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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Arthur G. Dornburgh --to-- Harold Allison Doty
Helen Eleanore Doty --to-- Jean Kathryn Douglass
Lauren Davis Douglass --to-- May Dowding
Francis Elizabeth Dower --to-- Eva M. Doyle
Frances Ann Doyle --to-- Douglas Dallen Draper
Emma E. Draper --to-- Mary Drew
Pauline Bryant Drew --to-- Christopher Rhodes Drowne
George Russell Drowne --to-- Carolyn Duby
Thomas Duby --to-- Mark Dudley
Mary Chase Dudley --to-- Sheila May Duffle
Arthur Robert Duffy --to-- Isabel F. Dunbar
Isador E. Dunbar --to-- Samuel Duncan (Dr.)
Sarah Duncan --to-- Frances H. Dunlap
Georgan Dunlap --to-- Henry Dunster
Abner Dunton --to-- Sybil L. Durfee
Thomas Durfee --to-- Wanda May Dutcher
Sharon Duthcer --to-- Harvey Dye
Irene Almina Dye --to-- James Eli Dyson
Sarah Elizabeth E. --to-- Reuben Eames
Richard Eames --to-- Wendy Earls
Electa Hallock Early --to-- Sarah Eastman
Timothy Eastman --to-- Martha Eaton
Mary Eaton --to-- Paul Eckert
Peter Eckert --to-- Eliza Eddy
Eliza M. Eddy --to-- John William Eddy
Jonathan Eddy --to-- Randall Phetteplace Eddy
Raymond Perry Eddy --to-- William Eddy or Edie
William Eddy or Edie --to-- William B. Edmiston
John S. Edmond --to-- Albert Thornton Edwards
Albert Thornton Edwards --to-- Mary R. Edwards
Mildred Edwards --to-- Mae Eggleston
Martha Eggleston --to-- Ralph Elder
Robert M. Elder --to-- Frances Elkerton
Grace Elkerton --to-- Rhodama Elliott
Sarah Elliott --to-- Perl Ellis
Phebe Ellis --to-- Elizabeth Ellwood
Lettie Ellwood --to-- Charles Elwell
Dorcas Delia Elwell --to-- Emily C. Emerson
Emily Louisa Emerson --to-- Susannah Emerson
Susannah Emerson --to-- Thomas Enches
William S. Enches --to-- Nathan Engstrom
Susan Engstrom --to-- Mary Erdington
Karla Kay Erdwin --to-- Arthur Allen Essex
Benjamin David Essex --to-- Melitta Bell Esten
Polly Esten --to-- Mary A. Estey
Mercy Estey --to-- Amey Evans
Amy Evans --to-- Helen L. Evans
Henry Lester Evans --to-- Sarah Evans
Sarah Bowen Evans --to-- Melissa "Ellen" Evetts
Jennie Mae Evick --to-- Betsey Fairbanks
Crawford Merritt Fairbanks --to-- Kristin Anne Falcone
Jean Davidson Falconer --to-- Jennit Fargisson
Fargo --to-- Matthias Farnsworth
Paul Elwood Farnsworth --to-- George Whipple Farnum
Gregory Edward Farnum --to-- Rachel Farnum
Ralph Beach Farnum --to-- Virgil Farr
Bernice Farragan --to-- Donald West Farrow
Enos Farrow --to-- Frederic Leroy Faulkner
James Faulkner --to-- Harriet Lucilla Fay
Herman Fay --to-- Robert Feighter
Robert Alan Feighter --to-- John Felsheim
Mary Felsheim --to-- Arnold Fenner
Arnold Fenner (Jr.) --to-- Jeremiah L. Fenner (Jr.)
Jesse Comstock Fenner --to-- Stacy W. Fenner
Stephen Fenner --to-- James Fentress (Jr.)
Louisa A. Fentress --to-- Mercy Fernald
Orina Fernald --to-- Gertrude Ferry
James Ferry --to-- Daniel Field
Daniel Field --to-- Martha Field
Martin Field (Jr.) --to-- Harry Earl Fields
Jerry Earl Fields --to-- Robert Finn
Sarah Ellen Finn --to-- Pete Fish
Phebe Fish --to-- Frank Fisher
Frederick Neff Fisher --to-- Martha Fisher
Martha E. "Mattie" Fisher --to-- Aaron Fiske

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