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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Herbert A. Durand --to-- Lavina Durkee
Lucinda Durkee --to-- Sophia Dutton
Virginia Rogers Dutton --to-- Ezra H. Dyer
Fannie W. Dyer --to-- Rose Alberta Eaken
Chaurlle Ebert Eakin --to-- Elaine Earl
Harold Earl --to-- Joshua Clinton Earns
Michael Richard Earns --to-- Robert E. Easton
Robert Olney Easton --to-- Orissa Eaton
Pamelia Eaton --to-- Gerald Eckhart
Gerald Eckhart --to-- Eliza M. Eddy
Elizabeth Eddy --to-- John Mathewson Eddy
John S. Eddy --to-- Phineas Eddy
Preserved Eddy --to-- Zephaniah Eddy
Zerviah Eddy --to-- Elise Edlund
Hannah Edmands --to-- Mary Edson
Mary Lee Edson --to-- Lola Belle Edwards
Lucy Edwards --to-- Kenneth Eggenberger
Lucas Earl Eggenberger --to-- Joy Ann Eisentrager
Michelle Faye Eisentrager --to-- Halbert Loring Eldridge
James Eldridge --to-- Caroline Cornelia Elliott
Catharine C. Elliott --to-- Jerusha Ellis
Jesse Ellis --to-- Edmund Ellsworth (Jr.)
Edmund Ellsworth --to-- Jim Elson
Louise Justine Elstner --to-- Nathaniel Ely
Nathaniel Ely --to-- Lucinda Emerson
Lydia Emerson --to-- Lucy M. Emery
Margaret Emery --to-- Charles England (III)
Charles England --to-- Catharine Enos
Enquist --to-- Sarah B. Ernst
Betty Erp --to-- Jedediah Estabrook
John A. Estabrook --to-- Henry Esterbrook
John Esterbrook --to-- Nell Green Estill
Albert Estler --to-- Antoinette G. Evans
Arthur W. Evans --to-- Jehu Evans
Jehu "John" Evans --to-- Thankful Evans
Thomas C. Evans --to-- Kathryn Synder Ewan
Lindsay Ann Ewan --to-- Crawford Merritt Fairbanks
Cyrus Fairbanks --to-- Barbara V. Fakler
Ethel H. Fakler --to-- Farage
Daniel Farage --to-- Lewis Kendall Farnsworth
Lucy Farnsworth --to-- Florence H. Farnum
Francis D. Farnum --to-- Moses Farnum
Moses Farnum (Jr.) --to-- Mercy Farr
Morrill Newton Farr --to-- Ira Putnam Farrington
Julia J. Farrington --to-- Josiah Fassett
Lydia Woods Fassett --to-- Lewis Faxon
Lewis Perkins Faxon --to-- Edward Feast
Lisa M. Feaster --to-- James Harlow Fellows
Jemima Fellows --to-- Michele Kay Femby
Thomas Sloan Fender --to-- Freelove Fenner
Freelove Fenner --to-- Melissa Fenner
Mercy or Marcy Fenner --to-- John Stiles Fenno
Joseph Fenno --to-- James Ferguson
James Ferguson --to-- Aedan Christopher Ferrara
Dana Ferrara --to-- Richard Fiander
William Fiander --to-- George Field
George L. Field --to-- Robert Field
Robert Field --to-- Betsy Finch
Calvin Dee Finch --to-- Walter Lloyd Finton
Joseph E. Fiorini --to-- Alice May Fisher
Alonzo Pemberton Fisher --to-- Harriet Augusta Fisher
Harriet Louisa Fisher --to-- Rachel Ann Fisher
Ralph N. Fisher --to-- Beulah Fiske
Catherine Fiske --to-- Mary Elizabeth Fiske
Mary Elizabeth Fiske --to-- Harrison W. Fitch
Hazel Courtney Fitch --to-- Fitz Alan
Agnes Fitz Alan --to-- Benjamin W. Flack
Curtis A. Flack --to-- John Taylor Flake
Kenneth Marion Flake --to-- Fleet
Daniel Fleet --to-- Eugene Franklin Fletcher

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