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155476 individuals, 58426 families from file 20170319.ged (19 Mar 2017)

Sarah Arnold --to-- Susan Arnold
Susan Arnold --to-- Welcome Arnold
Welcome Arnold (Jr.) --to-- Alfie Aseltine
Alfred Aseltine --to-- Hattie Field Ashley
James Ashley --to-- Humphrey Atherton
Humphrey Atherton (Major-General) --to-- Henry Clipson Atkinson
Henry Clipson Atkinson --to-- Phillipia Atterby
Thomas Atterby --to-- Martha Ellen Atwood
Mary Atwood --to-- Betsey Austin
Betsy Austin --to-- William Austin
William Henry Austin --to-- Arthur Lewis Avery
Barrie Avery --to-- Martha Avery
Mary Avery --to-- Edward M. Ayers
Elizabeth Ayers --to-- Moses A. Ayres
Rosanda Jane Ayres --to-- Flora Eva Babcock
Frank H. Babcock --to-- Robert L. Babcock
Robert S. Babcock --to-- Zylpha W. Backus
Bacon --to-- Polly Bacon
Rachel Bacon --to-- Harold William Bagley
James Bagley --to-- Elijah Bailey
Elizabeth Bailey --to-- Morris J. Bailey
Myrtle May Bailey --to-- Abraham Baker
Abraham or Abram Baker (Jr.) --to-- Edward Baker
Edward Baker --to-- John Baker
John Age Baker --to-- Mary W. Baker
Matthew Baker --to-- Sylvanus Ward Baker
Sylvanus Ward Baker --to-- Herbert A. Balch
James Rogers Balch --to-- Florence Helen Baldwin
Frederick Myron Baldwin --to-- Arad Ball
Arnold Ball --to-- Phebe Ball
Rebecca Ball --to-- Aaron Ballou (twin)
Aaron Ballou --to-- Andrew Ballou
Angelina Ballou --to-- Charles Ballou
Charles Augustus Ballou --to-- Eliel Ballou
Eliel Michael Larkin Ballou --to-- Fred Lester Ballou
Fred. Ballou --to-- Hopestill Ballou
Horace Ballou --to-- John F. S. Ballou
John Milton Ballou --to-- Lydia Ballou
Lydia Ballou --to-- Mehetabel Ballou (twin)
Melissa Ballou --to-- Patience Razee Ballou
Pearley Ballou --to-- Sally Ann Ballou
Sally Cutler Ballou --to-- Sullivan Ballou
Sumner Ballou --to-- William Ballou
William Ballou --to-- Eugene A. Bancroft (Major)
Florence Stone Bancroft --to-- John Banks (Jr.)
Joseph Banks --to-- Oliver Monroe Barber
Paul Joseph Barber --to-- Amos H. Barker
Angi Barker --to-- William Rollins Barker
Oliver Barkley --to-- J. M. Barnard
Jean Barnard --to-- Eleanor F. Barnes
Eli Barnes --to-- Lydia Barnes
Lydia Barnes --to-- Cora Etta Barnes or Bourn
Brandley James Barnet --to-- Hattie Minnie Barnhart
Henry Barnhart --to-- Mildred May Barrett
Nelson Barrett --to-- Hattie M. Barrows
Herman Roscoe Barrows --to-- Henry Barter
Lyman Barter --to-- Bani Bartlett
Benjamin Bartlett --to-- John Bartlett
John Bartlett --to-- Rebecca Bartlett
Rebecca Bartlett --to-- David Barton
David Barton --to-- Maxine Mae Bartsch
Melene Ann Bartsch --to-- Johnny Bassett
Joseph Bassett --to-- Warren Batcheller
Nathaniel Batchellor --to-- Elias Bates
Eliot Bates --to-- Moses J. Bates
Naum Bates --to-- Mary Battey
Mercy Battey --to-- George David Baum
Hannah Lucretia Baum --to-- Robert John Baxter
Sarah Elizabeth Baxter --to-- Robert Washburn Beal
Robert Washburn Beal --to-- Fred Nelson Bean
Hannah Bean --to-- Daniel Beardsley
Daniel Beardsley --to-- Martha Jane Beath
Clarissa Marion Beatie --to-- Cheri Beauvais
Norman Beauvais --to-- Vivian Becker
William Becker --to-- Henry Truman Beckwith

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