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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Otis Chase --to-- Sarah Annette Cheek
Silas Cheek --to-- Dora Cornwall Cherry
Elizabeth Cherry --to-- Jeanetta Chiasson
Patricia Chiasson --to-- William Henry Chilton
Helen Ching-gwon or Chingman --to-- Abigail Choate
Amelia Choate --to-- Karli Christensen
Kayla Vivian Olive Christensen --to-- Jordon Christian
Mary Christian --to-- David Church
David Church --to-- Reuben Church (Lieutenant)
Reuben Church --to-- Isaac Claflin
James Claflin --to-- Alfred Clark
Alice Whipple Clark --to-- Cora A. Clark
Cue Colonel Clark --to-- Francisco C. Clark
Frank W. Clark --to-- Jennie Leigh Clark
Jeremiah Clark --to-- Margaret Clark
Margaret Clark --to-- Rosella Clark
Roy Clark --to-- Zerviah Eliza Clark
Zilpha Clark --to-- Jeremy Clarke
Joanna C. Clarke --to-- Clawson
Clawson --to-- Alonzo Hyde Clayton
Ann Clayton --to-- Celia Maria Cleaves
Kenneth Dean Cleere --to-- Mercy A. Clemence
Moses M. Clemence --to-- Mary A. Clemons
Virginia Levon (Dalpiccola) Clemons --to-- Paulina Clevinger
Rebecca Clevinger --to-- Lois Maxine Clinkenbeard
Eleanor Clinton --to-- Howard Vance Cluff
Jane CeCelia Cluff --to-- Melissa B. Cobb
Nancy Cobb --to-- Rebecca Cochran
Rhoda Cochran --to-- Cornelius Worcester Coffin
Deborah Coffin --to-- David M. Colantuono
Nathaniel Colbath --to-- Joseph Colby
Katherine Colby --to-- Charles H. Cole
Charles T. Cole --to-- Laura Agatha Cole
Leonard Cole --to-- Stephen Colegrove
Wealthian Colegrove --to-- Chloe Hyde Collier
Dorsey Leland Collier --to-- Julia Ann Collins
Justice Collins --to-- Coddington Colver
John Manierre Colver --to-- Lucy M. Colwell
Lydia Colwell --to-- Frederic Comee
George Washington Comee --to-- Azariah (Azeriah) Comstock (Jr.)
Benjamin Comstock --to-- Jacob or Joab Comstock
James Comstock --to-- Sally Brown Comstock
Samuel Comstock --to-- Adella C. Conaro
John Conboy --to-- Joseph Whipple Congdon
Katherine Congdon --to-- Albert "Mikey" Conley
Albert Edward Conley --to-- Sarah Amanda Conrad
Serrine Conrad --to-- Cook
Cook --to-- Barton F. Cook
Benedict Mowry Cook --to-- Eleanor Cook
Eleazer Cook --to-- Harriett Elizabeth Cook
Harry Cook --to-- Levi Cook
Levi Lee Cook --to-- Mary Ann Cook
Mary Ann Cook --to-- Rozilla Cook
Russell Cook --to-- Whitney Mowry Cook
William Cook --to-- Peter Cooke
Phebe Cooke --to-- Lu Anne Cooley
Mark Twain Cooley --to-- Christopher John Coombs
Christy Lyn Coombs --to-- Sarah Cooney
C. Asa Coons --to-- Moses Cooper
Moses Cooper (Jr.) --to-- Stanley Copple
Alfred Coppock --to-- Anna Core
Corey --to-- Warren R. Corey
William Corey --to-- Mary Evelyn Cornwell
Nettie Cornwell --to-- Charles Cosgrove
Nancy Ann Cosgrove --to-- Howard Roscoe Coughlin
Howard Roscoe Coughlin (Jr.) --to-- Joseph Sampson Covell
Maria Louise Covell --to-- Fred B. Cowen
Hannah Cowen --to-- Merritt Cox
Newton Cox --to-- Alma Craft
Amasa Craft --to-- Jessie Boyd Craig
John W. Craig --to-- Sarah Cram
Valden Cram --to-- Charles B. Crandall
Charles Lodowick Crandall --to-- Joshua Crandall
Julia Ann Frances Crandall --to-- William Henry Crandall
William Lodowick Crandall --to-- Samuel Crary

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