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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Deborah Brigham --to-- Shauna Bringhurst
Theresia Brininger --to-- Ira Nathaniel Britton or Burton
Grace de Briwere --to-- Frank Brogan
Jim Brogan --to-- Lucy A. Bromley
Mabel Bromley --to-- Hariette Brookfield
Jacob Brookfield --to-- Stephen Brooks
Susie Emeline Brooks --to-- Brown
Brown --to-- Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown --to-- Angeline Louisa Brown
Angeline S. Brown --to-- Augustus Brown
Axie Eva Brown --to-- Carrie Belle Brown
Carrie Louise Brown --to-- Clarissa Brown
Clarissa Brown --to-- Delight Brown
Dellas Irwin Brown --to-- Elijah Brown
Elijah Brown --to-- Elsie Chloe Brown
Elsie Joan Brown --to-- Frank Augustus Brown
Frank Waldo Brown --to-- Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown --to-- Henry S. Brown
Henry Seabury Brown --to-- Jacob B. Brown
James Brown --to-- Jerome Brown
Jesse Brown (Jr.) --to-- John Whipple Brown
Johnny Brown --to-- Katherine Brown
Katherine Nathalie Brown --to-- Lucy Brown
Lucy Brown --to-- Marion Louise Brown
Marjorie Antoinette Brown --to-- Mary Brown
Mary Brown --to-- Michael Haley "Mike" Brown
Michael Ross Brown --to-- Nellie Jenette Brown
Nellie L. Brown --to-- Phillips Hamlin Brown
Phineas Brown --to-- Rosabella Brown
Rose Anna Brown --to-- Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown --to-- Susan C. Brown
Susan E. Brown --to-- Warren Edson Brown
Warren R. Brown --to-- Zachary Brown
Zilpha Brown --to-- Ethel Clariet Brownell
Ezek Brownell --to-- Sean Martin Brownson
Tamara Brownson --to-- Catherine Jane "Sally" Bruneau
John Bruneau --to-- Alberta Bryan
Anna "Polly" Bryan --to-- Mary Bryant
Mary Bryant --to-- Bushrod Buck
Catherine Tilsley Buck (twin) --to-- Sarah Ann Buck
Sophia Buck --to-- James Bucklin
Jeannette Bucklin --to-- Hannah Bucknam
Harriet Bucknam --to-- Abby F. Budlong
Almy Budlong --to-- Betsey Buffum
Betsy Buffum --to-- John H. Bulen
Lavina Bulen --to-- Jonathan Bullock
Joseph Bullock --to-- Kate Bunt
Abigail Dane Bunten --to-- Abel Burbidge
Alisha Ann Burbidge --to-- Leander Campbell Burdick
Leslie Burdick --to-- Cornelia Arnold Burgess
Cornelia Arnold Burgess --to-- Mary Elizabeth Burgess
Mary Follett Burgess --to-- Jerod Burgoyne
John Burgoyne --to-- Thomas Michael Burke
Vergene Ethel Burke --to-- Asa Burlingame
Barlingstone Burlingame --to-- Elizabeth Burlingame
Elizabeth "Betsey" Burlingame --to-- Ida Mortimer Burlingame
Inez Potter Burlingame --to-- Maria Burlingame
Marion Burlingame --to-- Phillip Burlingame
Phillip Burlingame --to-- Willard Burlingame
William Burlingame --to-- Annie M. Burnham
Asa Burnham --to-- Luke Burnham
Luther Clinton Burnham --to-- Stephen Burns
Warren Burns --to-- Moses W. Burr
Olney Burr --to-- Fred M. Burrows
Frederick S. Burrows --to-- Russell R. Burt
Sarah Burt --to-- Lavinia B. Busby or Bushy
Myrtle Busch --to-- James Bushnell
John C. Bushnell --to-- Benjamin Franklin Butler
Carl Butler --to-- Shirley Ann Butler
Squire T. Butler --to-- Veloy Hansen Butterfield (Sr.)
Veloy Hansen "Ves" Butterfield (Jr.) --to-- Seymour Buvley
Anna Buxton --to-- David Byrne
James J. Byrne --to-- Frank Lippitt Cady
Frederick Waterman Cady --to-- Benjamin Cain
Beulah Clara Cain --to-- Julie Arlene Cain

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