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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Emily Frances Borie Clarke --to-- Sarah Clarke
Sarah Frances Clarke --to-- Luna Clawson
Marion Sutherland Clawson --to-- J. A. Clayton
Jack Clayton --to-- Shirley Rae Clem
Rhoda Clemans --to-- Mary Ann Clemence
Mercy A. Clemence --to-- Steven Lynn Clements
Steven Mark Clements --to-- William Cleveland
William Cleveland --to-- Daniel W. Cline
David Wilbert Cline --to-- Walter Frank Cloudman
Clough --to-- Clarence Wade Coates
Elmer F. Coates --to-- Deborah Cobleigh
Asa Coburn --to-- Fances Freeman Cocroft
Mason Freeman Cocroft --to-- Emma Curtis Coffin
Erin T. Coffin --to-- Bates Solis Cohen
David Solis Cohen (Sr.) --to-- Chase Weeks Colby
Clara Colby --to-- Alfred Cole
Alfred Wayne Cole --to-- Gladys Louise Cole
Gordon Earl Cole --to-- Olive Cole
Olney Cook(e) Cole --to-- Frank Coleman
Frank M. Coleman --to-- Mary Collier
Nancy Collier --to-- Justice Collins
Justus Collins --to-- Charles Colton (Reverend)
Chauncey Colton (Deacon) --to-- George D. Colwell
Harley F. Colwell --to-- Combs
Alice Combs --to-- Ralph Comrie
Raymond Austin Comrie --to-- David Comstock
Deborah Comstock --to-- John Comstock
John E. Comstock --to-- Samuel Comstock
Samuel Comstock --to-- Silas Conant
Sylvia Conant --to-- Gilbert Congdon
Gilbert Congdon (Jr.) --to-- Elizabeth Conklin
Elizabeth Conklin --to-- Mary Emory Connich
Connor --to-- Jonathan Converse (Sr.)
Jonathan Converse --to-- Albertus T. Cook
Aleen Jane Cook --to-- Caroline Cook
Caroline C. Cook --to-- Eliza Cook
Eliza A. Cook --to-- Harriet E. Cook
Harriett Elizabeth Cook --to-- Kevin Jay Cook
Laura Gertrude Cook --to-- Mark Cook
Martha Cook --to-- Patsy Cook
Peleg Cook --to-- Smith Cook
Sophia E. Cook --to-- Amos Cooke
Amos Williams Cooke --to-- Hiram F. Cool
James Cool --to-- Michael Lavar Cooley
Osborn Benjamin Cooley --to-- Charles Leiby Coombs
Charles Mason Coombs --to-- Elias Coon
Ila June Coon --to-- Launcelot Alvion Cooper
Lemuel Powers Cooper --to-- Caleb Copeland
Emily Jane Copeland --to-- Eva L. Corbin
Floyd Corbin --to-- Emaline I. Corey
Emma Corey --to-- Elizabeth Waitsill "Betsey" Corlis or Corliss
Cora Jane Corliss --to-- Delilah or Delila or Delia Corp
Edward Corp --to-- Thomas A. Cory
William Cory --to-- Carlton E. Cottuli
Couch --to-- Myrtle R. Courtright
William Courtright --to-- Charlotte Elizabeth Cowans
Roberta Coward --to-- Cox
Abel Cox --to-- Thomas F. Cox
Thomas G. Cox --to-- Eliza Maude Mundee Craft
Elizabeth Moorhead Craft --to-- Jessie Boyd Craig
John W. Craig --to-- Marc Hale Cram
Maria Severance Cram --to-- Amy Esther Crandall
Andrew W. S. Crandall --to-- Henry Beverly Crandall
Henry Eugene Crandall --to-- Pardon Crandall
Paul Schroder Crandall --to-- Joseph Crane
L. Stanley Crane --to-- Crawford
Alexander Crawford (2d) --to-- Priscilla May Crawford
Robert Crawford --to-- David Cressey
Hepsibah Cressey --to-- Sardis Little Crissey
William Crissie --to-- Martha Crocker
Mary Crocker --to-- Linda Sue Cronin
Lindsay Bryant Cronin --to-- Jackson Crosby
James B. Crosby --to-- Jonathan Cross
L. W. Cross --to-- Percy Livingston Crossman
Sabra W. Crossman --to-- Clifford Howard Crouch

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