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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Eunice Fletcher --to-- William Flick
Robert Flifket --to-- Helen Sears Flint
Heman Flint --to-- Warren Flint
Warren Flint --to-- Mary Fobes
Ruel Fobes --to-- Arthur Merton Follett
Benjamin Follett --to-- Horace Follett
Horace A. Follett --to-- Nelson Craig Follett
Oliver Follett --to-- Agnes Foot
Ann Eunice Foot --to-- Adelaide Ford
Albert Delroy Ford --to-- Sharon Kay Ford
Stanley Ford --to-- Harriet Fosdick
James William Fosdick --to-- Alfred Matthew Foster
Amey Ann Foster --to-- Jesse Foster
Job Foster --to-- Wendell F. Foster
Wilfred Cecil Foster --to-- Samuel A. Fowler (Jr.)
Sarah F. Fowler --to-- Sally Latimer Fox
Sarah Fox --to-- Sally Francis
Sally Brown Francis --to-- Esther Franklin
Evelyn Franklin --to-- Lillian Johanna Anna Franz
E. Mary Franzen --to-- Hannah Freeborn
Leonard Freeborn --to-- James Samuel Freeman
James Whipple Freeman --to-- Malinda Freestone
Mildred Mary Freestone --to-- Martha French
Martha A. French --to-- Henry Friant
Margaret "Maggie" Friant --to-- Lenelle Fritz
Michael Fritz --to-- Luisa Frost
Mabel Frost --to-- Louise Fry
Lucy Fry --to-- Artemus S. Fuller
Asa Fuller --to-- Jane E. Fuller
Jared Fuller --to-- William Fuller
William Fuller --to-- Carol Ann Fyfe
Dave Alan Fyfe --to-- Arthur Gagne
Arthur Lawrence Gagne --to-- Mervie Young Gallagher
Michael Gallagher --to-- Margaret Warren Gallup
Martha Gallup --to-- Oscar Gant
Andrew Jackson Gantz --to-- Willis Smith Gardiner
George or Georges Gardiner or Gardner --to-- Goldie Gardner
Grace E. Gardner --to-- Louis Gardner
Louis Marvin Gardner --to-- Thomas Gardner
Thomas Kirtley Gardner --to-- Frank Glen Garner
Marie Garner --to-- John Gary
John Gary --to-- Alta Gassner
Edna Gassner --to-- Josephine Gates
Joshua Gates --to-- Frances Gawdy
George Gawdy --to-- William Gay
William Gay --to-- Luther Geer
Luther Geer (Jr.) --to-- Hannah George
Harriet George --to-- Richard Gerrity
Candace Gerry --to-- Elizabeth Gibbs
Ella L. Gibbs --to-- Gretchen Gibson
Hannah Gibson --to-- Giddings
Giddings --to-- Isabelle Maria Gifford
John Gifford --to-- Krystal LaNae Gilbert
Lemuel Gilbert --to-- Kassidy Lynn Giles
Madison Rae Giles --to-- Zebulon Gillett
George W. Gillette --to-- Sara Marie Gilman
Sarah Gilman --to-- Elizabeth Gilson
Emma C. Gilson --to-- Michael Joseph Glancey
Michael Scott Glancey --to-- Irene Gleason
Isaac Gleason (2d) --to-- Eugene C. Glover
James E. Glover --to-- Charlotte Ives Goddard
Clara G. Goddard --to-- Hepzibah Goddard
Hepzibah Goddard --to-- Nichols Goddard
Parny Goddard --to-- Mary Godfrey
Mary Ann Godfrey --to-- Patience Amber Goldrup
Raymond Ronald Goldrup --to-- Zachariah Goodale
Elizabeth Goodall --to-- Ebenezer Goodhue
Ebenezer Goodhue (Jr.) --to-- Susanna Goodhue
Verna-Lou P. Goodhue --to-- Mary Goodridge
Sybil R. Goodridge --to-- James Patrick Gordon

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