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156013 individuals, 58675 families from file 20170521.ged (21 May 2017)

Rebecca Bennet --to-- Emeline Bennett
Emma Bennett --to-- Maria A. Bennett
Mark Lynn Bennett --to-- William Blodgett Bennett
William H. Bennett --to-- Anthony Earl Bentley
Arthur Lane Bentley --to-- Sue Bently
Benton --to-- Laura Elizabeth Berghout
Lawrence Richard Berghout --to-- Deborah Berry
Elizabeth Berry --to-- Francis Manton Bessette
Joseph W. Bessette --to-- Doris L. Betterley
Dorothy Betterley --to-- Timothy Scott Wayne Betterley
Todd Robert Betterley --to-- Harriet Amelia Bickel
Lisa Ann Bickel --to-- Margaret Melinda Bidwell
Michael Curtiss Bidwell --to-- Samuel Bigelow
Samuel Allen Bigelow --to-- Reneé Michelle Billey
Scott Allan Billey --to-- Martha Billington
Henrietta Faye Billman --to-- Lemuel Bingham
Louisa Bingham --to-- Ezekiel Birge
Jerusha Birge --to-- Bishop
Abigail Bishop --to-- Eleazer Bishop
Eleazer Bishop (2nd Lieutenant) --to-- Israel Bishop
James Bishop --to-- Mary Elvira Bishop
Mary Jane Bishop --to-- Thatcher Bishop
Thomas Bishop --to-- Asa Bixby
Betsey Bixby --to-- W. J. Black
William Foster Black --to-- Anna or Hannah Blackmar
Annie Blackmar --to-- Stephen Blackmar
Theophilus Blackmar --to-- Woodbury Blair
Cynthia Cornelia Blaisdell --to-- Elnora Blakemore
Adele Sabin Blakeney --to-- George M. Blanchard
Gustavus P. Blanchard --to-- Sally Blandin
Elizabeth Frances Blanding --to-- John Bliss
Jonathan Bliss --to-- Eliza Fox Blodgett
Emily Blodgett --to-- Mary Elizabeth Blood
Moses Blood --to-- Zeruah Bly or Bligh
Jim Blythe --to-- Thomas Bocock
Thomas Bocock --to-- Clara Boice
George Edward Boice --to-- Lewis Case Boltinghouse
Lora Belle Boltinghouse --to-- Phyllis Bond
Phyllis Bond --to-- Elijah Whipple Bontecou
Francis Bontecou (twin) --to-- Evelyn Borchert
Dorothy Ann Bordees --to-- John Boss
Justin P. Boss --to-- Jean Bouchard
Jason Boucher --to-- Ann Elizabeth Bovee
Matthias Bovee --to-- Anna Elizabeth Bowen
Anne or Anna Bowen --to-- Ella Bowen
Ella F. Bowen --to-- Joshua Bowen
Julia Bowen --to-- Ruth Frances Bowen
Sabra Pearce Bowen --to-- Mayme A. Bowers
Nancy Mathilda Bowers --to-- John Bowskill
Mary Bowskill --to-- Henry Boyd
Louisa Jane Boyd --to-- Hannah Boynton
Harrietta Louisa Boynton --to-- Claudie Brackenbury
Cora E. Brackenbury --to-- Joseph Bradford
Joseph Bradford --to-- Olive B. Bradley
Perry S. Bradley --to-- Martha A. Brainard
Selinda Nancy Brainard --to-- Eleanor de Braose
Eleanor de Braose --to-- Patience Brayton
Preserved Brayton --to-- Martha Brenton
Samuel Brenton --to-- Jeannette J. Brewer
Joel Brewer --to-- Ebenezer Bridge
Ebenezer Bridge --to-- George Briggs
George Briggs --to-- Henry Brigham
Jean Brigham --to-- Charlotte Brion
Margaret J. Brisby --to-- Karen Brock
Letta Brock --to-- Chester Wilson Bromley
Clara Marguerite Bromley --to-- Theophilus Rix Bromley
Thirza Bromley --to-- Louise Brooks
Margaret Ann Brooks --to-- Mary Jane Brough
Samuel Brough --to-- Adeline Brown
Afton Brown --to-- Andrew Laurence Brown

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