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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Orace Crass --to-- Maria Louisa Crawford
Mary Crawford --to-- John Cressey
Jonathan Cressey --to-- Gertrude Belle Crist
Harley Crist --to-- Ephraim Crockett
Hugh Crockett --to-- Mary Crookhorn
Addie Crooks --to-- Brent Michael Cross
Catlin Mary Cross --to-- Olive J. Crossley
Wesley Crossley --to-- Christian Crouch
Christian "Christina" Crouch --to-- Francina Julia Crouch
Franklin E. "Frank" Crouch --to-- Lila Evelyn Crouch
Lillian May Viola or Lillian Mary Violet Crouch --to-- Solomon Crouch
Stephanna Crouch --to-- Sylvester Crowell
Walter Wilson Whipple Crowell --to-- Carl S. Crummett
Grace M. Crummett --to-- Clyde Lottridge Cummer
Lockman A. Cummer --to-- Thomas Cummings
Tina Cummings --to-- William Cunningham
Alpha Royal Curl --to-- William Oscar Currier (Jr.)
Bruce Robert Currin --to-- Frank D. Curtis
Frank Waldo Curtis --to-- Willis Sidney Curtis (twin)
Amelia Curtiss --to-- Mary Ann Cushman
Mildred Whipple Cushman --to-- Nellie M. Cutler
Nellie or Helen M. Cutler --to-- Honorine May Cyr
Howard Mason Cyr (Jr.) --to-- Henry Dainey
Allison Dainiak --to-- Orville Clair Dalton
Orville Clair Dalton (Jr.) --to-- Hans Alfred Dam
Hans Jorgensen Dam --to-- Villly Emanuel Dam
William Immanuel Kristian Dam --to-- Delores Danahy
Daniel Edwin Dance --to-- Walter Raleigh Danforth
Walter Raleigh Danforth --to-- Trenton Tyler Daniels
Vickie Lynn Daniels --to-- Amie Darling
Amos Darling --to-- John Lester Darling (Sr.)
John W. Darling --to-- Timothy Darling
Wallace Darling --to-- Lavonne Dauwalter
Davenport --to-- Nathaniel Davidson
Phebe Mae Ann Davidson --to-- Asa Davis
Asa Davis --to-- Dolores June Davis
Donna Blanche Davis --to-- Francis Edwin Davis
Francis Herbert Davis --to-- Isquire Davis
J. Frank Davis --to-- Lois A. Davis
Lorinda Davis --to-- Minerva A. Davis
Minnie Davis --to-- Salisbury Baxter Davis
Sallie Bristol Davis --to-- William Lamar Davis
William S. Davis --to-- Charles H. Day
Comfort Day --to-- Isaac Dayton
Isabelle Dayton --to-- Cornelius DeHart
Frank Alan DeHart --to-- Olive DeWolf
Phebe DeWolf --to-- Sarah Eliza Dean
Sarah Emeline Dean --to-- Justin Lee Decker
Kate Decker --to-- James Lester Deem
Jamie Elizabeth Deem --to-- Clinton M. Degan
J. Robert Degan --to-- Charlotte Deming
Curtis Bradley Deming --to-- Arthur Wellington Dennis (II)
Barbara Ann Dennis --to-- Eugene Lavern Denslow
Rosabella Denslow --to-- Emme Antoinette Desauliers
Marie Anna Desfossés --to-- John Robert Dewar
Mary Jane Dewar --to-- Ellen Reed Dewson
Dexter --to-- Anna Dexter
Anna Dexter --to-- Daniel Singer Dexter
Daniel Singer Dexter --to-- Freelove Dexter
Freelove Dexter --to-- Isaac Dexter
Isabel Dexter --to-- Kirk Dexter
Knight Dexter (Colonel) --to-- Mary Ellen Dexter
Mary Ellen Dexter --to-- Samuel Dexter
Samuel Dexter --to-- Timothy W. Dexter
Timothy W. Dexter --to-- Ira Dibble
Miranda Jo Dibler --to-- Philip Dickison
Mary Ellen Dickman --to-- Robert Dieten
Charles Finney Dieter --to-- William Oscar Dimmick
Charles E. Dimmitt --to-- Rohanna Divoll
Sally Divoll --to-- Sydney Doblemont
Mellie Dobler --to-- Andrew Dodge
Ann Dodge --to-- Margaret Dodge
Mark Dodge --to-- Caleb H. Dolbeare
Lannes Joseph Dolbeare --to-- Ruth Adams Donley
Elizabeth Donnell --to-- Artchie George Dornburgh

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