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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Abel Fiske --to-- Lydia Fiske
Madeline Fiske --to-- Girdler Brent Fitch
Gladys Eloise Fitch --to-- Joe Wesley Fitts
Mary Dean Fitts --to-- Herbert John Fix
Benjamin W. Flack --to-- Lawrence Read Flake
Layne Edson Flake --to-- Raymond Fleet
Sherman Fleet --to-- George Fletcher
Gilbert H. Fletcher --to-- Flint
Flint --to-- James Madison Flint
James Seldon Flint --to-- Hannah Flood
Maria Elizabeth Flood --to-- Mary Ware Fogg
Rebecca Fogg --to-- Daniel Follett
Daniel Follett --to-- Joseph Follett
Joseph Follett (Jr.) --to-- Sarah Calista Follett
Sarah Isabelle Follett --to-- Annie Bell Forbes
Christie Bell Forbes --to-- Harriet Gilmore Ford
Helen Ford --to-- Alice Forrest
Betsy Forrest --to-- Robert Foskett
Robert "Bob" Foskett --to-- Elizabeth Foster
Elizabeth C. Foster --to-- R. C. Foster
Rachel Foster --to-- Everett Floyd Fowler
Ezekiel Fowler --to-- Jabez Fox
Jabez Fox (Reverend) --to-- Edith Elizabeth Francheville
Evelyn Marie Francheville --to-- Arnold Franklin
Asa Franklin --to-- Cory Michael Franks
Gerald "Jerry" Franks --to-- Laurie Ruth Frederick
Marie Luella Frederick --to-- George Freeman
George Albert Freeman --to-- Clarence Alfred Freestone
Claude Elroy Freestone --to-- Jonas French
Josiah French --to-- Madeline Carol Freyta
Agostino Frezza --to-- Lenelle Fritz
Michael Fritz --to-- Margaret Frost
Martha Frost --to-- Margaret A. Fry
Margaret Rogers Fry --to-- Artemus S. Fuller
Asa Fuller --to-- John Fuller
John A. Fuller --to-- Elizabeth Helen Fullerton
Everett Fullerton --to-- Dale Dewayne Gable
Harold Francis Gable --to-- Michael Chad Gagon
Teresa Gail --to-- Jonathan Steele Gallery
Kathleen Susan Gallery --to-- Sarah Happer Galt
Thomas Galt --to-- Vivan Marie Gardenhire
Gardiner --to-- Bruce Glendon Gardner
Caleb Gardner --to-- James Gardner
James Gardner --to-- Myrtle Fern Gardner
Nancy Jean Gardner --to-- Lydia Garfield
Mahala Garfield --to-- Melva Garrett
Paul James Garrett --to-- Anne Dennis Gaskill
Anne Estella Gaskill --to-- Fannie Louella Gates
Ford Gates --to-- Stephen Gates
Stephen Gates --to-- Jabez Talbot Gay
James Bacon Gay --to-- Ella Percie Geer
Elmer Harmon Geer --to-- Frederick Genins (Reverend)
Mamie Martha Genins --to-- June Germer
Honor Germon --to-- Jane Gibbon
Kate Martin Gibbon --to-- Betsey Gibson
Catharine O. Gibson --to-- Sarah H. Gibson
Sarah Maria Gibson --to-- Edsmond Wesley Gifford
Edwin Gifford --to-- John Gilbert
John Gilbert --to-- Elizabeth Giles
Elizabeth Giles --to-- Roxy Melissa Gillett
Samuel Gillett --to-- Sara Marie Gilman
Sarah Gilman --to-- Eva Lina Gilson
Frank Byron Gilson --to-- Shaun Glancey
Glaskill --to-- Julia Ann Gleason
Julia Ann Gleason --to-- Laurel L. Glover
Lewis Glover --to-- Daniel Goddard
Daniel Goddard --to-- John Goddard
John Goddard --to-- Robert Ives Goddard (twin)
Sally Goddard --to-- Dorothy Goets
Otto Friederick Ferdinand Goetsch --to-- Xochitl Willow Gomez
Emma Amelia Gonnelli --to-- Harriet L. Goodell
James Goodell --to-- John Goodhue
John Goodhue (Jr.) --to-- Kaylie Joy Goodman
Kristin Elizabeth Goodman --to-- Margaret Kent Goodwin
Marjorie Marcella Goodwin --to-- Thomas Campbell Gordon (Jr.)

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