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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Cecilia Agnes Coggins --to-- John Warren Colburn
Levi John Colburn --to-- Cole
Cole --to-- George Albert Cole
George B. Cole --to-- Olive Cole
Olney Cook(e) Cole --to-- Jerald Clint Coleman
John Coleman --to-- James Taber Collingwood (Jr.)
Janet Collingwood --to-- Oscar Ernest Collins
Phebe Collins --to-- George W. Colvin
Jacob Colvin --to-- Richard Mason Colwell
Richard Steere Colwell --to-- Thomas Comee
Thomas W. Comee --to-- Caroline Alma "Carrie" Comstock
Carrie Scott Comstock --to-- Jeremiah Comstock
Jerusha Comstock --to-- Samuel Comstock
Samuel Comstock --to-- Zerviah Conant
Adella C. Conaro --to-- James Congdon
Jeffrey Davis Congdon --to-- Elizabeth S. Conkling
Glen Conkling --to-- Andre Thomas Conrad
Andrew Conrad --to-- Rachael Elaine Conway
Roger Wesley Conway --to-- Ariel Cook (Jr.)
Ariel Cook --to-- Dorcas Cook
Dorcas Cook --to-- Frederick H. Cook
George Cook --to-- Joseph Cook
Joseph Cook --to-- Mariah Elizabeth Cook
Marianna Cook --to-- Peleg Cook
Perley or Pearley or Parley Cook --to-- Sylvester Cook
Tamasin or Thomasin Cook --to-- Edward Cooke
Elizabeth Sherman Cooke --to-- Carla Pearl Cooley
Charles David Cooley --to-- Hannah Coolidge
Helen Coolidge --to-- MaryEllen Coombs
Michael Coombs --to-- Frances Cooper
Gary Cooper --to-- Walter Henry Cooper
Wayne Cooper --to-- Anna or Hannah Corbin
Austin Corbin --to-- Eliza Corey
Eliza Ann Corey --to-- George Corliss (Captain)
Jeremiah Corliss --to-- Mercy Corpe
Rebecca Corpe --to-- Patricia Ann Cosseboom
Colleen Costain --to-- Walter H. Coughlin
JoAnne Coulatta --to-- William Whipple Covell
Ziba Covell --to-- Joseph Cowen
Nelson Cowen --to-- Norman Cox
Olivia Mabella Cox --to-- Alice Gertrude Craft
Alma Craft --to-- Hannah Locke Craig
Hayley Elizabeth Craig --to-- Marva Don Cram
Mary Alice Cram --to-- Caleb Franklin Crandall
Caleb Rawn Crandall --to-- John Crandall
John A. Crandall --to-- Sarah Emma Crandall
Steven Robert Crandall --to-- Lydia Cranston
Mary Cranston --to-- Jeremiah Crawford
John Crawford --to-- Elizabeth Eunice Crehore
Creighton --to-- Cushman Crippen
Lois Crippin --to-- John Crocker (Deacon)
John Crocker --to-- Linda Sue Cronin
Lindsay Bryant Cronin --to-- Leonette Crosby
Mabel Elizabeth Crosby --to-- Phebe Cross
Phebe Cross --to-- Alfton Fuller Crouch
Alfton Peckham Crouch --to-- Edwin Crouch
Effie Lillian Crouch --to-- Ida M. Crouch
Inez Crouch --to-- Mary Agnes Crouch
Mary Alice Crouch --to-- William Watrous Crouch
Zachariah Crouch --to-- Hayden Croxall
Helen Croxall --to-- Jacob Crutts
Sylvia Cruz --to-- Charles Cummings
Charles J. Cummings --to-- Patrick Ryan Cummins
Eli Cumpston --to-- Christine Curral
Charles Richard Curran --to-- John Currin
John Hendrick Currin --to-- Harriet Curtis
Hattie Curtis --to-- Amelia Curtiss
Edna Belle Curtiss --to-- Jeduthan Cushman
Louisa Cushman --to-- Moses Cutler
Moses Cutler --to-- Eleanor Cuzlis

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