Martha Sophia Fuller
Martin Fuller --to-- Arch Fultz
Clara B. Fultz --to-- Hattie M. Gabriel
Stella Gabriel --to-- Rene Arthur Gagnon (Sr.)
Sarah Renee Gagnon --to-- Mary Lynn Gallagher
Mervie Young Gallagher --to-- John Gallup
John Gallup --to-- Phillips Gamwell
Roxanna Morningglory Gandy --to-- Lillian Gardiner
Lydia Gardiner --to-- Ebenezer Gardner
Edgar Bryant Gardner --to-- Jerry Lee Gardner
Jesse Darwood Gardner --to-- Myrtle Fern Gardner
Nancy Jean Gardner --to-- Garfield
Abigail Garfield --to-- Melinda Jane "Minnie" Garretson
Garrett --to-- Mary Gary
Mary Gary --to-- Alexander Gaston
Donald Gaston --to-- James Preston Gates
Jemuel Clinton Gates --to-- Gordon Stanley Gaunce
Loretta Gauthier --to-- Marion Gay
Martin Gay --to-- Emma E. Geer
Esther Geer --to-- William Gemmell
Megan Elizabeth Gendron --to-- Ruby Pearl Gerdom
Shawn Leroy Gerdom --to-- Dewey Ivan Getz
Ivan Grant Getz --to-- Hiram Gibbs

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