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156592 individuals, 58948 families from file 20170618.ged (18 Jun 2017)

Abigail Baker --to-- Elijah Baker
Elijah C. Baker --to-- Lapulett Baker
Larned O. Baker --to-- Polly Baker
Prudence Baker --to-- Larry Elmer Bakos
Shara Ruth Bakos --to-- Charles Baldwin
Connie Alice Baldwin --to-- Eleanor Baliol
Ingelram de Baliol --to-- Rebecca Ball
Rhoda Ball --to-- Abigail Ballou
Abigail Ballou --to-- Arnold Ballou (Colonel)
Arnold Ballou --to-- Daniel Ballou
Darius Ballou (twin) --to-- Ethel A. Ballou
Ethel Virginia Ballou --to-- Helen Amanda Ballou
Helen M. Ballou --to-- John Ballou
John Ballou --to-- Lydia Ballou
Lydia Ballou --to-- Mowry Ballou
Myrtle Amy or Amy Myrtle Ballou --to-- Polly Ballou
Preston Ballou --to-- Sarah R. Ballou
Sarah Sweet Ballou --to-- Warren Simpson Ballou
Wealthy Ann Ballou --to-- Christopher Bampfield
Judith Banbrick --to-- Hannah Banks
Jane Mulvane Banks --to-- Susan Barber
Tryphena Barber --to-- Darryl J. Barker
David William Barker (Jr.) --to-- Atwell Barlow
Caroline L. Barlow --to-- Almira Barnes
Alzadah Barnes --to-- Jefferson Barnes
Jefferson Barnes --to-- Stephen K. Barnes
Stephen Lorimer Barnes --to-- Charles Albert Barnhart
Fredric Barnhart --to-- Ward Judson Barrett
Wendell Monroe Barrett --to-- Mansel M. Barrows
Marcia Barrows --to-- Tobyas Bartholomew
Tyler Raymond Bartholomew --to-- Elmira Bartlett
Emma J. Bartlett --to-- Mary Bartlett
Mary B. Bartlett --to-- Anne Elizabeth Barton
Arabelle Barton (twin) --to-- Maxine Mae Bartsch
Melene Ann Bartsch --to-- Bastian
Bill Bastow --to-- Mary Bateman
Rachel Bateman --to-- Jane Ashley Bates
John Bates --to-- Amy D. Battey
Andrew Jackson Battey --to-- Ada May Baum
Andrew Baum --to-- John Baxter
Katherine Baxter --to-- Robert Washburn Beal
Robert Washburn Beal --to-- Sarah Howard Bean
Waldo Bean --to-- Nathan Beardsley
Nehemiah Beardsley --to-- Ralph W. Beattie
Robert Beattie --to-- Jesse Viola Beck
John Byron Beck --to-- Bonnie Rose Beckwith
Charles Titus Beckwith --to-- Anson Beebe
Brienna Beebe --to-- Hugh Behl
John Behl --to-- Harriet Esther Bell
Hattie May Bell --to-- Frances Elizabeth Bement
Julius Bement --to-- Levi M. Benedict
Lewis Benedict --to-- Dorothy "Dolly" Bennet
Edmund Bennet (twin) --to-- Donald William Bennett (Jr.)
Edmond Bennett --to-- Lois Bennett
Lorenzo Dow Bennett --to-- William Bennett
William Bennett --to-- Anthony Earl Bentley
Arthur Lane Bentley --to-- Calvin Benton
Horace Benton --to-- Richard Berghout
Tabitha Elyse Berghout --to-- Henry W. Berry
Ila Fandora Berry --to-- Reed W. Best
Ronald Clinton "Ron" Best --to-- Frank Otis Betterley
Frank Sherman Betterley --to-- Char Beurmann
Charles Beurmann --to-- Lola Bickel
Madonna Helen Bickel --to-- Hattie May Bieber
John Arthur Bierden --to-- Silence Adeline or Adeline Silence Bigelow
Susan Whipple or Susanna Whipple Bigelow --to-- Charles Warren Billings
Comfort Billings --to-- Esther Bills
George Dudley Bills --to-- George S. Binkley
Mary Elizabeth Binkley --to-- Elaine Birks
George Boyd Birks --to-- Arthur Bishop
Audrey Michelle Bishop --to-- Enoch B. Bishop
Eric Bishop --to-- Jonathan Bishop
Jonathan S. Bishop --to-- Rebecca Bishop
Rebecca Bishop --to-- Arthur G. Bissell (Jr.)
Catherine Bissell --to-- John Bjorn

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