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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

John Leroy Donaldson --to-- Jacob Dooley
Jacob Henry Dooley --to-- Steve Dornbush
William T. Dornbush --to-- Robert W. Doty
Rosa Doty --to-- Libbie Douglass
Lydia Douglass --to-- Francis E. "Frank" Dowd
Fred Houston Dowd --to-- William C. Downs
William Seamore Downs --to-- Lydia Drake
Lydia Ann Drake --to-- Emeline Dresser
George Dresser --to-- Dripps
Charles Irwin Dripps --to-- Drummond
Carlton Chester Drummond --to-- Clayton Whipple Duck
Frank Rodney Duck --to-- Luther P. Dudley
Lyman Dudley --to-- James Duff
Jay Robinson Duff --to-- Benjamin Dunbar
Betsey Dunbar --to-- Emeline Duncan
Emma Duncan --to-- Albion K. P. Dunham
Anson Dunham --to-- Isabelle Dunn
James Dunn --to-- Jace Dupre
Jeanne Dupre --to-- Durham
Anne Elizabeth Durham --to-- Wanda May Dutcher
Sharon Duthcer --to-- Susan Dwinelle
William Henry Dwinelle --to-- Charles Dyke
Christopher Brian Dyke --to-- Henry Eames (Captain)
Henry Eames --to-- George Benjamin Earle
George Brown Earle --to-- Bertie Eastabrooks
Sarah Eastebrook --to-- Albert Eaton
Alice Eaton --to-- Orissa Eaton
Pamelia Eaton --to-- Mark Eckert
Max Douglas Eckert --to-- Daniel Eddy
Daniel Eddy --to-- James Eddy
James Eddy --to-- Moses Eddy
Mr. Eddy --to-- Sarah Phina Eddy
Stephen Eddy --to-- Samuel Edgecomb
Carolyn Jane Edgecombe --to-- John G. Edmonds
Obadiah Edmonds --to-- Angeline Edwards
Anna C. Edwards --to-- Margaret Louise Edwards
Maria Augusta Edwards --to-- Patricia Eggenberger
Sheila Eggenberger --to-- David Ray Eisentrager
Debora Jean Eisentrager --to-- Avis Rosemary Eldridge
Charlotte A. Eldridge --to-- Maxine Ellinger
Ebenezer Ellingwood (Jr.) --to-- Coleman Ellis
Edith Julien Ellis --to-- Shaine Ellis
Sidonia Ellis --to-- Lettie Ellwood
Edna Elly --to-- Ethel May Elting
Ebenezer Elton --to-- Emerson
Addie F. Emerson --to-- Miriam Maranda Emerson
Moses Emerson --to-- Susan Emery
Terry Lyn Emery --to-- William Augustus Engelking
Blanche Florence England --to-- Fred Eugene Eno
Gilbert Ray Eno --to-- Anna Erickson
Bonita Erickson --to-- Elizabeth Espes
Barry Espil --to-- Frederick Ballou Esten
Hannah Esten --to-- Edward Estey
Elijab B. Estey --to-- Nora Haseline Etherington
Sarah Jane Ethridge --to-- Coriella P. Evans
Daniel Evans --to-- Kay Joyce Evans
Leon Hubbard Evans --to-- William Thornton Evans
Zelda Evans --to-- Robert Allan Ewan
Isabella Gordon Ewart --to-- Fairbanks
A. W. Fairbanks --to-- Henry Fairman
Fairringer --to-- Marion E. Falvey
John Peter Falzarano (Jr.) --to-- Celia Farnham
Clinton C. Farnham --to-- Charles Wadsworth Farnum
Charles Webster Farnum --to-- Jerome Bonaparte Farnum
Jerome Earle Farnum --to-- Sarah Farnum
Shirley Lee Farnum --to-- Bernice Farragan
Cindy Farragan --to-- Eliza Farris
Gregory Lee Farris --to-- Martin Fassett
Mary Ann Dwelly Fassett --to-- Isabella Perkins Faxon
Joanna Faxon --to-- Willie Feagles
Estella Fearby --to-- David Fellows
David Dill Fellows --to-- Mary Felt
Myron Holley Felt --to-- Bethiah Fenner
Calvin L. Fenner --to-- John Fenner
John B. Fenner --to-- Sarah Fenner

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