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Index of Persons

155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Clive Delvin Crouch --to-- Flora Geneva Crouch
Florence Crouch --to-- Judith Crouch
Judy Crouch --to-- Rachel Crouch
Rachel Crouch --to-- Deborah Crow
Louisa J. Crow --to-- Melvin Croxall
Ralph Taylor Croxall --to-- Jake Jeffrey Ctvrtlik
Jeffrey Ctvrtlik --to-- Burton Roland Cummings
Caleb P. Cummings --to-- William Elmer Cummings
William Henry Cummings --to-- Leona Cunningham
Lucretia Cunningham --to-- Melissa Louisa Currier
Michael Currier --to-- Carol Kristen Curtis
Carter Curtis --to-- Mary Rosanna Curtis
Merrill William Curtis --to-- Emily Arabella Cushing
Hosea Cushing --to-- Wilford Stone Cuthbertson
Alfred Cutler --to-- Samuel N. Cutler
Sarah Cutler --to-- Frank Elmer Cyr
Honorine May Cyr --to-- Carrie A. Daily
Charles Daily --to-- Elizabeth Dalrymple
Levi Dalrymple --to-- Ane Dorthea Kristine Dam
Anine Mantine "Nina" Dam --to-- Kirstine Larsen Dam
Knud Erik Juul Dam --to-- Mathew Everett Damron
Michael Eugene Damron --to-- Daniel Dane
Daniel Dane --to-- Burgess Elliott Daniel
Edward Mack Daniel --to-- Sila Daniels
Smith Daniels --to-- Thomas Darby or Derby
Diane Darkdoll --to-- Guy Aaron Darling
Hannah Darling --to-- Nathan Darling
Nelson Darling --to-- Michelle Lynn Darnell
Mindy Marie Darnell --to-- James Radcliffe Davenport (Reverend)
John Davenport --to-- William Davidson
Frances Evelyn Davieau --to-- Asa Davis
Asa Whipple Davis --to-- David Moss Davis
David R. Davis --to-- Endora A. Davis
Ernest Augustus Davis --to-- Helen Ruth Davis
Helen Thwing Davis --to-- John Worden Davis
Jonah Davis --to-- Maria Davis
Maria A. Davis --to-- Nettie Eleanor Davis
Nikki Davis --to-- Samuel A. Davis
Samuel D. Davis --to-- William Goodwin Davis
William Lamar Davis --to-- William Dawson
Day --to-- Norman David Day
Olive Day --to-- Richard Francis De Mar
Rolland De Martin (Lieutenant) --to-- Warner DeMills
Alma DePue --to-- Helen Gertrude Deal
Kirk James Deal --to-- Jacob Dearborn
Jane Dearborn --to-- Margaret M. Decker
Mary Decker --to-- Jamie Elizabeth Deem
Jason Christopher Deem --to-- Roger Deering
Sinclair Deering --to-- Shelley Lynne Delux
Thomas Rowland Delux --to-- John Denison
Margaret Denison --to-- Mary Addison or Mary Ann Dennis
Mellie Leon Dennis --to-- Fanny Whipple Dent
George Columbus Dent --to-- David Deuel
Fannie M. Deuel --to-- Charles O. Dewell
Clarence A. Dewell --to-- Abby L. Dexter
Abby Smith Dexter --to-- Anna Dexter
Anna Dexter --to-- Clara Allen Dexter
Clara W. Dexter --to-- Esek or Eseck Walker Dexter
Esek or Esick or Eseck Dexter --to-- Henry Dexter
Henry Dexter --to-- John Dexter
John Dexter (Jr.) --to-- Lucy W. Dexter
Lucy W. Dexter --to-- Moses Dexter
Nancy Dexter --to-- Samuel Augustus Dexter
Samuel Francis Dexter --to-- Thomas D. Dexter
Thomas Eldridge Dexter --to-- Susie C. Dezendorf
Harriet Dezotell --to-- Hilda Mary Dickinson
Jesse Dickinson --to-- Sarah Amelia Dickson
Thomas Dickson --to-- Betsy Dill or Sill
Lella Jackson Dillard --to-- Nancy Elaine Dinucci
Raymond Dinucci --to-- Gertrude Dixon
Hannah Dixon --to-- Christopher Patrick Dobson
Daniel Robert Dobson --to-- Amber Ray Dodge
Ammi Dodge --to-- John Wright Dodge
Jonathan Dodge --to-- Choley Ann Dodson
Nathan B. Dodson --to-- James Donaldson

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