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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Leo D'marco --to-- George Dake
Hannah Dake --to-- Orville Clair Dalton
Orville Clair Dalton (Jr.) --to-- Ellinor Dam
Else Margrethe Dam --to-- Niels Christian Røboe Dam
Niels Otto Olsen Dam --to-- Lucy P. Dana
Mary Dana --to-- William Alden Dane
William Augustus Dane --to-- Josephine Daniels
Joyce Daniels --to-- Joseph Darby
Josephine Darby --to-- Elijah Darling
Eliza Darling --to-- Mary Darling
Mary Darling --to-- Amy Yvonne Darnell
Arlene Marie Darnell --to-- Harvey E. Davenport
Helen Davenport --to-- William Davidson
Frances Evelyn Davieau --to-- Austin Whipple Davis
Barbara Davis --to-- Dennis J. Davis
Dolores June Davis --to-- Ferman Ennis Davis
Flora A. Davis --to-- Ida May Davis
Idell Davis --to-- Kenneth William Davis
Kezia Davis --to-- Mary Alice "Todie" Davis
Mary Ann Davis --to-- Phebe Ann Davis
Phidelia or Fidelia Davis --to-- Steven Lee Davis
Stevin Allen Davis --to-- James Varnum Dawley (III)
John Dawley --to-- Jonathan Day
Julia Seymour Day --to-- Florence Frances De Graff
Hitty Wenzel De Graff --to-- Laura Annabella DeLeon
Francis DeLong --to-- Henry DeWolfe
Oliver DeWolfe --to-- Thomas Dean (III)
Willard Dean --to-- Katherine Decker
Leona Decker --to-- J. Klaren Deem
Jack Lames Deem --to-- Marion Deering
Roger Deering --to-- Robert Holland Delzell
Rosalie Demarais --to-- Luella or Lula A. Denman or Dennan
Wilton Rahn Denmark --to-- Samuel S. Dennis
Sandra Jean Dennis --to-- George Anthony Deraney (Jr.)
George Anthony Deraney --to-- Marietta P. Devereux
Nathaniel Anthony Devereux --to-- David Dewey
David Dewey --to-- Albert Augustus Dexter
Albert Augustus Dexter --to-- Benjamin Dexter
Benjamin Dexter --to-- Edward Dexter (III)
Edward Dexter --to-- George E. Dexter
George Frederick Dexter --to-- James Dexter
James Dexter --to-- Laura Malvina Dexter
Lavinia or Levina Dexter --to-- Mary Eliza Dexter
Mary Eliza Dexter --to-- Sabra Dexter
Sabra Dexter --to-- Susan Dexter
Susan Maria Dexter --to-- John Frederick Dezendorf
Louise Fredericka Dezendorf --to-- Esther Jane Dickinson
Frank Ernest Dickinson --to-- Roy Dickson
Sarah Amelia Dickson --to-- Nancy Dillard
Sally Dille --to-- Peggy Annette Dipprey
Bjørk Langstrup Dirdal --to-- Mary Mae Dixon
Michael Dixon --to-- Michael Edward Dobson
Michelle Ann Dobson --to-- Deborah Dodge
Deliverance or Martha Dodge --to-- Mary Dodge
Mary A. Dodge --to-- Lillian Ada Dolbeare
Dole --to-- John Adams Donley
Roderick Donley --to-- Ada S. Doren
Quarnig Dorian --to-- James Doss or Philips
Rebecca Doss or Philips --to-- James Douglas
John Douglas --to-- Lucy Ann Dow
Lydia Dow --to-- Bernice Downs
Bertha Mariah Downs --to-- Elizabeth Drake
Gillian Drake --to-- Olga A. Drescher
Oscar Drescher --to-- Annie Elizabeth Drinkwater
Joyce A. Drinkwine --to-- Carlton Chester Drummond
Doris Marie Drummond --to-- Paris Duck
Alma Duckett --to-- Pearl Leona Dudley
Peter Dudley --to-- Arthur Robert Duffy
Caitlin Rose Duffy --to-- Hattie May Dunbar
Huldah Dunbar --to-- Madge Caroline Duncan
Marcia Elaine Duncan --to-- James E. Dunican
Mary Ellen Dunican --to-- Jacob Dunnell
Jacob Dunnell (Jr.) --to-- Diane Duresky

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