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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Katelyn Alora Cain --to-- Marian Elaine Cairns
Norma Joyce Cairns --to-- Milton E. Caldwell
Moses Caldwell --to-- Israel Call
Jacqueline Ann Call --to-- David Cameron
Doris Cameron (twin) --to-- Alta Campbell
Amanda Jean Campbell --to-- Emily Campbell
Emily Campbell --to-- John C. Campbell
Jon Campbell --to-- Robert Keith Campbell
Roger Lee Campbell --to-- Aden Canedy
Alexander Canedy --to-- John Woodbridge Canedy
Joseph Canedy --to-- Guy Fuller Canfield
Harriet Canfield --to-- Phyllis Cannon
Richard Callister Cannon --to-- Frank B. Capoot
James Capoot --to-- John Capron
John Capron --to-- Joseph Capwell
Mable E. Capwell --to-- Carder
Catharine Carder --to-- John Cargill
John Cargill --to-- Americus J. Carlos
Douglas Carlos --to-- Carmark
Mary Carmen --to-- Ann Carpenter
Anna Carpenter --to-- Ezra Carpenter
Fanny H. Carpenter --to-- Lydia Carpenter
Lydia Carpenter --to-- Sabin S. Carpenter
Sally Carpenter --to-- Armilla Carr
Avis Carr --to-- Richard G. Carr
Robert Carr --to-- James Emanuel Holland Carroll
Joe Irl Carroll --to-- Edwin Carson
Emma Carson --to-- Benjamin Carter (Jr.)
Benjamin Carter (3rd) --to-- Earl Shoell Carter
Ebenezer Carter --to-- Harriet N. Carter
Harriett M. Carter --to-- Juliann F. Carter
Junietta Carter --to-- Melissia Carter
Mercy Carter --to-- Sarah H. Carter
Sarah J. Carter --to-- Cartwright
Lucy Cartwright --to-- Mary Ann Cary
Melinda Ann Cary --to-- Heather Anne Case
Isaiah Case --to-- Solomon W. Casler
Delynn Casper --to-- Sarah Castel
Cynthia Lee Castello --to-- Mildred Beverly Cates
Nick Cates --to-- Regina Mae Centner
William Centner --to-- Angie Lettie Chadbourne
Benjamin Chadbourne --to-- Elizabeth Chaffee
Elizabeth "Betsey" Chaffee --to-- Elias Chafin
Hannah Chaflin or Bent --to-- Jacob Chamberlain
Jacob Chester Chamberlain --to-- Susanna Chamberlain
Susie E. Chamberlain --to-- William H. Chambers
Winifred Chambers --to-- Julian H. Chandler (M.D.)
Juliett Godhead Chandler --to-- Arthur B. Chapin
Belle Simonds Chapin --to-- Addie Chapman
Adeline Chapman --to-- Eva Maria Chapman
Francis Chapman --to-- Mary Chapman
Mary Chapman --to-- William Henry Chapman
William Rhodes Chapman (Captain) --to-- Cassius S. Chase
Catherine Jane Chase --to-- James M. Chase
Jason L. Chase --to-- Ruth Chase
Salmon P. Chase --to-- Cheever
Ellen Louisa Whipple Cheever --to-- Timothy Walter Chenoweth
Josephine Clementine Cherbuy --to-- James Chester
John Chester --to-- Stephen Childs
Harvey Logan Chiles (Jr.) --to-- Lula Chipman
Luther Chipman --to-- Ashley Nicole Christensen
Becky Christensen --to-- Michon Brooke Christensen
Mickle Bobbie Christensen --to-- Teddy Christiansen
Christie --to-- David Church
David Glazier Church --to-- Perone Church
Peronius Whipple Church --to-- Susanna Cilley
Cinnamon --to-- Clark
Clark --to-- Bessie M. Clark
Bethel Marie Clark --to-- Edgar T. Clark
Edith Louisa Clark --to-- Gordon Clark
Grace Clark --to-- John Francis Clark
John L. Clark --to-- Margaret B. Clark
Marie Clark --to-- Richard Areson Clark
Richard Vaughn Clark --to-- William Clark
William Clark --to-- Elliott Mason Clarke (Jr., Dr.)

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