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Index of Persons

156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Cheryl Elizabeth Cwelich --to-- Charles Daily
Dorton Daily --to-- Brenda Sue Dalton
Carla Jo Dalton --to-- Christian Dam
Christian Andreas Dam --to-- Marie Kristine Dam
Melinda Dam --to-- Joseph M. Dana
Julia Ann Van Ness Dana --to-- William Dane (Jr.)
William Alden Dane --to-- Kelle Nicole Daniels
Kylie Meagan Daniels --to-- Sarah Darby
Thomas Darby --to-- Erastus C. Darling
Esther Darling --to-- Nancy Darling
Nathan Darling --to-- Shawn Lee Darnell
Tyler Darnell --to-- Robert Davenport
Roger Walker Davenport --to-- Davis
Davis --to-- Charles Davis
Charles Davis --to-- Elijah Walker Oxenbold Davis
Elisha Davis --to-- Gladys Davis
Glenda Opal Davis --to-- Joel Davis
Joel Harrison Davis --to-- Lydia Davis
Lydia Ann Davis --to-- Nathan William Davis
Nathaniel Davis --to-- Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis --to-- Ann Davison
Blanch Cleveland Davison --to-- David Day
David R. Day --to-- Margaret Dayton
Martin L. Dayton --to-- Cornelius DeHart
Frank Alan DeHart --to-- Lavinia DeWolf
Lydia DeWolf --to-- Sager Dean
Sally Dean --to-- Harvey Decker
Henry E. Decker --to-- Glenn W. Deem
Harvey L Deem --to-- Louise Deering
Marion Deering --to-- Rosalie Demarais
Della Esther Demaray --to-- Brianna Jo Dennee
Troy Dennee --to-- Charlotte Dennison
George Dennison (Capt.) --to-- Mary Helen Derby
Reuben Adelbert Derby --to-- Bridget Devlin
Sarah Devoe --to-- Israel Dewey
Israel E. Dewey --to-- Amey Dexter
Amey Dexter --to-- Celia Dexter
Charles Dexter --to-- Elmira P. Dexter
Else Dexter --to-- Harriet W. Dexter
Harrison Dexter --to-- John Dexter
John Dexter --to-- Lydia A. Dexter
Lydia Martin Dexter --to-- Oliver Dexter
Orin L. Dexter --to-- Sebastian A. Dexter
Sebastian Mitchell Dexter --to-- William A. Dexter
William Albert Dexter --to-- Abigail Dickerman
Alton L. Dickerman --to-- George Dickson
Gladys Dickson --to-- Sarah C. Diffenbacher
Amelia Diffenderffer --to-- Lucinda Dingman
Emily Dinning --to-- Fanny Dixon
George Washington Dixon --to-- Glenwood Forest Dobson (Captain)
Gretchen Sativa Dobson --to-- Benjamin Dodge
Betsey Dodge --to-- Martha Dodge
Martha E. Dodge --to-- Lannes Joseph Dolbeare
Lillian Ada Dolbeare --to-- Roderick Oscar Donley
Ruth Adams Donley --to-- John Dorman
Julia A. Dorman --to-- Ruth Dotson
Sara Elizabeth Dotson --to-- Allen Campbell Douglass
Andrew Lewis Douglass --to-- Ward Dow
Wilson Elliott Dow --to-- William Sheldon Downs
Joseph Dowse --to-- Sarah Drake
Sarah Drake --to-- Ralph Norman Dresslar
Randy Joe Dresslar --to-- Heather Elizabeth Driscoll
John Driscoll --to-- Jennie E. DuBois
Mary Allen DuBois --to-- Dorothy Dudley
Earl Benjamin Dudley --to-- Oscar Henry Duell
Phebe Duell --to-- Frank Dullea
Tracy Dullea --to-- Clinton Ross Duncan
Daniel Boone Duncan --to-- Mary Kay Dunger
Robert Dunger --to-- Levina Dunn
Louisa P. Dunn --to-- Hannah Durand

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