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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Marge Cogswell --to-- Sanford Colburn
Sarah Lucy Colburn --to-- Cole
Agatha May Cole --to-- George W. Cole
Gladys Louise Cole --to-- Orison Cole
Patricia Dian Cole --to-- John Coleman
John Coleman --to-- James Taber Collingwood
James Taber Collingwood (Jr.) --to-- Melvina Collins
Merlin Collins --to-- Byron Lincoln Colvin
Caleb Colvin --to-- Lydia S. Colwell
Lynne Marie Colwell --to-- Ezra Comee
Franklin Comee --to-- Anne Comstock
Anne Brown Comstock --to-- Gideon Comstock
Gideon Comstock --to-- Moses Comstock
Moses Eddy Comstock --to-- Amos Conant
Amos F. Conant --to-- Caleb Congdon
Caleb B. Congdon --to-- George Houston Congle
Maud Congle --to-- Mrs. Connell
Alice Anna Connelly --to-- Betsey Converse
Charles Converse --to-- Albert Cook
Albert G. Cook --to-- Caroline Cook
Caroline C. Cook --to-- Eliza Ann Cook
Eliza Louisa "Louise" Cook --to-- Helen G. Cook
Henry Cook --to-- Levi Lee Cook
Levinia Cook --to-- Mary Cook
Mary Cook --to-- Reuben Cook
Reuben Olney Cook --to-- Waity Cook
Walter Cook --to-- Isaac Brown Cooke
John Cooke --to-- Clifton Mather Cooley (M.D.)
Clifton Mather Cooley --to-- John Coolidge
John Calvin Coolidge (Colonel) --to-- Nellie B. Coombs
Peter Coombs --to-- Frances Cooper
Gary Cooper --to-- Thomas Cooper
Thomas Colden Cooper (Captain) --to-- Harry Stewart Corbett
Mary Corbett --to-- Betsey Celendix Corey
Betsy Corey --to-- John Corkish
Florence Corkum --to-- Nettie Cornwell
Sara Coro --to-- William Cory
William Cory --to-- Mary Couch
Coughlin --to-- Edith M. Coutcher
Dudley D. Coutts --to-- Elizabeth Cowell
Elizabeth Howell Cowell --to-- Gayle Lynn Cox
George B. Cox --to-- Charles Henry Cozzens
Clarissa M. Cozzens --to-- Elizabeth "Betsy" Crafts
Elizabeth Anne Crafts --to-- Mary Craige
George Bowdoin Craighill --to-- Thomas Cramer
Will Cramer --to-- Elizabeth Crandall
Elizabeth Crandall --to-- Louis Elwood Crandall
Ludley Crandall --to-- Crandell
Ann Crandell --to-- Orace Crass
Carol Jean Cratsenburg --to-- Lucina Almeda Crawford
Lucinda Crawford --to-- Pella C. Creighton
Robert Creighton --to-- Cornelia Crissey
G. Worden Crissey --to-- Marietta Crocker
Martha Crocker --to-- Lori Ann Cronin
Timothy Lawrence Cronin --to-- Leonette Crosby
Mabel Elizabeth Crosby --to-- Mary Cross
Melanie Catherine Cross --to-- Crouch
Abbie Crouch --to-- Donald A. Crouch (Jr.)
Donald A. Crouch (Sr.) --to-- Hannah Crouch
Hannah Lucy Crouch --to-- Lyle A. Crouch
Lyle Eugene Crouch --to-- Theodore Fuller Crouch
Theresa M. Crouch --to-- William Thomas Crowell
F. A. Croweon --to-- Mattie Eliza Crumbaugh
John Crummer --to-- John C. Culver
Joseph Zug Culver --to-- Morrisa Cummings
Myrtle Geneva Cummings --to-- Gary L. Cunningham
Ginger Ellen Cunningham --to-- James Madison Currier
James Madison Currier --to-- Arta Lilly Curtis
Bela Curtis --to-- Mary Curtis
Mary Louise Curtis --to-- Hosea Cushing
James Royal Cushing --to-- Calvin Cutler
Calvin Cutler --to-- William Lyman Wesley Cutler
Zenas Cutler --to-- Erin Brigid D'Heron

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