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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Andrew Winsor Brown --to-- Barbara "Babs" Brown
Barbara Lee Brown --to-- Cecile Alvena Brown
Celia Brown --to-- Cora Amelia Brown
Cora E. Brown --to-- Eben Ray Brown
Ebenezer Brown --to-- Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown --to-- Ethelda Martha Brown
Eugene E. Brown --to-- Gertrude A. Brown
Gideon Brown --to-- Henry Brown
Henry Brown --to-- Jabez Brown (Jr.)
Jabez Brown --to-- Jeremiah Brown
Jerome Brown --to-- Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown (Captain) --to-- Laban Brown
Langdon Brown --to-- Luther Brown
Lydia Brown --to-- Martha Waldo Brown
Martin Smith Brown --to-- Mary Erden Brown
Mary Esther Brown --to-- Naomi Brown
Nathan Brown --to-- Patricia Brown
Patricia Brown --to-- Richard Evan Brown
Richard Sidney Brown --to-- Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown --to-- Susan E. Brown
Susan E. Brown --to-- Wendel Phillips Brown
Whipple Brown --to-- Grace Helen Browne
Hannah Browne --to-- Mercy Brownell
Mina May Brownell --to-- Joseph Bruce
Joseph Bruce --to-- Parmelia Brunson
Adam de Brus --to-- George Elmer Bryant
Gordon Samuel Bryant --to-- Marlene Edna Buchanan
Mary May Buchanan --to-- Norman S. Buck
Peregrine Buck --to-- Francis Bucklin
Isaac Bucklin --to-- Jeremiah Bucknam
John Bucknam --to-- Harriet Whitman Budlong
Helena Elizabeth Budlong --to-- Robert Buffum
Sally Buffum --to-- Mary Edna Bull
Ola Bull --to-- Catharine S. Bumstead
Florence Bumstead --to-- James Burbank
Jane Louisa Burbank --to-- Mary Burden
Theodore Burden --to-- Alvan T. Burgess
Amanda Burgess --to-- Louisa Burgess
Luella Jo Burgess --to-- Jason Burgoyne
Jennifer Burgoyne --to-- Ruth Burkett
Susan Burkey --to-- Benjamin M. Burlingame
Benjamin M. Burlingame --to-- Fannie Estelle Burlingame
Fanny C. Burlingame --to-- Joel Angell Burlingame
John Burlingame --to-- Minnie Burlingame
Miriam Burlingame --to-- Stephen Burlingame
Stephen W. Burlingame --to-- Burnham
Burnham --to-- Josiah Burnham
Josiah Burnham --to-- Pearl Burns
Peggy Joyce Burns --to-- Sarah Frances Burr
Sophia Burr --to-- Joseph R. Burrows
Joseph Rice Burrows --to-- David Burton
Elizabeth Burton --to-- Karen Bush
Obadiah Newcomb Bush --to-- John Buswell
Marguerite Buswell --to-- Joseph A. Butler
Lafayette Butler --to-- Josie Butterfield
Julia Butterfield --to-- William T. (Finias?) Buttrick
Buttricks --to-- Edwin Roscoe Byrant
Marion B. Byrant --to-- Frank Lippitt Cady
Frederick Waterman Cady --to-- Cora Cain
David Neal Cain --to-- Mary Narcisia Cain
MaryEllen Eloise Cain --to-- Aaron Caldwell
Agnes Caldwell --to-- Catherine Tracy Calhoun
Claire Denise Calhoun --to-- Stacy Callen
George J. Callenberger --to-- Betsy Corinna Camp
Emma Camp --to-- Donald Gray Campbell
Dora Campbell --to-- Jennet Campbell
Jennie Campbell --to-- Robert Bruce Campbell
Robert Edward Campbell --to-- Alexander Canedy
Ann C. G. Canedy --to-- Mary Bridges Canedy
Mary Brown Canedy --to-- Rufus Canfield

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