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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Tabitha Eliza Budlong --to-- Ivan Buie
Collin Buis --to-- Burton C. Bullock
David Bullock --to-- William Bunn
Helen Bunnel --to-- John Burbidge
John Edward Burbidge --to-- Theodore Burdick
Thomas Ennis Burdick --to-- George Francis Burgess
Gideon Burgess --to-- William Wallace Burgess
William Wallace Burgess (Jr.) --to-- Harriet Burke
Henry Spencer Burke --to-- Ann Eliza Burlingame
Anna A. Burlingame --to-- Elizabeth "Betsey" Burlingame
Elizabeth "Betsey" Burlingame --to-- James E. Burlingame
James Mason Burlingame --to-- Mehitable Burlingame
Mehitable Burlingame --to-- Silas Burlingame
Sophia Whipple Burlingame --to-- Wilbur L. Burnett
William W. Burnett --to-- John Howard Burnham
John Story Burnham --to-- Margaret Burns
Mary Burns --to-- Sophia Burr
Stephen Burr --to-- Maria Gerald Burrows
Marion Burrows --to-- James Burton
James Congdon Burton --to-- Susan M. Bushee
Margaret Bushey --to-- Robert Andrew Scott Butcher
Robert Ernest Butcher --to-- Raynor Butler
Rebecca Butler --to-- Thomas Auten Butterfield
Thomas L. Butterfield --to-- Henry Buxton
Julia Ann Buxton --to-- Kirsten Dam BÝrgesen
Magda Hansine Johanne BÝrgesen --to-- Sally Cady
Sarah Cady --to-- Glenn Edward Cain
Grace Octavia Cain --to-- Thomas J. Cain
Velma Nona Cain --to-- Larry Caldwell (Jr.)
Larry Hughes Caldwell --to-- Jonas Call
Jonathan Call --to-- Jim D. Cameron
John Cameron --to-- Carol Ann Campbell
Caroline Campbell --to-- Harvey Campbell
Harvey Campbell --to-- Maria Campbell
Maria Campbell --to-- William Jackson Canaday
Jason Canary --to-- Jean "Fear" Canedy
John Canedy --to-- Jean Jacqueline Canfield
Julian Canfield --to-- William Tenny Cannon (Jr.)
Winifred Cannon --to-- Benjamin Andrew Capron
Benjamin Williams Capron --to-- Phillip Capron
Phillip Walcott Capron --to-- Joseph Card
Joseph Young Card --to-- Mabel Alice Carey
Marcia Carey --to-- Mary Hamilton Carll
Rosa Carlock --to-- Burtz Carmichael
Byron Carmichael --to-- Betsey J. Carpenter
Betty Carpenter --to-- Henry Waterman Carpenter
Hezekiah Carpenter --to-- Nicholas Carpenter
Noah Carpenter --to-- William Carpenter
William Carpenter --to-- Merebah Carr
Monty Ray Carr --to-- James Emanuel Holland Carroll
Joe Irl Carroll --to-- Kirk Carson
Kristi Carson --to-- Carolyn Carter
Celia M. Carter --to-- Fera Legrand Carter
Flora Bell Carter --to-- Jennifer Carter
Joel Val Carter --to-- Mary Ann Arvilla Carter
Mary C. Carter --to-- Samuel Parker Carter
Sarah Carter --to-- Daisy Lucile Carty
Glen Caruth --to-- Simeon Cary (Colonel)
Theodore Cary --to-- Renee Case
Rhoda Case --to-- Margaret Schultz Cass
Marion Cass --to-- Grace Elanor Caswell
Jenny Caswell --to-- Mary E. Caykendall
Jack Cayot --to-- Urania Chace
William Chace --to-- Gilbert Benjamin Chaffee
Grace L. Chaffee --to-- Alan Kirby Chamberlain
Amy Nina Chamberlain --to-- Maria Chamberlain
Martha Chamberlain --to-- Erin Lee Chambers
Ethel Mae Chambers --to-- Harold Chandler
Hattie E. Chandler --to-- Franklin George Chaphe
George Franklin Chaphe --to-- Addie Chapman
Adeline Chapman --to-- Goldie Adolf Chapman
Grace Olive Chapman --to-- Nathan Chapman (Jr.)
Nathan Everett Chapman --to-- Tammy Lynn Charboneau
Ted Frederick Charboneau --to-- Frederick L. Chase
G. Arthur Chase --to-- Oscar Marshall Chase

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