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Index of Persons

156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Sally Canfield --to-- Theodule Cantrelle
Harry James Cantwell --to-- Charles Hines Capron
Charles S. Capron --to-- Samuel Capron
Samuel Capron (Captain) --to-- Lucy E. L. Card
Mary Amy Card --to-- Mabel Alice Carey
Marcia Carey --to-- William Whipple "Bill" Carlisle
Hannah Carlisle or Carlile --to-- Abram Carmer
Edna Carmer --to-- Benjamin Carpenter
Benjamin Carpenter --to-- Hannah Carpenter
Hannah Carpenter --to-- Mowry Taft Carpenter
Myrtilla Carpenter --to-- Waterman Carpenter
Wesley Whiting Carpenter --to-- Jeremiah O. Carr
Jesse Carr --to-- Amasa W. Carrique
Bennett Whipple Carrique --to-- Shanna Carsey
Thomas Preston Carsey --to-- Anne or Jane Carter
Archie Bell Carter --to-- Dorothy Carter
Earl Shoell Carter --to-- Helena Carter
Hepsibah Carter --to-- Lee Todd Carter
Leland Giles Carter --to-- Parley Pratt Carter
Paul "Tim" Carter --to-- Thomas Carter
Thomas Carter --to-- Elizabeth Whipple Cary
Ellen Cary --to-- Adella Case
Amiee Case --to-- Michael J. Casey
Patricia Casey --to-- Rachel Ella Cassiday
Ethel Charlotte Cassidy --to-- Noah Cate
Scott Cater --to-- Sonya Cervantes
Matthew Cesarone --to-- Mary Elizabeth Chadwell
A. C. Chadwick --to-- Isaiah Chaffee
Jonathan Chaffee --to-- Benjamin Chamberlain
Benjamin Chamberlain --to-- Mary Chamberlain
Mary Chamberlain --to-- Ethel Mae Chambers
George W. Chambers --to-- George C. Chandler (Jr.)
George Edmonds Chandler --to-- Francis Humphrey Chaphe
Francis N. Chaphe --to-- Chapman
Abby Pearce Truman Chapman --to-- Francis Chapman
Frank Chapman --to-- Mary Ann Chapman
Mary Ella Chapman --to-- Philip G. Chappell
Porter Chappell --to-- Edward O. Chase
Edwin Orian or Ned Chase --to-- Margaret Chase
Maria B. Chase --to-- Lenora Chatman
Linda Kay Chatman --to-- Merrill Staley Cheney
Milton Staley Cheney --to-- Fanny Chesley
George Warren Chesley --to-- Mary A. Childs
Mary Stone Childs --to-- Lucy Florence Chipman
Lula Chipman --to-- Brooklyn Christensen
Carla Christensen --to-- Rilee Mae Christensen
Robin Law Christensen --to-- Luther Hansel Christner
Marie Maxine Christner --to-- Horace Church
Horace Howard Church --to-- Annamae Lynn Churchill
Arabella Elizabeth Churchill --to-- Nicholas Clapp
Nicholas Clapp (Deacon) --to-- Arthur Clark
Arthur Clark --to-- Dennis Willard Clark
Dexter Clark --to-- George R. Clark
George Whipple Clark --to-- John L. Clark
John Wallace Clark (3rd) --to-- Martha L. Clark
Martha Mariah Clark --to-- Samuel Clark
Samuel Clark --to-- Alex Clarke
Alexander Clarke --to-- Joanna C. Clarke
John James Clarke --to-- Michael Clausin
Euphemia Clavering --to-- Patricia L. Claypool
Dixie Clayson --to-- Patricia May Cleary
Patrick Michael Cleary --to-- Louisa Nancy Clemence
Lucy Ellen Clemence --to-- Nelda Merial Clements
Ralph Dowell Clements --to-- William Cleveland
William B. Cleveland --to-- Lawrence Cline
Martha Cline --to-- Mary Cloutman
Mary Cloutman --to-- Charley Cobb
Charley Cobb --to-- Richard Hadley Cocheneur (Jr.)
Roxana Cocheneur --to-- Benjamin Coe
Casper Coe --to-- Sarah Coggeshall or Cogshall

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