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155797 individuals, 58591 families from file 20170423.ged (23 Apr 2017)

William Henry Aspinwall --to-- Elizabeth Atkinson
Elizabeth Atkinson --to-- Henry? Atte Stone
John Atte Stone --to-- John Marshall Atwood
John Milton Atwood --to-- Albert Allen Austin
Alcey Austin --to-- Seth Austin
Shelly Austin --to-- Barrie Avery
Bessie May Avery --to-- Nelson Park Avery
Nettie Florence Avery --to-- John Ayers
Lillian Ayers --to-- Edward Babbitt
John D. Babbitt --to-- Herbert Albert Babcock
Hugh Wallace Babcock --to-- Thomas Babcock
Thomas D. Babcock --to-- Emma Maria Bacon
George Bacon --to-- Shawn Thomas Edward Bader
Badery --to-- Bailey
Bailey --to-- James T. Bailey
John Bailey --to-- Elsie Loretta Baird
Helen Gertrude Baird --to-- Charles Baker
Charles C. Baker --to-- Hillel Baker
Hillel Baker --to-- Mary Baker
Mary "Polly" Baker --to-- Shubael Baker
Sophia Baker --to-- Archibald C. L. Balch
Cassius Vernon or Vernon C. Balch --to-- Esmond L. Baldwin
Eugenie Mae Baldwin --to-- Arnold Ball
Arthur Ball --to-- Sally Ball
Stanley Earl Ball --to-- Abigail Ballou
Abigail Ballou --to-- Annie B. Ballou
Annie George Ballou --to-- Cynthia Ballou
Cynthia Ballou --to-- Elmer Wallace Ballou
Elnora Ballou (twin) --to-- George William Ballou
George William Ballou (Jr. twin) --to-- James Ballou (Jr.)
James Ballou --to-- Lavinia Ballou
Leander A. Ballou --to-- Mary Ballou
Mary Ballou --to-- Obadiah Ballou (Jr.)
Obadiah Ballou --to-- Rhoda Ballou
Rhoda Ballou --to-- Silas Ballou
Silence Ballou --to-- Willard Ballou
Willard Ballou --to-- Mary Banbrick
Thomas Banbrick --to-- Maggie Bankhead
Banks --to-- Mary Ellen Barber
Mary Helen Barber --to-- Alice Barker
Amos H. Barker --to-- Armistead Barksdale
Aubrey Spear Barksdale --to-- Joseph S. Barnard
Josiah Barnard --to-- Enoch Barnes
Erastus W. Barnes --to-- Mary E Barnes
Mary Ruth Barnes --to-- Leonard Dewey "Lenny" Barnett
Leonard Eugene Barnett --to-- James M. Barr
Jeannie Barr --to-- James David Barron
Mary Barron --to-- Tracy Hand Barrows
Truman V. Barrows --to-- William Whipple Bartlet or Bartlett
Bartlett --to-- Frank Adams Bartlett
Franklin S. Bartlett --to-- Mary Bartlett
Mary Bartlett --to-- Joel Monte Barto (Jr.)
Barton --to-- Stephen Barton
Steven Barton (Captain) --to-- Alma Bassett
Amy Bassett --to-- Susannah Batchelder
Esther Batcheler --to-- Dulcinea Bates
Eli Bates --to-- Oliver Bates
Oliver L. Bates --to-- Phebe Marie Battey
Richmond I. Battey --to-- Jane Elizabeth Baum
John Christman Baum --to-- Experience Bayley
Martha Bayley --to-- Parmelia Beale
Richard Wayne Beale --to-- Carrie M. Beard
Donald Beard --to-- Oscar Beardsley
Pansy Beardsley --to-- Mary C. Beattie
Mary Louise Beattie --to-- James A. Bechtel
Lucille Bechtel --to-- Bob Beckstrand
Sarah Chastene Beckstrand --to-- Thomas Henry Beddoes
Walter Ransom Beddoes --to-- Harriett Beers
Harvey S. Beers --to-- Hannah Belknap
Isaac Belknap --to-- Henry Belles
Irene Bellew --to-- Lydia Benchley
Susan Benchley --to-- Wilbur D. Benedict
William G. Benedict --to-- Addison Bennett

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