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154598 individuals, 58070 families from file 20160828.ged (28 Aug 2016)

Brotzman --to-- Abigail Brown
Abigail Brown --to-- Amelia Brown
Amey Brown --to-- Anne or Anna or Annie Brown
Annette Louise Brown --to-- Bertie Mae Brown
Bessie Frothingham Brown --to-- Charles C. Brown
Charles Clinton Brown --to-- Cynthia Brown
Cyrus Brown --to-- Eben Ray Brown
Ebenezer Brown --to-- Eliza Emily Brown
Elizabeth Brown --to-- Erie Josephine Brown
Erin Ruth Brown --to-- George Brown
George Brown --to-- Harriet K. Brown
Harriet M. Brown --to-- Hope Brown
Hopestill Brown --to-- James Brown (Jr.)
James Brown --to-- John Brown
John Brown (Ensign) --to-- Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown (twin) --to-- Laura Brown
Laura Loring Brown --to-- Luke Brown
Lurial Brown --to-- Martha Brown
Martha Brown --to-- Mary Adelaide Brown (2d)
Mary Adelaide Brown --to-- Minnie L. Brown
Minor Brown --to-- Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown (Jr.) --to-- Priscilla Brown
Priscilla Brown --to-- Ruel Elgin Brown
Ruth Brown --to-- Sarah Ann Brown
Sarah Ann Brown --to-- Susan Thornton Brown
Susan Williams Brown --to-- Waterman Farnum Brown (Jr.)
Wayne R. Brown --to-- Zina Lydia Brown
Zola Grace Brown --to-- Ethel Clariet Brownell
Ezek Brownell --to-- Martin Julian Brownson
Ronnie Lynn Brownson --to-- Elizabeth Maude "Betty" Brundage
Agnes T. Bruneau --to-- Thomas Chalmers Bruyere
Waller Reeve Bruyere --to-- Levi Bryant
Lillian T. Bryant --to-- Addison Noble Buck
Albert Willoughby Buck --to-- Peter Smith Buck
Philena Buck --to-- Elijah Bucklin
Elizabeth Bucklin --to-- Edward Bucknam
Elizabeth Bucknam --to-- John Wesley Budd
Gerald Buddinger --to-- Ralph Buffington (Lieutenant)
Benjamin Buffinton --to-- Ruth Frances Buker
Sarah Buker --to-- Anna Elizabeth Bullock
Asa Bullock --to-- Quay-nib Bungo
Bunker --to-- Natt Bryant Burbank
O. Jack Burbank --to-- Benjamin Burdick
Bernice Beatrice Burdick --to-- Alvan Bradley Burgess
Alvan T. Burgess --to-- Joseph Burgess
Joseph W. Burgess --to-- Andrew Lee Burgoyne
Anthony Burgoyne --to-- George Eliphalet Burke
George Wallace Burke --to-- Adin A. Burlingame
Albah E. Burlingame --to-- Daniel Brown Burlingame
Daniel L. Burlingame --to-- Grace Christine Burlingame
Grace Edith Burlingame --to-- Johnson Burlingame
Jonathan Burlingame --to-- Milton E. Burlingame
Minnie Burlingame --to-- Sibbel Burlingame
Silas Burlingame --to-- Caroline Thew Burnett
Catherine Lansing Burnett --to-- Francis Sheldon Burnham
Franklin Burnham --to-- Samuel Burnham
Samuel Burnham --to-- Benjamin Burr
Bessie Howard Burr --to-- Laura E. Burrell
Sybil Burrell --to-- Maud Burrows
Moses Austin Burrows --to-- Cynthia Burton
David Burton --to-- Georgia A. Bush
Harriet L. Bush --to-- John Buskirk
John E. Buskirk --to-- David H. Butler

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