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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Milton Cann --to-- Ernest Jackson Capen
George Levi Capen --to-- E. M. Capron
Edward Capron --to-- Sarah Capron
Sarah Angell Capron --to-- Mary Amy Card
Mary E. Card --to-- Lauren Ann Carey
Lillian Carey --to-- PJ Carlisle
Pauline D. Carlisle --to-- Thomas H. Carlyle
Maude Carmack --to-- Amey Carpenter
Amy Carpenter --to-- Fanny H. Carpenter
Fanny Wightman Carpenter --to-- Lyman Carpenter
Maria Carpenter --to-- Sarah Fisher Carpenter
Sarah Hill Carpenter --to-- Donald Carr
Dorothy Carr --to-- William Carr
William Dustin Carr --to-- Elizabeth Carruth
Florence Whipple Carruth --to-- Carter
Carter --to-- Charles Pine Carter
Charles Robert Carter --to-- Francis M. Carter
Francis W. Carter --to-- Jeffrey Layne Carter
Jennie Carter --to-- Mary Carter
Mary Carter --to-- Robert Carter
Robert Gene Carter --to-- Warren Carter
Wilford W. Carter --to-- John Cary
John Cary --to-- Fanny Case
Frances Case --to-- Catherine Casler
Gladys Irene Casler --to-- Sarah Castel
Cynthia Lee Castello --to-- Terry Cates
William Cates --to-- Chace
Chace --to-- A. C. Chadwick
Asa Chadwick --to-- Howard Ladd Chaffee
Isaiah Chaffee --to-- Ann Chamberlain
Anna Chamberlain --to-- Lydia Chamberlain
Lydia Chamberlain --to-- Carole Ann Chambers
Celestiaann Chambers --to-- Clarissa Chandler
Clarissa Hicks Chandler --to-- Emily Anne Channell
John Thomas Channell --to-- Vestus Chapin
Villa L. Chapin --to-- Daniel Ori Chapman
Daphine Louise Chapman --to-- Leonard Chapman
Lester Chapman --to-- Thomas Treadwell Chapman
Timothy Chapman --to-- Annette Chase
Ansell Chase --to-- Henry F. Chase
Ida Lucetta Chase --to-- Rosella B. Chase
Roy Chase --to-- Esther Cheever
Harold Cheever --to-- James Roland Cherry
Jane Cherry --to-- Eleanor Miriam Cheyne
Kenneth Cheyne --to-- Chelsea Kathleen Chilton
Donald Chilton --to-- George William Chirota
Laura Katherine Chirota --to-- Gerda Amalie Christensen
Glen William Christensen --to-- Tisheena Marie Christensen
Troy Anthon Christensen --to-- Tyrell McCauley Christy
William S. Chrystler --to-- James P. Church
John B. Church --to-- Emily A. Churchill
Ephraim Churchill --to-- Noah Clapp
Parsons Clapp --to-- Ardeth Clark
Arthur Clark --to-- David Leigh Clark
Delia Clark --to-- Frederick W. Clark
Frelie Clark --to-- Jim Clark
Joane Clark --to-- Mabel Virginia Clark
Mamie Elizabeth Clark --to-- Richard Areson Clark (II)
Richard Areson Clark --to-- William Clark
William Clark --to-- Ethel Clarke
Eunice Clarke --to-- Weston Clarke
William Clarke --to-- Scott Romney Clawson
Selden Irwin Clawson --to-- Norman Clayton
Paul Douglas Clayton --to-- Emma S. Clemence
Estella Eliza Clemence --to-- Ruth E. Clemence
Ruth Eliza Clemence --to-- Ann E. Cleveland
Archie Anna Cleveland --to-- Lawrence Clifford
Loraine Clifford --to-- Rebecca Clipson
Lydia Clisbee --to-- Jason Cluff
Joseph Fielding Cluff --to-- Lydia Leonard Cobb
Mary Cobb --to-- Jane Cochran
John Cochran --to-- Logan A. Coffee
Teresa Coffee --to-- Lydia Cogswell

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