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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Ann Frances Brown --to-- Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown --to-- Chad Brown
Chad Brown --to-- Cordelia Heath Brown
Courtney Elizabeth Brown --to-- Easton James Brown
Eben Ray Brown --to-- Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown --to-- Esther Brown
Esther Brown --to-- George Smith Brown
George Thurber Brown --to-- Helen Louise Brown
Helen M. Brown --to-- Isaac Brown
Isaac Brown --to-- Jane E. Brown
Jane E. Brown --to-- John Carter Brown
John Eric Brown --to-- Josiah Brown
Judah Brown --to-- Louisa A. Brown
Louisa M. Brown --to-- Maria Perkins Brown
Maria S. Brown --to-- Mary Brown
Mary Brown --to-- Milton Brown
Milton "Bookie" Brown --to-- Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown --to-- Priscilla S. Brown
R. Annie Brown --to-- Ruth Elizabeth Brown
Ruth Evelyn Brown --to-- Savia Brown
Sayles Brown --to-- Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown --to-- William Brown
William Brown --to-- Joseph Browne
Joseph Browne --to-- Walter Simmons Brownell
Walter Simmons Brownell (Jr.) --to-- Wilbur F. Bruce
William M. Bruce --to-- Robert de Brus
Sophia Bruseau --to-- Hazel Ruth Bryant
Helen Margaret Bryant --to-- Klynn Buchholtz
Phila Annette Buchwalter --to-- Norman S. Buck
Peregrine Buck --to-- Elijah Bucklin
Elizabeth Bucklin --to-- Ezra Taylor Bucknam
Greenfield Bucknam --to-- Anna Maria Budlong
Anne Catherine Budlong --to-- Erving Newcomb Buffum
Esek Buffum --to-- Alfred Bull
Bertha Bull --to-- Samuel Bullock
Sarah Bullock --to-- Elizabeth Ellen "Nellie" Bunting
Fannie Bunting --to-- Frederick Burch
Hannah Burch --to-- Dean Alexander Burdon
Edmond Hathaway Burdon (Jr.) --to-- George Francis Burgess
Gideon Burgess --to-- Welcome Arnold Burgess
Will Burgess --to-- Ann Burke
Arthur Burke --to-- Ada Wealthy Burlingame
Adelbert Burlingame --to-- David Burlingame (Jr.)
David W. Burlingame --to-- Harriet Hazen Burlingame
Harriet L. Burlingame --to-- Louinig G. Burlingame
Louisa Burlingame --to-- Patience Burlingame
Patience Burlingame --to-- Walter Angell Burlingame
Walter D. Burlingame --to-- Ann H. Burnham
Anna Burnham --to-- Lydia Burnham
Marie Antoinette Burnham --to-- Elizabeth Burnyeat
John Burnyeat --to-- William Taylor Burr
William Whipple Burr --to-- Lydia Burrows
Maria Gerald Burrows --to-- David Burton
Elizabeth Burton --to-- Jessica Bush
Joseph Bush --to-- Thankful Bussey
William Bussey --to-- James Butler
James D. Butler --to-- Abby Ann Butterfield
Annie Butterfield --to-- Joseph Buttrick
Laura Buttrick --to-- Carol Lavern Bybee
Mark Bybee --to-- Annie B. Cady
Annie Baker Cady --to-- Lena Bell Cahart
Brendan Regina Cahill --to-- Jesse R. Cain
Jessie Blanche Cain --to-- Charles Melville Caines
Elaine Caines (twin) --to-- Lucy Caldwell
Mabel Caldwell --to-- Fulvia Call
Israel Call --to-- George Cameron
George Henry Cameron --to-- Archibald Campbell
Arthur Campbell --to-- Fred Hunter Campbell
Gabriel Campbell --to-- Kenneth Gregory Campbell
Kenneth John Campbell --to-- Thomas James Campbell
Tiffany Campbell --to-- Caroline D. B. Canedy
Catherine Canedy --to-- Samuel Canedy
Sarah Canedy --to-- Mary Cann

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