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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

Adeline Bennett --to-- Eva Bennett
Ezra Bennett --to-- Martha Bennett
Martha Wilkes Bennett --to-- William Blodgett Bennett
William H. Bennett --to-- Bentley
Alice Miranda Bentley --to-- Elizabeth Bently
James Bently --to-- Frances Yvonne Berghout
Gertrude Berghout --to-- James William Berrens
Charles Berrie --to-- Bernhard Montgomery Beskow
Frederick Bernhard Beskow --to-- Carroll Arlene Betterley
Cecile Alfreda Betterley --to-- Perry Ernest Betterley
Phyllis Betterley --to-- William M. Bevis
Anna Bevrer --to-- Martha Turpin Bicknell
Mehitable Bicknell --to-- John Bigelow
John Bigelow --to-- Annie Lucinda Bilby
Blanche Walrade Bilby --to-- Joseph Billings
Joseph Billings --to-- Dana Faye Bilyed
Gerald Bilyed --to-- Birch
James S. Birch --to-- Ruby Ione McGee Birks
Verda June Birks --to-- Bonnie Bishop
Bonnie Lillian Bishop --to-- Emmeline Bishop
Enoch B. Bishop --to-- John Bishop (Jr.)
John Bishop (III) --to-- Orinda Bishop
Orval Bishop --to-- William Bishop (Jr.)
William Bishop --to-- Ezra Marshall Bixby
Hannah Bixby --to-- Lester Blackburn
Mary Blackburn --to-- Burt Blackmar
Caroline Blackmar --to-- Walton Blackmar
William Blackmar --to-- Woodbury Blair
Cynthia Cornelia Blaisdell --to-- Joseph Whittman Blakeman
Lloyd Franklin Blakeman --to-- Ester M. Blanchard
Eunice Blanchard --to-- William B. Blanchard
Zara Blanchard --to-- Esther Bliss
Esther Bliss --to-- Walter H. Blodget
Blodgett --to-- Bertha Blood
Caroline Blood --to-- Maude Lucinda Blue
Bess S. Blum --to-- James Albert Bockeloh
Julia Bockland --to-- Carmen Augusta Bogaert
Catherine Bogardus --to-- Julia Bolles
Lorenzo Bolles --to-- Daniel Willis Bond
Darwin Bond --to-- Quintan Russell Bonner
Robert Roy Bonner --to-- Job B. Boomer
John Boomer --to-- Thomas Borden
David Jesse Borders --to-- Charles S. Bosworth
Cora Bosworth --to-- Mary Adeline Bourn
Bourne --to-- Selma Bowditch
Abner Bowe --to-- Catherine Bowen
Catherine Bowen --to-- Evalyn Louise Bowen
Faith Bowen --to-- Lydia Bowen
Lydia Bowen --to-- Sarah Bowen
Sarah Bowen --to-- Benjamin Bowker
Frank Sewall Bowker --to-- William Bowskill
William Bowskill (Jr.) --to-- Louisa Jane Boyd
Lucinda Boyd --to-- Amos Boynton
Ella Boynton --to-- Margaret Corrine Bracken
May Maud Bracken --to-- Henry Irving Bradford
Henry W. Bradford --to-- John A. Bradley
Karen Bradley --to-- Henry Bragg
Ruby Bragg --to-- Melvin Madison Brandon
Josephine Louise Brandow --to-- Charles A. Brayton
Clarissa Frances Brayton --to-- Elizabeth Breidenstein
Mathew Alan Breitling --to-- Sibbil Alma Brett
William Brett --to-- Millicent Brewster
Phebe Brewster --to-- Caroline Briggs
Caroline Cordelia Briggs --to-- Samuel Briggs
Samuel F. Briggs --to-- Helen Brimblecom
Janet Brimblecom --to-- Delia Britton
Doris G. Britton --to-- Mary A. Broderick
William Francis Broderick --to-- Jerome Bromley
John Bromley --to-- Harrie Maria Bronson
John Ingram Bronson --to-- Sarah Brooks
Sarah Brooks --to-- Brown
Brown --to-- Alexander L. Brown
Alexia Denise Brown --to-- Ann Eliza or Eliza A. Brown

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