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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

John Fletcher --to-- Albert W. Flint
Allen Cleone Flint --to-- James Warner Flint
Jessie Flint --to-- Willis Dean Flint
Julia Flodin --to-- Fogg
Fogg --to-- Benjamin Augustus Follett
Benjamin Rush Follett --to-- Horace A. Follett
Huldah Elizabeth Follett --to-- Nelson Follett
Nelson Charles Follett --to-- Mary Fones or Jones
Emma Alvina "Viney" Fontaine --to-- Melissa Rockwood Forbush
Polly Forbush --to-- Nancy Whitman Ford
Nancy Whitman Ford --to-- Essie Fort
Maria Forte --to-- Richard Harmon Foss
Robert Foss --to-- Frank E. Foster
George Alfred Foster --to-- Robert Charles Foster (Jr.)
Robert Charles Foster --to-- Ezekiel Fowler
Florence Fowler --to-- Hannah Fox
Howard Fox --to-- Martha Anna France
Sarah C. France --to-- Alan Wade Franke
Ann Franke --to-- Onolee Franklin
Raymond Franklin --to-- Ethel M. Frayer
Rebecca M. Frazee --to-- Caleb Everett Freeman
Caleb H. Freeman --to-- Mason Freeman (II)
Minnie Mae Freeman --to-- Belle Adelaide French
Betsey E. French --to-- Stillman Willis French
Susanna French --to-- Amos Friend
Eliza Wolf Friend --to-- Joseph Frohmader
Julie Frohmader --to-- Melvin Skouson Frost
Mike Frost --to-- Richard Fry
Russell T. Fry (Jr.) --to-- Benjamin Fuller
Betsey Fuller --to-- Jared Fuller
Jenckes Fuller --to-- Waitstill Fuller
Wayne G. Fuller --to-- Marion "Mira" Fuyller
Charles Fye --to-- Perry Gage
Q. H. M. Gage --to-- Catherine or Katy Gallagher
Daniel B. Gallagher --to-- Henry Gallup
Henry Joseph Gallup --to-- Frances Gammons
Hattie O. Gammons --to-- Lydia Gardiner
Margaret Gardiner --to-- Eliza W. Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner --to-- John A. Gardner
John Bryant Gardner --to-- Rathbone Gardner
Raymond Gardner --to-- Samuel Garfield
Thomas Garfield --to-- Paula Garrett
Phillip Garrett --to-- William Gaskell
Anna Louise "Annie" Gaskill --to-- Elias Gates
Elisha Gates --to-- Sabra Gates
Sally Gates --to-- Edwin A. Gay
Eliza Gay --to-- Stephen Gee
Abbey Amelia Geer --to-- Thomas Pierce Geer
William Gallup Geer --to-- Theresa M. George
William Goodhue George --to-- Katy Gessure
Addison Cole Getchell --to-- George H. Gibbs
George Homer Gibbs --to-- James Gibson
Jane Gibson --to-- Benjamin Giddings
Bridget Giddings --to-- John Henry Gifford
Joseph Gifford --to-- Katheryn Gilbert
Krystal LaNae Gilbert --to-- Evaline Giles
Hailey Marie Giles --to-- Joseph Andreas Gillett
Laura Gillett --to-- Houghton Gilman
Jane Gilman --to-- Roxana Wilbur Gilmore
Terry Lee Gilmore --to-- Phebe Ann Gladding
Susan Cary Gladding --to-- Edwin Gleason
Edwin Henry Gleason --to-- Charles Thomas Glines
George H. Glines --to-- Alonzo Goddard
Ann Goddard --to-- Emery Goddard
Enoch Elbert Goddard --to-- Mary Goddard
Mary Goddard --to-- William Goddard
William Goddard --to-- Albert Golden
Alberta Golden (twin) --to-- Dana A. Gooch
Margaret C. Gooch --to-- Lucy Maria Goodell
Lyman Goodell --to-- John Goodhue
John Goodhue --to-- Douglas Bernard Goodman
Earle James "George" Goodman --to-- Edgar N. Goodwillie
Alfred Goodwin --to-- Mary Elizabeth Gordon

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