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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Jay Duresky --to-- Temperance Durrell
Patricia Mary Durrenberger --to-- Gamaliel Lyman Dwight
Gamaliel Lyman Dwight --to-- Julia Ann Dyer
Kimberly Dyer --to-- Abigail Eames
Alice Eames --to-- Mary Elizabeth Earl
Milton Sylvester Earl --to-- Michael Richard Earns
Nickolas Earns --to-- Mary Olney Easton
Robert C. Easton --to-- Mary A. Eaton
Mary Elizabeth Eaton --to-- Kim Eckert
Mark Eckert --to-- Darius Eddy
David Eddy --to-- Jesse Eddy
Job Eddy --to-- Obadiah Eddy
Obadiah Eddy --to-- Thomas Randall Eddy
Thomas William Eddy --to-- John Hallock Edgerton
Lorancey Edgerton --to-- Edson
Edson --to-- Francis Edwards
Francis Edwards --to-- Squire Edwards
Thomas Edwards --to-- Thane Reginald Ehler
Wanda Lynn Ehler --to-- William Eldred
Abigail Eldred or Eldrege --to-- Elizabeth Ellefsen
Carl Ellefson --to-- Winifred Grace Elliott
Zina Maria Elliott --to-- Myrtle Ellis
Nadiya Little Warrior Ellis --to-- Nellie Ellsworth
Preston B. Ellsworth --to-- Mabel Ella Elsworth
Norman Elsworth --to-- L. H. Embry
Emerson --to-- Moses Emerson
Moses Emerson --to-- Joseph H. Emley
James A. Emmens --to-- Clarence Engle
Donna Verle Engle --to-- Samuel Lozene Ensign
Alice Adeline Enslow --to-- Sarah Erskine
Eleanor M. Ervine --to-- Emma D. Estabrook
Jedediah Estabrook --to-- John Esten or Estance
Esterbrook --to-- Solomon Estey
Stewart Estey --to-- Amy Evans
Anan Evans --to-- Gwendolyn Whipple Evans
Hannah R. Evans --to-- Richard Lee Evans
Richard Lee Evans --to-- Arthur J. Everhart
Herbert E. Everhart --to-- Alta Pearl Fagg
Clarence W. Fagg --to-- Sally Fairchild
Sarah Fairchild --to-- William Fallass
William Albert Fallass --to-- Robert H. Farnell
Albert Hagen Farnes --to-- Charles Spalding Farnum
Charles Wadsworth Farnum --to-- John Farnum (Jr.)
John Farnum --to-- Susannah Farnum
Walter Whipple Farnum --to-- Elizabeth Hungerford Farrar
Francis Farrar --to-- William Frederick Farrow
Andrew Farson --to-- Frederic Leroy Faulkner
James Faulkner --to-- Harold Fay (Jr.)
Harold E. Fay --to-- Fehr
Cheri Fehr --to-- Philemon Fellows
Phoebe Louisa Fellows --to-- Margaret Fenne
Fenner --to-- George Dexter Fenner
Gladys M. Fenner --to-- Percy Albert Fenner
Phebe Fenner --to-- Leah Fenno
Martha M. Fenno --to-- James Ferguson
James Ferguson --to-- Rosalia Carolina Fernández Whipple
Omar Oscar Luis Gil Fernández-Whipple --to-- Samuel Fessenden
William Fessenden --to-- Eunice Field
Fannie Almena Field --to-- Nellie Field
Ossian N. Field --to-- Carrie Fifield
Jeffery William Fifield --to-- Anne M. Finnegan
Arlene P. Finnegan --to-- Nellie Blanche Fish
Orrin Fish --to-- Emma Jenne Fisher
Ernest Marshall Fisher --to-- Lloyd T. Fisher
Lottie I. Fisher --to-- Helen Genevieve Fisk
Henry Whipple Fisk --to-- Henry George Fiske
Henry P. Fiske --to-- Charles A. Fitch
Charlotte Elizabeth Fitch --to-- Mercy Fitch
Nelly Fitch --to-- Alice Mae Fitzgerald
Annie Laura Fitzgerald --to-- Grace Speare Willis Flagg
Hannah Flagg --to-- Theodore Lawrence Flake
Travis Garret Flake --to-- Dorcas Louise Fleming
Elenor Fleming --to-- Jane Soop Fletcher

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